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    1000pts VC vs Dwarves

    Hey guys,

    Here is my first battle report. hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed playing it, but I doubt you will...I had a great time!

    I played against my buddy, a long time Tomb King and Dwarf player. This was second game using the VC, but I don't really count the first one because I just stole some guys list off of the net and rushed everything. I had only really flicked through the book. (The fact that I disowned this match has nothing to do with the fact that I was slaughtered...hehe)

    Anyhow, my list was as follows:

    Manfred the Acolyte - Black Periapt
    Wight King - Sword of Kings, Gem of Blood, Mounted

    20 Skellies Full cmd - War Banner
    19 Skellies Full cmd - Manfred lives here
    16 Zombies
    5 Wolves
    5 Black Knights Full cmd - Banner of Hellish Vigor wight king here


    He ran two characters, a runesmith and a thane (?) Both had gromil armour and great weapons. (maybe some other stuff too, but it didn't get used)

    he had a block of 20 warriors, 10 thunderers, an Organ Gun and two cannons.

    It looked like a small list (personally I wouldn't run with 3 warmachines in 1000pts, but thats just my lizard/Vampire counts brain talking).


    Basically there were four bits of terrain all set 12inches from the centre point of the table, on the compass points. There was one hill in the middle of each of the deployment zones, a wood on the west (my left), and a mountain/ impassable terrain on the east (my right).


    From my left to right I had my unit of skellies, next unit with Mannfred, Zombies, wolves, black knights all in the open.

    Viewing from my side of the table, he set up from left to right, organ gun, big unit of warriors (with both thane and runesmith!) then the thunderers and behind them on the hill were the two remaining cannons.

    1st Turn

    VC - I got first turn and marched everything forward. Wolves stayed in line with the skellies, not wanted to get into short range of the thunderers. The black nights made a normal move up to the base of the mountain, hiding out of sight. No shooting (obviously) and magic phase was completely dispelled.

    Dwarves - He stayed put (no surprise) and opened fire. The organ gun smashed my mannfred skellie unit thanks to the damn free re-roll (a 2 rerolled into 10 hits!). The cannons both aimed at mannfred too, hitting their mark and taking out a few more skellies each. Thank goodness for "look out, sir!" is all I can say. The thunderers ripped into the same unit, reducing it to just 2 models (and mannfred).

    2nd turn

    VC - no charges yet. Got to hold til I get the knights in position. They march through the mountain ("they can't do that! Its a mountain, and they aren't within 6" of a vampire!") Yes, they can do that actually, thanks to insubstantial steeds and a banner of hellish vigor. This move definitely set up the beginning of the end. They wheeled slightly so that they would be able to charge the cannons next turn. Skellies, zombies and wolves moved up as well. Manfred swaps over to behind the zombie unit to get a more substantial meat shield. Try to repair skellies, but everything gets dispelled again.

    Dwarves - knowing the threat the Black knights offer, the warrior unit turns east to meet the threat, knowing that they will overrun through both cannons and into his flank if he doesnt. The organ gun misfires, one cannons shoot and kill a few zombies on the way to targetting mannfred who is trying to hide behind them (I forgot the cannons were on a hill! Mannfred actually gets hit by a cannonball, but he failed to wound on a 2+ (THANKS BE TO THE DICE GODS). Thunderers also shoot zombies.

    3rd Turn

    VC - I charge the cannon on the far eastern flank. Destroy them and overrun into the next cannon, which I kill in his turn, and overrun again to hit the warrior block in my next turn! But I'm getting ahead of myself. The wolves also charge (knowing they can't win, but hoping fear might do something, and at least the thunderers wont be able to see/shoot the rest of the army). The full strength skellie unit moves up next to the organ gun and the zombies close in on the thunderer unit too. I Vanhel the skellies into the organ gun, they kill 2! and overrun. Wolves don't get completely destroyed and hang in there for another round.

    Dwarves - Moves his warriors onto the hill to make it harder for the skellies to reach them once they are charged by the black knights. Other than that, wipes out the wolves, the second cannon crew dies and his warriors are overrun into by the knights. No magic or shooting anymore.

    4th Turn

    The skellies turn round ready to rear charge the warriors who are now in combat with the wight king and black knights. Mannfred and the Zombies charge the thunderers, win by alot and the thunderers are destroyed by running through the combat behind them. Now the big challenge. At the moment, my wight king isn't in combat because I didn't have the movement left to get a proper wheel going. So, to get this character killer into combat I declared a challenge. He was very confident of the challenge, and to be fair, the dice gods were definitely with me today. I got a killing blow on the charge in the first round, lopping the gromil covered dwarf's head off. The first killing blow I have ever had and it was amazing. Anyhow, the rest of the black knights broke the unit, I won CR by about 3 and they ran...right into the waiting skellie units. At this point we called it, as he had nothing left on the board.


    Overall it was a good game, but it definitely could have gone the other way. A few lucky rolls for me (killing blow, that vanhels dance, lucky survival against the cannon...) as well as the surprise of the black knights moving through the mountain cinched it for me. It ended up being a massacre, but kudos have to go to my bud, who took it well and really could have won if he had managed that 2+ cannon shot. Oh well. Thats warhammer for you!

    I had a great time. A victory for the Vampire Counts!

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    why is it that you always seem to fail super easy rolls or is it just me?
    We will remain, until the battle is won: BROTHERS OF METAL!!!!

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    wow nice battle report congrats on the win
    Skulls For The Skull Throne !

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    Nice report. Some things to mention though:

    -Zombie units are a minimum strength of 20 to begin with.

    -Even if that cannon wasn't on a hill, he can still target you. He does have to be ale see a target, but other than that, he just picks the line he's shooting in, and guesses range. I don't like it, but it's how it is. Next time, keep the other unit of Skels nearby, so he can hide in them. Look Out Sir! and terrain is the only real protection from cannons.

    Again, good win though. I always like to see a gun line squished!


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