Battle of the Plains: 2000 Pts Dwarfs vs. 2000 Pts Ogre’s - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Battle of the Plains: 2000 Pts Dwarfs vs. 2000 Pts Ogre’s

    Haven’t reported in a long time, but this one was too much fun so I had to do one. Also please go easy on me I have completed this during my lunch break.



    Mordak The Deamon Killer - Tyrant, Brace of Pistols, 2 Sword Gnoblars,Heavy Armor, Siege Breaker, Luck Gnoblar, Deamon Killer Scars, fistful of Laurels, Death Cheater – 333 pts

    3 Bulls, Hand Weapon and Iron Fist, Light Armour, Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar – 184 pts

    Billot - Bruiser BSB, Heavy Armour, Skull Plucker, Talisman of Protection – 204 pts

    3 Bulls, Additional Hand Weapon , Light Armour, Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar – 181 pts

    Gutreg, 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Skullmantle, Bang Stick – 185 pts.

    3 Iron Guts, Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar, Warbanner – 224 pts.

    3 Leadbelchers, Bellower, Thunderfist – 185 pts

    1 Gnoblar Scraplaucher – 165 pts.

    1 Bob, Slave Giant – 175 pts

    1 Gorger – 75 pts

    20 Gnoblar Fighter, Champion – 42 pts.

    20 Gnoblar Fighter, Champion – 42 pts.

    Dwarfs from memory:

    Grimthor - Dwarf Lord, Shield Bearer, Rune of Stone, Great Weapon, Oath Stone, Double unit strength rune of something like that.

    Heydakk - Dwarf Thane, BSB, Ward Save Rune, and others

    Silor - Runesmith, Great Weapon,

    Karak - Runesmith, Great Weapon,

    6 Bolt throwers, various runes, all with Engineers

    20 Longbeards, Full Command, War Banner

    20 Warriors – Full Command

    20 Warriors – Full Command

    22 Miners, Full Command, and Steam Hammer

    Battle Field one small wood in the middle of the Ogre Deployment zone. (Authors Note: We rolled 5 pieces, but he went first and refused to deploy any so I could only choose one)


    Dwarfs : Bolt Throwers in an arrow head formation protecting the 3 units behind with Silor and Karak in the units on the Outside and Grimthor and Heydakk and the long beards between both Dwarf units.


    Bob the Giant Behind the Trees, Scraplaucher behind the giant, To the left of the trees a unit of 20 Gnoblars lined in a straight line with the Leadbechers behind them. To the right of the trees a unit of 20 Gnoblars in a straight line protecting Mordak and his bulls, next to him Billot and his Bulls, and finally Gutreg and his Iron Guts.

    To Battle:

    Grimthor gave the command to open fire, 6 bolt throwers unleashed their bolts, 2 were able to see the Scraplauncher, and nearly destroyed it. The rest fired at the Gnoblar lines systematically killing 2 Gnoblars protecting the main Ogre force, however, enough were killed that now the last remaining bolt thrower could see Gutreg and the Iron Guts(Authors Note: I decided to removed Gnoblars exposing them because if I removed Gnoblars from the other side of the line the Scraplauncher could have been targeted.) Now the last bolt Thrower could see the Ironguts and impaled one on a bolt. Bob the giant was safe from all the barrages and would wait there until his master Mordak would give him the command him to leave and attack.

    Mordak would show these cowards, who hide behind their gun line, that his ogres were a force to be reckoned with. He ordered everyone forward, both lines of Gnoblars were too afraid of Mordak’s rath to bicker and marched forward. The units of Ogres moving forward behind them. The Scraplaunch already damaged moved from behind the woods and attempted to lob some scrap at the dwarf line. However, the damage it had sustained weakened the machine, a strap broke loose causing the arm to swing too far and smash into itself destroying the launcher sending the Rhinox fleeing off the battlefield (Authors note: I landed it right on top of the 3 of his bolt throwers, and some of his Warriors behind, but I rolled misfire and it was destroyed). Across the battle field the Gutreg attempted to use his bang stick and cast some spells, but the dwarfs had quelled the magic completely and all attempts failed.

    Grimthor laughed loudly as he watched the Gnoblar contraption destroy itself. He said “Look boys our fine Dwarfen bolt throwers never misfire”. As he peered across the battlefield he looked at the flank of the Gnoblars and Leadbelchers he heard a drilling sound from a Steam hammer and up from the ground came his unit of miners right on time as usual. After seeing this he ordered his Bolt throwers to fire and again they unloaded once more. Several Gnoblars and another Irongut were impaled by their bolts, the last Irongut and Gutreg were not phased by the loss and held their ground.

    On the other side of the battlefield the Gnoblars in front of the Leadbelchers now saw the Dwarf miners coming out of the ground and began to argue what to do, in the end they just stayed in a straight line. The Leadbelchers turned to face the miners and opened fire when the dust cleared 11 miners had been dropped by the hail of swords and other debris.

    In the middle of the battle field, the loss of several Gnoblars allowed Mordak’s unit of Bulls to wheel from behind the Gnoblars and put them in line of sight of 3 bolt throwers. Mordak then opened fire with is pistols and killed 2 of the bolt thrower crew nearby, the rest of his rounds harmlessly bounced off the machine. Mordak was hopeful the Gorger he saw before the battle was nearby, would smell the blood and return to the battlefield, but there was no sight of him.

    Meanwhile the Gnoblars moved up slightly and unleashed their rocks and other debris hitting the bolt thrower in front of them but only killing one crew. While Gutreg and the last Irongut moved behind the remaining Gnoblars. Billot turned his bulls along with Mordak’s unit, but was still blocked from charging by the Gnoblars. Gutreg ate one of his Tooth Gnoblars and used it to power his spell by the Dwarf’s magic defense and now Billot’s unit gained a thicker skin to shield them from the bolts.

    Grimthor, saw the Ogre’s getting close, but told his men to hold their ground they would soon be able to pounce on the wounded Ogres. Again his bolt throwers opened fire, one bull from Mordak’s unit was killed and several Gnoblars, Billot unit was now exposed and targeted, but their toughened skill kept them from getting skewered.

    On the other side of the battlefield at the same time the Miners charged in to the Gnoblars who fled and out distanced the miners who gave up the charge after a couple of steps. In a counter attack the Leadbelchers charged into the Miners, the Thunderfist issued a challenge, but the dwarfs skill at arms was too much for him (Authors Note: I missed all 4 attacks) the rest of the Leadbelchers didn’t fare much better, and failed to cause a wound. The Dwarfs struck back and wounded one of the Ogre’s the Leadbelchers fled from the dwarfs, now forming a wall between Bob the Giant and the miners.

    Mordak had enough of the dwarfen bolt throwers, he signaled Bob hoping he would draw some fire and charged the bolt thrower nearest him on the flank of the Dwarf Warriors. On impact one of the dwarfs was crushed and when Mordak swung his Siegebreaker and the other crew were killed while only the engineer survived. Outnumbered and fearing for his life he fled, with Mordak and his unit in hot pursuit. This overrun placed Mordak and his bulls on the flank of the Dwarf warriors with Silor who immediately turned to face them. While at the same time Grimthor turned his unit towards Mordak also.

    Simultaneously the Gnoblars line nearby charged into the bolt thrower in front of them hoping to engage as many bolt throwers as possible, but the Dwarf General had been a veteran of many battles and deployed in an arrow head formation to stop this from happening. Thus with his bolt throwers out of combat they could still fire. Neither side could wound each other, but the stubborn dwarfs held their ground.

    Across the battlefield, Bob heard Mordak yelling, and since Bob could not charge the miners he ran around the tree and into the middle of the battlefield. The Dwarf Bolt throwers saw the Giant and opened fire. 3 bolts hit the behemoth, but somehow he managed to survive. (Authors Note: He had been wounded 5 times). Bob had been knocked to his knees from the barrage, but regained his feet and charged into the bolt thrower in front of him. Simultaneously Billot left his unit and charged the same bolt thrower. Bob yelled and bawled and the dwarf crew ran away in fear, both Bob and Billot overran into Grimthor Longbeards behind.

    On the left flank a blood curdling howl could be heard and the Gorger nearby entered the battlefield stopping inches from the bolt thrower crew.

    Mordak turned his unit to prepare for the Silor and the Dwarf warriors charge, when suddenly he felt a searing pain in his back and noticed he had been struck by a bolt thrower, he choked back the pain and waited for the charge. (Authors Note: With less then 3 models we randomized and he hit my character causing 3 wounds).

    With the Gorger in their face the bolt thrower crew fired a single bolt and wounded the Gorger, but it only seemed to make him angry. He charged the crew and killed 2 of them biting off one their heads and spitting it out. The engineer and 1 crew fled from the Gorger nearly running into Bob the Giant.

    Grimthor knew the time was now and threw down the Oath stone then stepped onto his shield and was lifted into the air by his bearers. He bellowed a challenge and Billot accepted, the stout dwarf was very tough and his armour protected him, while in return Billot was wounded twice by the Dwarf and his bearers. Bob the giant saw the Dwarf Heydakk with a large pointy flag, picked him up and stuffed him into his bag breaking his bones while doing so. Bob and Billot had lost the combat, but with Mordak near by both held their ground and the combat continued.

    Silor charged his unit into Mordak’s Bulls. Mordak challenged and the dwarf champion accepted, he wounded Mordak, who then pulverized the champion into the ground (Authors Note: 4 wounds total, 1 plus 3 overkill). The rest of the Warriors failed to wound the bulls who killed 3 dwarfs in return. The dwarfs had lost combat, but with Grimthor nearby held their ground.

    Across the Battlefield the Leadbelchers rallied and reloaded their cannons and fired at the Miners who were charging them, 1 misfired and did 2 wounds to himself the other killed 2 miners who continued their charge and then slayed the wounded Leadbelcher. The remaining Leadbelcher fled the battlefield while the miners pursued him.

    On the other side of the battlefield, the Gnoblars and the dwarf crew continued to battle, each killed one, but the stout dwarfs held their ground.

    Behind them Gutreg and the remaining Irongut turned and moved towards the Miners now behind them. While the remaining Bull unit did the same. Gutreg used his bang stick, but none of the miners were hurt.

    In the middle of the battlefield, Grimthor and Billot did battle, Grimthor stuck the final blow and Billot fell to the ground from his wounds. Bob was then stuck and wounded unable to cope he passed out and fell to the right from his wounds and crushed the fleeing bolt thrower crew near by.

    At the same time the Gorger smelled blood and charged into Silor’s Warriors that were fighting Mordak and his unit of bulls. The Gorger attacked and killed 2 dwarfs, Mordak challenged and Silor accepted, but was unable to hit Mordak it was as if he cheated death as Silors axes missed their mark. Silor was killed by 5 mighty swings from the Siege Breaker in Mordak’s hand. The rest of the Dwarfs had wounded the Gorger, but had lost combat and were now outnumbered, then fled as both the Gorger and Mordak pursed them (Authors Note: I made a mistake here, but pursing with the Mordak and the Bulls I got to close to used my Bull charge next turn. The dwarfs ran through both of the other dwarf units and amazing 20 inches.)

    As Mordak pursued he saw both Bob and Billot go down and he charged his unit into Grimthor and his Longbeards. The Gorger nearby smelled the blood and also charged.
    Grimthor issued a challenge and the Thunder fist accepted and was cut done by Grimthor earning a +2 overkill. In return, Mordak killed 4 dwarfs with his Siege Break and the Gorger killed 2 more. The Battle Continued and Grimthor Challenged again this time Mordak accepted, Grimthor struck first, and wounded once killing Mordak. The Ogre killed 2 more dwarfs, but the battle was lost amazingly the final Ogre and Gorger held their ground.

    Nearby the Gnoblars finished off the Dwarf Bolt Thrower Engineer and were now charged by Karak and his warriors who easily slayed the Gnoblars and sent them running, with an amazing burst of speed Karak and his warriors overran into the rear of the Bulls that turned to face the Miners (Authors Note: He rolled a 9 and with his minus one just reached the unit getting a rear charge.)

    With the Miners too far away Gutreg and his Irongut wheeled and cast a spell on the Bulls that were rear charged, this toughed their resolved and even though they lost the battle they stubbornly held their ground.

    With their general fallen the Ogre’s retreated from the battlefield, Grimthor and the dwarfs allowed them to retreat, then Grimthor commanded tend to the wounded it won’t take them long to reinforce and come back.

    Final Totals:

    Ogre’s 1362
    Dwarfs 1394

    Dwarfs were victorious by 32 points. A massive 433 point swing on the last turn of the game for the Dwarfs gave them the victory.

    Let me know what you think?

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    It sounds like a really fun game, eagletsi.

    I love the part where Bob is dropped to his knees and still charges the bolt thrower. It was cool to visualize.

    Plus, it's funny, because I remember how you've done that before with Giants to keep them alive for the next battle. ;Y

    Also, the climactic battles made it really interesting. It lacked your usual detail, but the fast pace made it fun to read. Plus, you captured some cool visuals.

    Good to see that you're still posting and playing. How old is that kid now?
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    32 (x1)


    It has been a while, but I'm now starting to get some game in again.

    I should start posting battle reports on a regular basis again.

    As for my Daughter she is now almost 2 and my son is 5 1/2.

    He played his first warhammer game the other day.

    Anyway now that things have calmed down abit at work I should be able to start posting again.


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