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    Tomb king vs Warrior of Chaos 2000pt

    OK guys my first attempt at a report and I'm doing it from memory (so sorry if things don't work out perfectly) (on the pictures, the distances are way out of where they should be b/c i'm trying to remember exactly where things were and nothing is right, all that really matters is the charges and flees)(oh btw the brownish blob is a hill, just noticed i never labled it... sorry and for those hard of seeing the blueish thing is a swamp)

    Ok so we have Tomb Kings vs, Warriors of Chaos.

    Tomb king army
    Litch High Priest: Plaques, Cloak of Dunes
    Litch Priest: Hieratic Jar
    Litch Priest: Mounted, Staff of Ravening
    Tomb Prince: Chariot, Chariot of fire, Enchanted Shield, spear.

    20 Skeleton bowmen, Full Command
    10 Heavy Horse, Champ/Standard with Banner of Cursing word
    5 Light horse

    2x 3 Chariots
    2x Scorpions

    Bone Giant
    Screaming Skull Catapult: Skull of foe

    Warriors of Chaos (going from memory never got allot of specifics)

    Level 1 priest
    Chaos lord on foot
    Chaos Hero on mount

    5 chosen Knights
    5 Marauder horsemen
    4x packs of 5 war hounds
    20 Warriors of Khorne FC
    20 Warriors of Khorne FC
    1 Chariot
    20 Marauders FC

    ok so we lign up like this

    I win roll off and give him first turn.

    Chaos Turn 1:
    He moves in with his units. attempted to cast a magic spell but easily dispelled. no shooting. (he doesn't get a spell off or shoot anything all game so shooting/magic will be bypassed on his turns.) forgets to move a unit of hounds.

    My turn 1:
    movement: no charges as he's out of range. move my units up on the flanks to try to hit him, keep the center back for shooting

    Magic: My prince magically charges his unit of chariots into the Hounds.
    My Litch priest atempts to charge the scorpion into the unit, dispell scrolled. then follows up with bound item on marauders, killing 2.
    My other priest casts Smiting on the Catapult, Goes off aimed at the Maurader Horse. miss guess and bad scatter and it goes way off into the building.
    High lich casts smiting on Archers, they fire at the Horse killing one.

    Shooting. Catapult missfires, archers kill nothing.

    Close combat, kill all the hounds with impact wounds, overcharge into knights.

    Turn 2

    Chaos turn 2: he atempts to charge with his hounds on the right but they fail fear and stand there. no other charges, moves his units on the left a little but not alot. moves the units in the middle up.
    Close combat: Deal my impact wounds with chariots dealing 14 impact wounds. 10 wound, he saves all but 4, 4 dead, kill another in combat, only hero left. Hero does one wound flees. i pursue killing them and then charging into chaos units in trees. taking D6 wounds on prince. killing his chariot.

    TK Turn 2:
    Movement, charge with giant and 2 scorps (unit imune to psych)
    charge hounds with Heavy horse on right flank, hounds fail fear and run away becomes failed charge.
    charge flank of warriors with other chariot unit.
    Turn archers to fire on horse.
    move fast calv behind marauders.

    Magic, Prince casts smiting on himself dealing 1 wound.
    Horse prince atempts to cast smiting on scorpion (dispelled), Staff deals another 2 wounds to marauders.
    Priest in archers casts Magic missiles on marauders dealing 3 wounds, uses jar to cast smiting on archers, kills last horse.
    High priest casts smiting on catapult which lands dead on the chariot, str 8 hit. dead chariot.

    Close combat: Chariots: deal 10 impact wounds, 4 hit. kill one in combat, he deals 3 wounds, destroying a chariot. Imune to psych and passes break test.
    Constructs: giant gets 3 hits wounds, on unstopable assult, get's 3 ones on wound (needed 2 to wound), scorpions deal 5 wounds together. Lord and champ kill giant (6 wounds) wins combat by 3 (6 wounds, 3 ranks, banner, outnumber)

    Turn 3

    Chaos turn 3:
    Fails to Rally the hounds, turns the maruders towards the light horse. no charges
    Constructs: kills the 2 scorpions, scorpions wound lord and kill 2 but loose in CR.
    Chariots. Fails to wound, chariots kill 2, winning combat fails break test, ran down. chariot unit goes off board. other unit moves 3.

    Tomb kings Turn 3:
    Movement, chariot turns a bit and moves back towards other chaos unit, horse does same
    Other chariot unit comes back and moves towards left side, prince moves as well.
    Light calv continue to dance around Marauders.
    Archers reform into block of 5 for inpending chaos charge.
    Priest leaves archers,
    High litch flies up to help chariot and heavy calv get into range
    Catapult moves to the left.

    Prince urgencys himself to try to make himself look important (basicly out of game at this point)
    Horse Priest Magic missiles marauders and uses staff killing a few
    Regular priest casts smiting on archers (so they can shoot in shooting phase)
    High lich priest casts summoning on Chariot unit. (forget to cast 2nd spell)

    No combat.

    Turn 4:
    Chaos turn 4:
    Turns his Chaos towards awaiting bowmen, Marauders get tired of playing with horse and follow the marauders

    Tomb King turn 4:
    Movement: charge with chariots, move horse forward, other chariot/prince try to catch up.
    Catapult moves again to get in range.
    Magic: prince does his thing.
    Horse casts summoning on chariot again finally healing it to full. uses bound item on marauders again. killing 1.
    foot priest can't remember what he did.
    High priest urgency's the horse in (rolls 3 ones so uses plaques to get 13) (again forget to cast 2nd spell)
    Combat, Chariot does 3 impact wounds (yay....) wounding 1. does nothing in combat and the Heavy horse apparently left their spears at home b/c they all were rolling 2's. Oponent counters by destroying the chariots and 6 horse. Combat rez kills all but one chariot and a horse.

    Turn 5:

    Chaos turn 5:
    No charges, Marauders move towards the chaos.
    Close combat. kills the chariot and horse.

    TK Turn 5:
    Game ended here as opponent had to run.

    we called it a draw but upon looking at what remained after he left (lord was aparently around 300 points) even assuming the 2 units (both were just over 50%) were 300pt, i still had 2 corner edges and 1300 points in troops, (had all my char's which were around 800 points by themselves) at that point i was wining, had we gone another turn no idea what would have happened. so i am declaring this a Minor (maybe even solid) victory for the TK.

    Sorry it's long and that it's not that accurate (really ment to write things down but we were in a hurry) but hopefully it's worth a read.

    Last edited by Hondor; May 29th, 2008 at 06:48.

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    I liked it!

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