2250 Bretonians vs. Lizardmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Bretonians vs. Lizardmen

    My Bretonian list was as follows
    The Green knight
    Paladin w/ virtue of the knightly temper and the grail vow (general)
    Paladin w/ virtue of heroism, rides a royal pegasus
    Paladin BSB w/ banner of the lady and virtue of duty
    lvl1 damsel w/ 2 scrolls

    9x knights of the realm
    9x knights of the realm
    8x knights of the realm
    8x knights errant w/ banner of errantry
    6x knights errant
    6x knights errant

    8x grail knights

    My opponent's list was: (from memory, not sure on all the wargear and # of skinks)

    Oldblood on Carnisaur (w/ total of 15 attacks at s58X, he tells me this model is like 420 pts)
    Scarvet on Coldone (general)
    Skink preist w/ scrolls

    20x saurus w/ handweapon and shield
    20x saurus w/ handweapon and shield
    10-12x skinks w/ blopipe (scouting)
    10-12x skinks w/ blopipe
    10-12x skinks w/ javalins
    10-12x skinks w/ javalins

    3x croxigors (sp?)
    5x cold one knights w/ banner of +d6 inches (i forget the name)
    3x jungle swarms

    On my side of the table there were some ruins near the left corner, and some forest just left of the center of my deployment zone. Off to the right-center there were some woods. In his deployment zone, there were 3 forests, one over on his far right (almost up against the table edge) annother one about a foot to the left of that, and then another one over on his far left, about a foot and a half from the left table edge.

    Deployment: (I don't remember the actual order of deployment so i'll list it from left to right)
    My deployment, from left to right, was as follows:
    A unit of 6 knights errant to the left of the ruins on the right
    A unit of 8 knights of the realmw/ my general to the immediate right of the errants, pretty much filling up the space between the ruins and the forest
    Right on the other side of the forest, 8 knights errant w/ the BSB
    A few inches further right, the 8 grail knights with the damsel protected by the lance
    Right of them, the Paladin with the royal pegasus
    A few inches to the right of them, 9 knights errant
    Over to the far right, the other unit of 6 knights errant

    blopipe skinks scout behind the ruins on my right
    Oldblood W/ Carnisaur deploys his far right
    Coldone knights deploy opposite my general's unit
    Jungle swarms in front of the cold one knights
    Skink priest deploys in the forest to the left of the cold ones
    One saurus block deploys opposite my knights errant w/ bsb
    One saurus block deploys opposite my grail knights
    Scarvet general on Cold One deploys between saurus blocks
    Croxigors deploy opposite the other block of knights of the realm
    Skinks w/ blopipes deploy in the forest to (his) left of the croxigors
    Both units of Skinks w/ javalins deploy in a line in front of the saurus and the croxigors

    Lizard Turn 1
    Bretonians prayed for the blessing, so Lizardmen get the first turn. The Oldblood on Carnisaur moves 14 inches up the edge of the board and turns to face the knights errant and knights of the realm. Jungle swarms advance about 8 inches, cold one knights stay put. Scouting skinks advance through the ruins to get position to shoot the block of 6 errants. Both saurus blocks and the Croxigors stay put, but the skinks in front of them and the scarvet general on the cold one advance.

    Magic: Nothing significant. Doesnít kill anything.

    Shooting: Skinks in ruins fire blopipes at knights errant, but have no effect on the heavily armored knights

    Bretonian turn 1
    The Green Knight appears next to the skink priest, facing the cold one knights. The generalís unit of Knights advances cautiously toward the jungle swarms while the 6 errants next to them turn to face the Carnisaur. All three knight blocks in the middle advance and prepare to charge next turn. The 6 knights errant on the far right move up and prepare to charge the skinks in the forest. The Pegasus Paladin flew as far as possible toward the Carnisaur.

    No magic or shooting

    Lizard turn 2
    The scarvet general charges the block of knights of the realm on the right. The screening skinks advance to get in position to shoot. Cold ones advance to support the jungle swarms. The Carnisaur runs behind the ruins on the left to avoid being charged by knights errant.

    Magic: The skink priest casts forked lightning, does one wound on the green knight, portent of farr dispelled.

    Shooting: skinks on the left shoot the errants, do nothing. Screening skinks shoot the errants with the BSB, kill one. Other screening skinks shoot at the knights of the realm, do nothing. Total one dead knight. Praise the Lady!

    Combat: The Scarvet wiffs his attacks, flees, and is run down. Knights errant pursue into skinks.

    Bretonian turn 2:
    Movement: The green knight charges the cold ones, they flee. The generalís unit charges the jungle swarms. The knights errant with the BSB charge the other unit of screening skinks. The 6 knights errant on the far right charge the skinks in the woods. The grail knights advance about 6 inches. The Pegasus paladin positions so as to charge the Carnisaur once it stops hiding behind the ruins (cowardly swine).

    No cowardly Magic or Shooting

    Combat: Very predictable results. The knights errant w/ bsb break and run down the skinks and run right into a saurus block. The knights of the realm break the skinks and run right into the croxigors. The knights of the realm kill off the jungle swarms, and overrun about 6 inches. The six knights errant on the left break and run down the skinks

    Lizard turn 3
    One block of saurus warriors remained uncharged, and he had two juicy flanks to charge. He decided to charge the knights of the realm in combat with his croxigors. Also, apparently the carnisaur could just barely see my Pegasus paladin, so he charges and the Paladin flees (yeah yeah I know, cowardly, but come on, itís a carnisaur for Godís sake). Cold one knights rally.

    Magic: does nothing

    Once again, the skinks in the ruins double tap their blowpipes at the 6 knights errant, and once again it does nothing.

    Knights errant w/ bsb smash the saurus block and run it down. The other saurus warriors throw their attacks into the knights of the realm, but their armor and the blessing saves them from harm. The knights then throw their attacks at the croxigors, only doing 2 wounds. The croxigors kill three. The knights run from the saurus because they have the higher unit strength and get away. The saurus do not pursue very far and their flank is exposed to my grail knights.

    Bretonian turn 3:
    Movement: The grail knights charge the saurus. The 6 knights errant on the left charge the carnisaur. The knights errant with the bsb wheel around to face the croxigors and Saurus. The knights with the General turn around to face the carnisaur. The fleeing knights of the realm rally. The Pegasus paladin rallies.

    No magic or shooting

    Combat: Grail knights cause lots of kills on the saurus, he needs insane courage to stay, rolls insane courage. The 6 knights errant get owned by the carnisaur and run off the table.

    Lizard turn 4:
    Movement: The Cold one knights move up on the flank of my generalís unit and use their banner of +d6 inches (I forget the name) and flank charge the unit. The croxigors turn to face the grail knights. The carnisaur moves toward the center of the table.

    Magic: all dispelled
    No shooting
    Combat: The cold ones break my generalís unit and run them down. Curses!

    Bretonian turn 4:
    Movement: The Pegasus paladin charges the Carnisaur! The green knight rear charges the Cold one knights, aiming to avenge the noble knights of the realm. The grail knights turn to face the Croxigors and prepare to be charged. The knights of the realm move up behind the croxigors but canít charge due to forest in the way. The errants with the Bsb position themselves charge the croxigors, should the grail knights fail.

    Combat: The Pegasus Paladin (who has virtue of heroism, which means he has killing blow against large targets) attacks the carnisaur, hits three times and rolls a 6 for killing blow!! 8X Carnisaur dies, but the old blood slaughters the paladin in retribution. The royal Pegasus rolls a 6 on the monster reaction, so is therefore frenzied and stays. The green knight kills a cold one champion in a challenge, gets one overkill. This ties the combat, but the horn blower causes the green knight to take a wound.

    Lizard turn 5:
    Movement: Croxigors charge the grail knights.

    No significant magic or shooting
    Combat: Croxigors only do 2 wounds, blessing of the Lady saves one. Grail knights do a wound in return. Outnumber, banner, and rank bonus mean the grail knights win. Due to Croxygors being ld5, they flee and are run down. The Oldblood kills the royal Pegasus.

    At this point my opponent conceded. Major victory for the Bretonians! Huzzah!:happy:

    You?! No!
    --Famous last words of Asmodean

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    Dang...that seems a quite one sided battle there. i feel for the lizardmen player as my coldblooded pets are close to my heart. just so you know, the oldblood on carnasaur can't reach 15 attacks, at most he'll have 14 on a charge addiing in the str 6 attacks from the carnosaur.

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