The Battle at Stone Brooke Crossing - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Battle at Stone Brooke Crossing

    'Twould be a grand battle, indeed. Tomb Kings, Vampire Counts, and a Nurglitch Legion had forged an uneasy alliance to storm a small settlement.

    An army of Bretonnians, Dwarfs, and Wood Elves banded together to repel the dark menace.

    We played on an 8 x 6 table. The defenders had 7,500 points of troops, and the attackers had 9,000. On odd turns, the defenders could draw reserves from three points: a barracks to the far left produced Dwarf warriors, a stable in the center produced Arabian Knights, and a Waystone to the far right produced Dryads. Directly in front of the stable was a graveyard that would heal undead units.

    We used Massed Batteries and Monstrous Hordes, 4 bolt throwers and 4 giants respectively.

    Over 30 pics followed. I'm only going to give a general overview of the battle.

    Here are our fearsomely evil opponents. Vampires on the right, Tomb Kings in the center, and Nurgle to the right.

    Here we are, looking from my end of the table.

    In the opening turns, Araby found itself in dire straits. Paul began failing leadership checks. Yes, "began" is the best word. He failed rally tests, terror tests, panic tests. It was desperate. It looked like his army was going to either run off the table or die in numbers.

    The combats got pretty thick and complicated at times. Tomb Kings got into the mix early against the knights of Araby, and once there, the knights didn't fare much better. Notice the numerous fleeing units. Reserves would arrive, however, and fortune would begin to favor the knights' army. They really took it to the Tomb Kings and Undead.

    It also helped that we were rolling incredibly well for magic defense. I had the wand of wych elm and we'd decided before the game that it would affect all our dispel dice. Honestly, I don't think we failed a dispel roll the entire game. We effectively shut down their magic phase, and it certainly didn't hurt that the enemy armies rolled sub-par.

    Eventually the knights would grab their nuts and really take it to the undead. Some reserve units piled into the combats and turned the tide. Tomb Kings would be almost wiped out to a model. Vampires would take some heavy hits too. Our shooting killed move of the Grave Guard, and I have a new respect for grail knights.

    Check these Pegaus Knights out. I loved these things.

    And the Nurgle army was gorgeous. You just had to see this thing up close to appreciate it. I hope the pics give you an idea of what it looks like.

    Opposite my wood elves, the demons set up behind a river, which really impeded their movement. I wish I had been more aggressive. I was playing habitually, so I went into a mode of avoidance and selective combat. It would've been more fun just to meet him head on and roll the dice.

    Here are some more pics. In the end, good prevailed as the setting sun made playing too difficult.

    This kid was their ace up the sleeve. They gave him command of the chips and drinks, and he kept everyone watered and fed.

    Some other highlights were that Harry the Hammerer's brother showed up, Harvey the Hammerer. He used his more widely-known brother's rules. A unit of Chaos Trolls led by a Sorceror appeared in our backfield but would be stymied with treesinging.

    It was a fun game with a great group of guys. It was a very laid-back environment, and everybody got into the game at some point. I got home late and couldn't resist putting up the pics.

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    Thanks David great Pics. We will do it again sometime.:C

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