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    2k empire vs. lizardmen

    I played this game yesterday, i seem to have forgotten most of the stuff, like exact locations of stuff, but ill remember it close enough.

    General of the Empire,
    barded warhorse, sword of fate, holy relic, Full Plate, shield, lance

    Warrior Priest
    Heavy armor, shield, great weapon

    Battle standard bearer
    griffon standard, full plate

    lvl 2 battle wizard lore of life
    dispel x2

    30 halberdiers
    full command, banner of valour, shields

    19 swordsmen
    full command

    10 handgunners
    full command, repeater handgun

    2 x 10 archers
    both units had marksmen

    20 flagellants
    prophet of doom

    8 knights of the inner circle
    banner of the demon slayer, full command

    great cannon

    5 pistoliers
    full command, repeater pistol

    helblaster volley gun

    (i dont know all of the magic items, and blessed spawings)
    olblood on carnosaur

    scar veteran

    14 saurus warriors
    full command (may have had a blessed spawning that goves them a +1 armor save)

    12 skinks
    brave, scouts

    chameleon skinks (around 8 or 10)

    12 skinks

    skink shaman lore of heavens

    3 slamanders

    3 bases of swarms

    3 kroxigor

    5 saurus cavalry.

    tower in the center. two woods about 2 feet away from each other on the left side. hill on the far back right, pool of water on a foot from my edge.

    - -------------------------------Hill-------------

    i dont remeber too well, but most of it was in the center. my two archers were on my left flank, one on my far left by the woods. haberdiers were behind the tower, swords, flags and knights were a. inch apart in the center about five inches from my knights (on the right of the center) were my handguns. behind the pool was my cannon and behind and looking in etween the gap of my flagellants ( center of my center) and my swords (left of my center). my cahracters were put in the wierdest parts. standard and general were both put in a unit of archers each. general on the far left one. warrior priest went with my swords. wizard with my gunners. and my pistoliers on the far right table edge.
    She had a basic deployment. saurus across my swords, skinks screening kroxigor across from my flagellants, saurus cavalry and oldblood across from my knights. skink scouts were put in the tower and and chameleons were scout deployed in the woods nearest me salamanders just left (from my view) of the tower. priest wnet in skink scout unit. he was the lore of heavens. scar vet. in the unit of saurus

    1st turn.
    to my oppenents dismay i declared that her oldblood would be the victim of the sword of fate. (targets a large target or character, any attacks from the army dirrected against it cause wound on a 2+ and cuase D3 wounds)
    i won first turn even with her plus one for finishing deployment first.
    i started off by moving my generals archers and the halberdiers towards the chameleon skinks, just because i hate skinks (very bad past experiences, those little chirping creatures are more annoying than a 30 man squig unit.) the B.S.B.'s unit of archers headed off towards the tower in order to wrest control of it from the skinks. the rest of my army was moved directly forward. except for my knights, artillery, and handgunners. my hand gunners moved to expand thier frontage. and the knights move half thier movement and then expanded thier fromtage. my cannon move from behind my handgunners to behind the pool. the pistoliers moved forward about 9 inches. because of the pool (difficult terrain)

    magic was uniteresting resulting in my Rain Lord being scrolled off from affect the skinks screening the kroxigor. and my priest failed to get his prayer (unbending righteousness) off.

    shooting was just as exciting as magic. my arhers managed to pick off one tower skink, even with a -3 to hit. my other arechers couldnt see the chameleons through the trees.
    there was no combat.

    my oppenent moved her entire battle line forward except for the tower skinks and the chameleons who moved towards my left and back, away from my halberds and my archers.
    uranons thenderbolt and forst sign of amul bot were dispelled by me.
    shooting was the death of my B.S.B and his squad. the fiesty tower skinks killed three. while the salamanders burned doen five more, causing that unit to panic and flee.
    the chameleons shot and killed two of the other archers in my generals unit.
    there was no combat.

    Turn Two
    charges by my knights and swords men were made. the swords failed to reach the saurus. but my knights hit the swarms. my flagelllants moved behind my knights to get to the carnasuar. my pistoliers moved towards and behind the carnosaur. my halberds turned to face the salamanders and my general left the archers to join the halberdiers.
    magic was agiain a waste, nothing went off, i cast what i did last time.
    shoot was interesting.my cannon shot a the carnasour and hit dead on and bounced into it. i wounded it and caused three wounds. my guns shot at the saurus cavlary, killing two they passed panic. my pistoliers shot and hit the carnasour and rider, two against the monster and four against the rider. failed to wound jeither. against the oldblood i needed anything but, and i rolled three ones. and she passed the other 5+ ward save.my helblaster shot 28 shots and killed 6 saurus warriors. they passed thier panic.
    combat was fun and very rewarding on my behalf. not only did i cause 7 wounds against the swarms, the combat res. saw them being stomped on and crumbling away the entire unit. because i charged i overran into bothe the saurs cavalry and the skinks. i still had all 8 knights.
    her turn didnt fare too well. she charged he carnosaur into my flagellants so as not to get shot. the kroxigor moved behind the saurus, who charged my swords. nothing else moved.
    magic went okay for her. she killed one of my halbediers with thunderbolt and that was it.
    shooting was decent. bothe skinks and salamanders slew around eleven halberdiers, but they were immune to panic. thankfully. chameleons poisined four of my archers, but they stood firm. even though only four remained.
    combat was not so friendly for her. my knights killed of six skinks and two surus cavalry, and both of those units failed to do anything but dent the armour of my knights. they overran both the skinks and the cavalry. between the swords and saurus. the surus only managed to kil three of my men. my warrior pirest using his great weapon smashed down two lizards. because of ranks and outnumbering i won combat. overrunning the saurus my swords hit the unit of kroxigor. the carnosaur manage to eat up five flagellants, after i martyered three of them. my champion managed to bring the monster down to one wound. she won combat but the flagellants are unbreakable and stayed.

    The Empire General looked across the battlefield. At the beginning he was worried that the absent of his shining example would mean panic among the center of the army. But, no they were doing fine. He also was filled with joy and pride and the prospect of the Knights Panther regiment proudly held aloft a lizardmen totem, deep within the enemys own territory. But noted with dismay the large lizard eating its way through the ranks of zealots, in the rear of his own army. Sigmar be with them, he prayed to himself. Then he turned to see salamanders spewing flames, right at him, already he could feel his armor heating up...

    Turn Three
    there was no movement except for the archers chaging the chameleons, who took a stand and shoot reaction, making the archers flee. i also had my haberdiers turn to face the slamaders.
    my mage had no targets for any of his spells, so nothing happened there. although my oppenent failed to dispel soulfire from my warrior preist i only caused one wound against the kroxigor unit.
    my hangunners turned to face the tower in the movement phase so could not shoot that turn. my helblaster fired at the salamanders but misfired and i rolled a 4, so could not shoot this turn. both archer units were now gone by this turn. my cannon shot 61" witha guess and roll over the heads of the chameleon skinks. my pistols moved in for the flanking charge position against the carnosaur.
    combat saw the swords and priest causing four wounds and suffering three against the kroxigor. the carnosaur ate only one flagellant and the oldblood dod virtually nothing this turn again. my flaggellants targeted the oldblood. only two hit and wounded (sword of fate dont forget) and caused an overall four wounds, killing the oldblood. the dino fled and the zealots pursued but failed to catch.
    her turn wasnt all to good, yet again. the only good thing was that the carnosaur passed its rally and monster reaction tests eith flying colors. with the salamanders and remaing skinks only killing off arounb seven more halberdiers.
    magic resulted in the skink failing both casting requirements for its spells.with the salamanders and remaing skinks only killing off arounb seven more halberdiers.
    combat saw around two kills againts the swords and three against the kroxigor, they broke fled and were caught.

    Turn Four.
    i charged the slamader hunting pack with my halberdiers. that was all for movement.
    magic i didnt bther with either.
    shooting saw my helblaster and handgunners missing every shot at the skinks in the tower. and my pistoliers shooting down the carnosaur until it was a pile of lizard meat filled with lead and powder.
    combat was interesting, i killed one salamnder and four skinks, seven wounds in total with halberds, my general also wouned another salamander. they broke fled and were caught.

    at this point my oppenent surrendered and i was merciful, all she had left were nine skinks and a hand full of chameleons, while i had lost only half of my swords, halberdiers, and only two units of measily archer.

    The General wiped off his bloody sword and then observed the battlefield. he could see a flood of red a white livery, and rarely any of the once plentiful shining scales of walking lizards. Startled, he looked up to hear a mighty roar. The General saw the great carnosaur collapse, and died, losing all will to fight. The skinks might have been the same in thinking, for they threw down thier weapons and fled. Indeed, a mighty victory for the proud warriors of Talabheim.

    Fourth turn surrunder by opponent (massacre)
    enemy general dead, mine survived. two captured banners. one B.S.B. off the table.

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    Nice report! I was almost expecting a Lizardmen win, as I was reading it, but after Turn 2, already I could see some problems on her side ;) Grats on the win!

    By the way, it seems that the Turn 4 is missing... or was it somehow incorporated in Turn 3? Not sure :)

    As well, I'm really not a fan of "not using any capital letters" (I know by now it'll be a pain to modify the text but... maybe for next time? Also, since I see you've only just started posting, I might even suggest writing your battle report in a word editor first (like Word, for example) since they have a good spell-checker, and it should even automatically puts capital letters at the beginning of your sentences ;) ) When you write such a big post, spell-checking it starts to be somewhat important, just in case, you know! ;) I never tested myself the spell-checker included on this website, but I'm sure it's good to use too.

    Oh and lastly, I liked your fluff story, but since it only really started after Turn 2, it actually surprised me somewhat! :D Maybe write a small introduction at first, to set up the fight as well?

    Thanks for the report!

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