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    Wood Elves vs Beastmen, 2000pts

    A friend and i were going to enter a tournament next week, but owing to the dreaded responsibility called work i had to drop out. So instead, my mate and i decided to just bash it out.

    His Army (Roughly!)

    Nurgle Beastlord
    Slaughterer's Blade, Talisman (i can't remember the name) that gives a 5+ Ward and +1 to rallying.

    Nurgle BSB
    Vitriolic Banner, Heavy Armor

    Bray-Shaman: Level 2 (Lore of Slaanesh: Blissful Throes, and the spell that makes a friendly unit Unbreakable), Braystaff

    Bray-Shaman: Level 2 (Lore of Beasts: Bear's Anger, Crow's Feast), Braystaff

    3 Beast Herds (unsure of actual numbers, but they were big enough), Full command
    Tuskgor Chariot (undivided)
    18 Pestigor (Full Command, War Banner)
    Dragon-Ogre Shaggoth: extra hand weapon, light armor
    Chaos Giant: Mutant Monstrosity

    My Army

    Treeman Ancient
    Cluster of Radiants, Annoyance of Nettlings

    Noble (Alter Kindred)
    Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt, Great Weapon, Light Armor, Shield

    Spellsinger: Level 1 (Lore of Athel Loren: Tree-Singing) Dispel Scroll x2

    Spellsinger: Level 1 (Lore of Athel Loren: Tree-Singing) Moonstone of the Hidden Ways

    10 Glade Guard - Musician
    10 Glade Guard - Musician
    8 Dryads
    8 Dryads
    5 Glade Riders - Musician
    3 Warhawk Riders
    8 Wardancers - Musician, Bladesinger
    6 Wild Riders - Full Command, War Banner
    5 Waywatchers


    This was a little weird on my part, and in hindsight there probably was a better way. There was a hill in both the Northwest and Northeast quarters, and quite definitely within the deployment zone. My friend thought he'd make things trickier by placing impassable terrain in the northeast and southwest corners. Two woods in the southern half of the board roughly 20" apart rounded out the terrain.


    He chose the northern edge, leaving me with the two woods just outside my deployment. Not bad, and definitely not what i expected. My bonus wood went on my western flank, as far forward as my half of the table allowed.

    He didn't really occupy much of the western flank, just a Beast Herd that was a bit closer to center. The Nurgle Beastlord and Pestigor, accompanied by the Nurgle BSB were next across. His Shaggoth and Tuskgor chariot stood roughly center of the board, ready to smash through my archer line. Funnily enough, his two Bray-Shamans stood to my right of his Shaggoth, out in the open! The Eastern Flank had a Chaos Giant and another Beast Herd. The third Beast Herd was kept in Ambush.

    My Deployment had my 2 units of 10 Glade Guard center of the line, fitting snugly in between the two woods, and staring down the Shaggoth and Chariot opposite. On the far end of the western flank my Warhawk Riders were deployed behind the imapssable terrain, and the Treeman Ancient depoyed behind the wood. My Glade Riders were also behind the wood, just left of the Glade Guard, ready to divert the Shaggoth from my archery line. The Alter Noble stood to the right of the Glade Guard, behind the other, larger wood. Next along were the first unit of Dryads, then the Wardancers, the second unit of Dryads and the Wild Riders on the end of the Eastern Flank, drawing a bead on the giant. The Scroll-toting Spellsinger joined the Glade Guard in the centre, where he could reach all the woods in my table half, and the Moonstone bearer accompanied the Wardancers. Unfortunately, with nothing to hide the Waywatchers behind, they were placed in his deployment zone right in the Northwestern corner, in plain sight.

    The Beastmen had the first turn.

    Turn One

    The Shaggoth and Chariot surge forward, intent on destroying my archers as quickly as possible. The Giant and Beast Herd on the Eastern flank rushed forward but towards the board edge, obviously wanting to avoid going into the wood if they could. His two Bray-Shamans stepped up onto the hill for a better view of the battlefield. The General and his unit marched forward and wheeled towards the center. His magic was lacklustre, as he failed the make the Shaggoth unbreakable and the Crow's Feast got dispelled.

    In return the Waywatchers charge the Beast Herd, the best choice since they had no escape, and my Glade Guard took a step back to better avoid any imminent charges. The Alter Noble sprinted forward and made it past the Shaggoth and out of sight of the Chariot. The Glade Riders ran out right in front of the Shaggoth, angled so that he would have to charge them. The Warhawks flew out and ended up behind the Pestigor. One unit of Dryads advanced through the wood, the other alongside it. The Wardancers moved straight into the wood, positioned so that they can't be seen. The Wild Riders made a 10" advance so that they could countercharge. The Treeman Ancient moved through the western wood and into the bonus wood beyond it.

    Magic was a straightforward affair with the Ancient and Scroll-Caddy sucessfully moving the wood that the Ancient was in up the board towards the Pestigor, and out of their charge arc.

    Each Glade Guard unit fired on a separate Shaman. Incredibly, I failed to drop either one, with the Beast Shaman passing his armor save from his Braystaff and only taking a single wound, and the Slaanesh only taking one wound total. The Glade Riders and Warhawk Riders both fired on the Shaggoth but failed to cause any wounds.

    Combat between the Waywatchers and Beast Herd was amusing as they only managed to fell a single Waywatcher while they slew 3 Gors in return. Of course this still wasn't enough and they lost combat, failed their Leadership test and ran off the board, the Herd pursuing off.

    Turn Two

    This turn began with the Ambushing Beast Herd arriving exactly where he wanted them to: right behind my Glade Guard! The Shaggoth decared a charge against the Glade Riders, who fled and only escaped by dragging the monster into a wood, and even then it was only an inch between life and death. The Giant charged the unit of Dryads outside the wood. The Tuskgor Chariot trundled forward, ready to charge the Glade Guard, while to my surprise the Pestigor turned to the rear to put the Warhawks back in sight. The Beast Herd on the eastern flank changed its mind and came back towards the middle of the board. The victorious Beast Herd made their way back onto the board in the Northwest corner.

    His magic once again was Mild at best as i scrolled away the Crow's Feast, cast on a 16 with 3 dice. The Slaanesh Shaman tried to cast Blissful Throes on the Alter Noble, but it was dispelled. He snuck through the Bear's Anger when i rolled poorly to dispel it.

    The single combat between the Giant and the Dryads was quick and painful. "Swing with Club" was rolled for 5 hits and 4 wounds. I saved none and the Dryads broke and were chased down.

    My only charge was the Alter Noble and Wild Riders diving upon the Beast Herd, with the intent of lining them up against the Noble and the Riders hitting the flank. My suspicions were correct when the Riders were out of range after lining up against the Noble. The Glade Riders rallied and moved towards the northwest, out of the wood and away from the Shaggoth now trapped in the wood. The other unit of Dryads moved out of the wood towards the middle, ready to charge the Beast Herd next turn if the Noble can't handle them. The Warhawks once again flew out of sight of the Pestigor and towards the two Bray-Shamans. The Ancient also headed towards the middle, hoping to kill the Chariot with a Strangle-Roots so that it wouldn't hit my archery line. The Wardancers stayed safe in their hiding spot within the trees. Both Glade Guard units passed their Terror tests from the nearby Shaggoth and turned around, ready to blast the Beast Herd to pieces.

    All magic went towards the Shaggoth stuck in the wood. I managed one successful Tree-Singing and dealt 3 wounds to the monstrosity.

    Shooting was surprisingly successfull when both Glade Guard shot the Ambushing Beast Herd. They only left 4 Gors alive! These remains panicked and fled off the board. The Warhawk Riders dropped the Beast Shaman with their 3 shots. Unfortunately, the Chariot was just out of range of the Ancient's Strangle-Roots, and the Glade Riders couldn't see anything.

    The Champion of the Beast Herd Challenged the Noble. He replied by chopping the beast down where he stood. but 1 overkill wasn't enough and he lost, but he passed his break test and was ready to go again.

    Turn Three

    The first and most confusing charge was the Slaanesh Bray-Shaman at the Warhawks. He obviously forgot they had bows from his "uh oh" when i declared to Stand-and-Shoot. The Shaman took 2 more wounds and bit the dust. The Chariot charged the left Glade Guard unit, who fled far enough to escape. By incredible fortune, it stopped right in front of the Shaggoth's only path to escape the wood in one turn. He still got clear, but couldn't get to anyone because of the Chariot in the way. The Pestigor charged the Ancient, who rolled a misfire for Stand-and-Strangle. The Beast Herd in the Northwest made its way back towards the combat between the Pestigor and Treeman. His Giant, all alone in the southeast corner, moved along my deployment zone, intent on charging and rolling up my Glade Guard.

    With no magic left, it was straight into combat. The Beast Herd failed to harm the Noble, and he killed 4 in return. The Beast Herd decided that was enough and ran, the Noble catching them and ending up on the northeast hill. The Ancient challenged the Beastlord, who failed to wound him, and bashed him into the ground. The resolution from ranks, BSB, Standard and War Banner tipped the fight to the Pestigor's favour and the Ancient passed his Stubborn test.

    No charges this turn. Glade Riders moved north, presenting themselves to the Beast Herd in the Northwest. Warhawks went directly south towards the madness in my own deployment zone. The Dryads continued towards the center of the board. The Glade Guard unit rallied and turned to face the Shaggoth and Chariot behind. The other one turned eastward and increased to 5 abreast, ready for all to fire on the approaching Giant. Wild Riders used their entire move to head south and almost back into my deployment zone to charge the Giant next turn. Alter Noble moved within firing range of the Giant. I activated the Moonstone and transported the Wardancers from the eastern flank to the west, where they could flank charge the Pestigor engaged with the Treeman next turn.

    Magic was simply moving woods to be a nuisance without blocking my shooting.

    Shooting started with the Hail of Doom Arrow from the Noble. It loosed an impressive 14 shots, 11 of which hit and 5 wounded. The Giant passed 2 of those saves, half dead. The Glade Guard had a go too, but failed to wound. Glade Riders fired on the Beast Herd, dropping two Ungors. The Warhawks couldn't do anything to the Chariot.

    Combat was quick with the Ancient challenging and the Pestigor champion retiring to the rear. The Ancient obviously wasn't impressed as he dropped another 5 Pestigor! This still wasn't enough to beat his static res of death and i passed another Stubborn test to keep this going.

    Turn Four

    He started off daring. Shaggoth declaring a charge against the Eastern Glade Guard (the ones further away, surprisingly), expecting to chariot not to rally. The Beast Herd tried to charge the Glade Riders who fled southward. The Giant also charged the Glade Guard, who passed their test and decided to Stand-and-Shoot. Both of us were surprised when I manage 5 Wounds again! The Giant didn't have it in him this time, and fell over. Luckily, not onto my Wild Riders. The Chariot rallied, and the Shaggoth had to accept a failed charge because it was in the way.

    Treeman didn't perform as well this time, dropped a single Pestigor and took a poisoned attack, but failed both of his saves! Once again, the Stubborn Leadership of 9 won through, and I looked forward to my charges.

    Only one charge for me - the Wardancers hit the flank of the Pestigor and i managed 6 in contact plus the Champion. Glade Riders failed their Leadership 9 rally test and fled another 14" south, leaving me with only next turn to rally or they would easily go straight of the board. Warhawk Riders flew a bit further from the Shaggoth to avoid being its target. Dryads moved to exact center of the board, hoping for a flank charge against the Shaggoth if it tried the charge the archers to the east. Said archers turned around to face the Shaggoth and Chariot, and expanded to 10 frontage again ready to fire. The other Glade Guard expanded as well, hoping to shoot down the Chariot right in front of them before it ran them off the board. Wild Riders moved backwards a little so that they too could be ready if the Shaggoth overran the Glade Guard. The Alter Noble returned to the hill.

    With moving the terrain playing no part in what was to come, I skipped it and went into Shooting. The first unit of Glade Guard fired on the Chariot and failed to do anything. Warhawks did the same and managed a wound. The Second unit of Guard hit home and cause a whopping 6 wounds even though they were Strength 3! The Noble took a pot shot at the Shaggoth and managed to wound but the creature passed its armor save.

    The combat with the Pestigor was one-sided, with the +1 attack dance bringing 22 attacks into the mix, 12 of which wounded and 9 unsaved casualties. The Treeman dropped a further 3 Pestigor and the remaining few broke and were caught by the Treeman, with the Wardancers behind it after rolling low.

    Turn Five

    Perhaps out of desperation, the Beast Herd in the Northwest declared a charge at the Treeman, failed, and fled away, but not far enough for me to charge them in return. The Shaggoth managed to catch one of my Dryads in the center within his line-of-sight, and charged them.

    The Shaggoth was the only combat and it took down 4 Dryads, with the rest of the unit failing their break test and fleeing the full 12" away while the Shaggoth only managed 11!

    With my turn the Ancient charged the fleeing Beast Herd which fled off the board, leaving only the Shaggoth and me in possession of the Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast table quarters. The Glade Riders and Dryads both rally. All Glade Guard advance to try to bring the Shaggoth into short range. The Noble and Wild Riders reposition themselves to charge the Shaggoth from both flanks when he inevitably destroys the Dryads.

    Shooting was desperation to try and knock off a few wounds from the Shaggoth, but one unit of Glade Guard were still at long range. Only one wound was managed, bringing him down to two.

    Turn Six

    The only action was the Shaggoth charging the Dryads, leaving one alive, and pursuing it all the way Northeast, right in between the Noble and Wild Riders.

    With the Noble and Wild Riders on both flanks, i was feeling pretty confidant I could take the last two wounds. The Noble swung first, and only managing two hits, and only one wound! I still wasn't too worried, as I rolled the five Strength 5 attacks from the Wild Riders. None wounded! At this point he thought the Shaggoth was safe. I warned him that Wood Elf horses are capable of bizarre things. Two of the four steeds hit... and one wounded. All that stood between the Steeds and glory was a 3+ armor save... and he failed!!!! The Elven Steeds fell another giant monster!!!

    Result: Wood Elves defeat Beastmen (Massacre)

    In Hindsight

    Overall a good games for my Wood Elves. Beastmen was a new experience for me, all those T4 skirmishers made things a bit trickier. However, shooting large targets is a lot of fun within short range, needing 2s to hit. My error was with the placement of terrain, placing two woods on one side and not getting the chance to place another due to lack of available terrain (the GW tables were busy, giving us less choice) meant i had to really wait it out with the Moonstone, meaning the Wardancers were idle for most of the game. The only thing that was an eyebrow-raiser for me was his deploying the Bray-Shamans out in the open. Although it did force me to waste my whole first turn of shooting on them and they didn't even die!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sirkently View Post
    Well, Wood Elves are unbeatable don't you know. Of course, now and then we throw a few games so that others don't get too discouraged.

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    A great report, TheCuttingEdge. It sounds like you played it smartly and overcame some bad turns during the battle.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it up.

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    Battle Report

    Very well writting TheCuttingEdge, I like the way you used North, South etc. Made it a lot easier to follow.

    Keep up the good work.


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