2500pts Lizardmen vs Undead - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500pts Lizardmen vs Undead

    2500pts Lizardmen vs Undead


    2nd generation slann mage priest,diadem of power,plague of tepok,battle standard
    16 temple guard with full cmd
    2 skink priests lvl2
    20 saurus warriors with spears, full cmd
    3x20 skinks all blow darts
    10 chameleon skinks
    2 jungle swarms
    6 saurus calvary, full cmd
    4 kroxigors with champion


    1 strigory lord
    1 strigory count
    1 sorceror
    1 death looking model with great weapon
    5 black nights, full cmd
    20 grave guard, full cmd
    20 zombies
    20x2 skeleton warriors, full cmd spears
    1 black coach
    4 fell bats
    2 bat swarms
    10 wolves
    8 ghouls

    Pre-game talk: Ok first of all this game is all from memory. second of all this is the first time i have versed these strange creatures and its my opponents 1st time using them rightio that was short, on with the warfare *crowd goes wild*

    Setup: see pics below - had to take 2 pictures

    1st Turn Lizardmen:

    Winning the first turn was just what i needed, now the plan was to bottle neck the center of his army and move around the flanks

    Charges: None
    Movement: The saurus calvary moved further up the right flank and with that done i decided to move the temple guard block and the warrior block forward to close the corridor the skinks also helped out by pushing in front acting as a body shield, the skinks on the left moved up with the support of the kroxigors and on the far left the 2 swarms moved up and hid just around the terrain so they couldn't be charged next turn.
    Magic: 1st turn magic wasn't bad for me first thing i did was drain magic at the undead sorcerer which failed to cast then i shot a magical ball of fire towards the zombies killing 3 woohoo first blood......well bone or something the 2 skink priests i had tried a couple of thunder bolts but both failing to casts then i managed to cast fiery blast from the super slann annihilating 7 zombies and followed that up by casting wall of fire in front of the grave guard unit and with that the magic turn ended.
    Shooting: The only shooting i had was the chameleon skinks having some shots the the bat swarms to my surprise all those stupid bats went to hell in style woop woop.
    Combat: None

    1st Turn Undead:

    Charges: None
    Movement: he moved pretty much everything forward the fell bats moved within charge range of my uber swarms the wolfs moved within charge range of the skinks same with the black coach, the black knights moved up towards the saurus calvary and the ghouls went to support the knights the only unit that didn't move that turn was his command unit not wanting to risk 20 S4 shots on his unit he stayed put mwhahahahha
    Magic: He tried to get quit a few spells of like some negash one rolling 11 on it but still failing to get past my dispel dice and he tried to raise some undead again rolling 11 but again he failed to get past my dispel dice
    Shooting: None
    Combat: None

    2nd Turn Lizardmen:

    Charges: The swarms charged the fell bats
    Movement: The skinks moved to within charge range of the dogs of death and the kroxigors moved a little bit forward being weary of the black coach and the wraith everything else stayed put
    Magic: The skink priest on the left tried a thunder bolt at the dogs of death killing 1 woohoo the priest on the right fried a couple of ghouls with his thunder bolt then with the slann mage adding to the tally killing another 5 zombies using fireball the he used the left chief's eyes and cast a massive fiery blast at the dogs of death killing 8!! finishing a great turn of magic i cast wall of fire with irrisistable force on his command unit again..... poor bugger
    Shooting: The chameleons killed 1 grave guard with there expert shooting 20 shots = 1 death pffffffffffffffff
    Combat: So here we go my cool snakes and rats vs teh dreaded fell bats of Doom amazingly i killed 1 bat and with combat resolution 1 more dropped from the skies and all that for 1 wound of my swarms, i was happy

    2nd Turn Undead:

    Charges: The wraith and the dogs charged the kroxigors catching them by surprise (i thought i was just out damn..)
    Movement: The black coach positioned its self for a charge against the kroxigors the zombies and skeleton unit moved within charge range of the temple guard and saurus warrior unit, the ghoul moved within charge range of the temple guard unit and command unit stayed put
    Magic: Uneventful for the undead he just couldn't roll high enough or get past the dispel dice
    Shooting: None
    Combat: In the combat phase the fellbats put another wound on my swarms in turn the bats were killed and nasty things happened to there bodies afterwards, the wraith fluffing all attacks and the dog actually wounded one of my poor kroxigors then the poor dog was butchered and the wraith took 2 wounds due to combat resolution

    3rd Turn Lizardmen:

    Charges: The jungle swarms assault the death coach
    Movement: I moved the skinks covering the middle units out of the way so the zombies and skeleton units could charge me
    Magic: On the right flank the chieftain managed to get of another lightning bolt taking the rest of the ghouls to a better place the slann letting loose with a magical barrage killing 10 skeletons and using drain magic on the evil sorceror effectively making the undeads magic phase pointless
    Shooting: The chameleons agains hounded the grave guard and killed another one YES!!....
    Combat: The wraith fluffs it again and the swarms are killed off

    3rd Turn Undead:

    Charges: The now 5 man zombie unit charged the slann's unit and the now 10 man skeleton unit charged the saurus unit
    Movement: He moved his command unit to the middle aswell as the other unit of skeletons which have just been mucking around most of the game, he got a little impetuous with his knights and moved them within charge range of my big lizard knights
    Magic: He tried to raise some zombies but wasn't successful
    Shooting: None
    Combat: Wraith does 1 wound to a kroxigor, all the zombies are killed of and the skeletons didn't fair too much better with 9 being cut down just leaving the Death looking guy which fluffed everything

    4th Turn Lizardmen:

    Charges: Cold one knights charge the black nights
    Movement: The skinks on the left march forward to get behind the last skeleton unit and the skink priest on the left runs behind some terrain
    Magic: This was a bad turn for magic as i didn't really get any spells off even a fireball i rolled a 3
    Shooting: None
    Combat: Wraith does nothing again! the death looking model did nothing and so did my lizards, on the right flank the bigger lizards killed 3 black knights too no losses in turn, with winning by a fairly big margin the other 2 knights died

    4th Turn Undead:

    Charges: Black Coach charges the kroxigors
    Movement: The skeleton unit and the command unit continue there advance towards the temple guard
    Magic: I don't think he has gotten a single spell off this entire game
    Shooting: None
    Combat: The black coach dint fair too well only killing one kroxigor and the wraith not helping him out at all so here comes my return attacks mawhwhwh 4 attacks with champion all hit woohoo roll to wound i rolled 3 ones and 1 six it all came down to its 5+ ward save....this massive hype surrounded the table my heart stopped he rolled all i see is this dicing bouncing all over the place then it lands.....on a one!!! Woohooooooo the kroxigor succeeded in obliterating the cool looking chariot at this point i may have danced a little bit and did a couple of pelvic thrusts in his direction at this point he gave up so yeh..... bugger

    Result: Massacre to the Lizardmen 17th straight win

    After Game Talk: well i think that went pretty much all in my favor i had good rolls through out the game i didn't fail a single test not a single miscast all went good for me but unfortunately didn't go so well for my friend he had some pretty crappy to average rolls in the game and i don't think i helped him out any lol especially with a couple of early wall of fires, in theory i think is strategy was pretty decent but in the end it just didn't pan out, i would particularly like to see some undead players post on this and offer him up some tips if its not too much trouble cheers for reading and have a happy new year WOOP WOOP!!!!

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    Nice Job.

    You list seems to serve you well.

    Keep it up

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    Excellent report and great win for your scaly guys!!

    Keep it up man

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