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    Chaos Mortals V Dwarfs

    Last week I oversaw a battle between two of my non-warhammer playing friends using my figures and scenery, it was quite funny so I thought id briefly share it with you.

    They were keen to put the battle into some sort of context so we initially played a 500 point skirmish between the anguards of the two armies- the Dwarfs had a list of a thane, a unit of 10 miners, 10 quarellers and 12 crossbow armed rangers. The chaos army consisted of a unit of knights and two units of marauder horsemen (I wanted to keep it fluffy!). My Dwarf playing friend is naturally more cautious so his list was perfect, he set up his army in 1 long line crossbows at the ready and shot the beejesus out of the chaos forces as they advanced. The C Knights managed to get into combat with, and destroy, the quarrellers before they too succumbed to the massed dwarf shooting.

    the main event was between 1500 points of both armies. The dwarfs had a list thart went something like: 1 unit of warriors, 1 unit of thunderers, 1 unit of rangers, 1 unit of miners, 1 unit of Ironbreakers, 1 unit of Slayers, a bolt thrower and an organ guy and a couple of thanes and a master Engineer. The Chaos forces consisted of a unit of warriors, one of marauders, some Chosen Knights, Warhounds,a chariot, marauder horsemen, a Spawn, a demon prince, a Champion and a chaos souceror.

    Unfortunately I left to make some Chilli and Tacos (yummy!)and left them to set up the table- when i got back it was covered in terrain! basically they would be fighting in the middle of a village with a big hill in the centre of the table. I tried to explain that in WHFB less is more but they were adamant they wanted to keep it as it was. What followed was one of the strangest games of WHFB I have ever seen as they both crept their units around the cover 40k style. The Dwarf atrillery and missile capabilities gave them the edge initially but the CC abilities of the chosen knights and demon prince managed to chew up the dwarf line and although the Ironbreakers survived more or less unscathed the rest of the dwarfs had taken a bit of a beating.

    Highlights include the organ gun destroying the chariot and warhounds with ease, and an epic battle between the slayers and DP- the Prince triumphed but was left with only one wound left. All in all it was a lot of fun, and I think they both enjoyed it (although i havent converted them yet) it was agreed that more practice was needed so I take that as meaning they want to play again!

    Does anyone else have similar experiences of playing with first timers?


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    HA! thats great, dwarfs hugging cover.. i would have loved to see that game*in general*
    but yeah, my 1st time, was horrible, my 3rd was even worse! i think I'm only good at LOTR... lol nice to see something posed about an army i play =D

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