i am new here and am the newest member hurrrayyy!!!
anyway i have posted my dwarf list on the army list section refer to there for my army if u want all the gossip.

the army i faced was all cavalry

4 units of cavalry 1 cannon 1 hellblaster 1 unit of swordsmen 3 engineers 1 lord on a horse

TURN1 -dwarf

not a single dwarf moved apart from the ironbreakers who moved 3 inches forward
we opened fire on the cavalry 4 bolts were shot at 1 cavalry unit and killed all of them apart from 1 who ran off the board in following turns also theswordsmen routed and ran towards the board edge

TURN1 -empire

the cavalry advanced they were nearly on top of the iron breakers. then the cannons opened fire on the ironbreakers and stopped just behind his own unit in front of the ironbreakers luckily for him the ball didnt bounce (grumbles)
the swordsmen rallied and turned round and now the ironbreakers were in real trouble


The ironbreakers stood there ground but just before they were charged a volley of bolts from the crossbowmen came down and toof down 4 knights but the knights stood there ground


The knights charged from the front and the side. the ironbreakers stood and waited for comabt to commence..
SHOOTING - the cannons shot at the bolt throwers this timeand killed 2 crew men still not enough to stop it working :rolleyes: someone loves me.

then combat cmmenced the knights stroke and killed 2 ironbreakers then it was the lords turn and he killed 3 knights then the runsmith killed 0 knights then the ironbreakers killed..................................... o knights <:> i lost combat and ran and got cut down. <:>

TURN3 dwarfs

i concentrated on the large amount of knights running towards me and killed 2 in shooting. next turn i was dead so i began to work myself into a defensive position in the corner of the board. the engineers joined the crossbow units and got ready to fight.

TURN3 empire

they charged the crossbow units, they stood and shot and killed 3 which made 1 unit rout
but the other pressed on and murdered the crossbow units and ran straight into my war machines. <:>

at this point i gave up and congratulated him. i really enjoyed the game it was a challenge.

hope you enjoyed the report thanks:

ungrim ironfist
(its goin in the book the damn empire grumbles)