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    UK WFB doubles grand tournament

    The reports are pretty brief but the games were all epic, if you were there and played two blokes called mike with a tiny VC/VC list then that was us!

    List: (a bit of a joke but designed to hit like a ton of bricks in turn 2!)

    vamp. dread knight, bsb, blood keep banner (4+ ward against missiles)

    vamp. dread knight, ghoulkin, blooddrinker (1 wound caused = 1 wound back for unit/vamp)

    vamp, inf hatred, avatar, talisman of lycni (9"move), book of arkan

    11 ghouls
    5 black knights, chump + std, barding, banner of double unit strength
    11 ghouls
    4 bloodknights, royal banner of strigoris (hatred)
    5 black knights, std, barding
    3 fell bats

    game 1 vs empre/VC

    they had 2 light wizards, vamp, two blocks of ghouls, corpse cart, steam tank, cannon.

    they went first and moved the stank round to the left of a piece of difficult terrain in the middle of the board fired off some shots did little damage. we countered by then moving the rest of our army round to the right to avoid the steam tank. Lycani vampire flew at the cleansing flair wizard who fled off the table leaving the vamp hidden in the terrain. there stank proceeded to eat a unit of ghouls before getting stuck in some zombies. our bats threatened a cannon forcing it to move into the wood and the black knights charged the ghouls with the vamp in killing it an winning us the game (its funny to watch 28 ghouls and a vamp turn into only 3 ghouls in the space of a single round of combat)

    win to us

    game 2 vs ogres/ogres

    they had 2 bruisers, butcher few bulls few belchers few iron guts.

    we dodged a bullet here massively. Our blood knights had to charge a unit of lead belchers, which fled, leaving it facing down for a charge from 4 iron guts a bruiser and a butcher, plus a second unit of 3 bulls in the flank - very good baiting play by them - thats us losing the game. ok, heres our magic phase - we manage to raise some zombies in front of the iron gut unit which stops them charging, plus van hells a unit of black knights into the bulls which beats them breaks them an runs them down plus into the baiting lead belchers who flee off the table. they opt not to charge the zombies as it would give us a flank on the iron guts with bloodkinghts. instead we charge the front. they challenge with bruiser we accept with a blood knight taking the butcher out of combat as he's no longer touching anyone, the knight dies after the bruiser makes 4 5+ ward saves, however wipe out the iron guts then run the unit off the table. game over

    win to us

    game 3 vs HE/HE

    he had dragon mage, 2 unit dragon princes, seaguard, block spears, 2 bolt throweres.

    he wiped out our army bar the bloodknights unit and a raised zombie unit sat in a wood on a objective. the nike vamp book of arkhan charged the dragon and fluffed his attacks on the mage, however did sneak a wound through which was fine as the mage miscast himself to death next turn. he then gave us his dragon to a bloodknight van hells charge on turn 5 (turns 4 an 5 he tried to breath on the blood knights - so both times all we had to do was roll higher than him on 2 dice) this earned us a unlikely draw.


    game 4 vs daemons/daemons

    the had big block daemonettes with 2 heralds, 3 juggers plus skulltaker, block bloodletters, 5xseekers

    The daemonette/2herald block used siren song to make some black knights charge it turn 1, killed them (they have ASF) then butched a ghoul unit down to one man - who took a herald an unit champ to the face next turn - 7 attacks - and lived, said ghoul then proceeded to double poison a herald to death before popping - massive result. daemonettes then proceeded to repeat on the other ghoul unit - only for us to have 2 ghouls left who with their 4 attacks double poisened the other herald!!! they baited our bloodknights with some furies so we'd overun into bloodletter then take juggers to the flank, again good play, again our magic saved us. the bats landed so if we failed to get the 8 or so we needed the letters couldn't charge us and the juggers would have to go threw them plus we raised a small unit of zombies in between juggers an bats. as it worked out we hit the bloodletters, juggers charged the zombies overan into bats where they are stuck bloodknights wiped out the bloodletters before mike could even finish rolling his dice. bloodknights later had to charge the flank of the jugger - on the skulltaker side which wasn't good (we stupidly took his challenge!) (he killing blowed one bloodknight to death 4 times, bloodknight got back up only to take another 2 killing blows!)

    very last player turn was ours and started with juggers and skulltaker locked in front to front combat round 3 agaisnt full bloodknight unit. we charged in the nike vamp and cast van hells on boodknights (ASF and hatred) proceeded to butcher the juggers pop skulltaker an give us a massacre


    game 5 vs HE/WE

    tree, 2x dryads, glade guard, WE noble, 2 HE wizards, big block of swordmasters.

    they played very well. baited the knights with a wizard countered with wood elf noble (helm of the hunt) in block sword masters plus treeman, tree was out of charge however swordmasters did enough to win it all by themsleves with some fantastic dice rolling.


    game 6 vs dwarf/dwarf

    then had a gunline, 3 bolt throwers, cannon, organ gun, 4 units of ccrossbowmen, 2 units warriors with thanes.

    basically we sat everything back hiding out of range of the organ gun. they shot down a couple of ghouls and bloodknights but we innvocated them back to life. meanwhile the two units of black knights outflanked the dwarfs through some buildings an killed 2 boltthrowers plus 3 units of crossbowmen. we were going last so in our last turn we broke ranks and used van halls danse to charge the bloodknights into a warrior block destroying it.


    game 7 vs VC/empire

    manfred on horror, vamp, black knights, mortar, stank, empipre knights with warrior priest, outriders.

    the game lived on three moments.

    1. they allowed our black knights to charge theres plus vamp (who was general) we butched them - never good for a vamp player losing your general

    2. they charged manfred on his abyssal terror into the flank of the bloodknights, may have taken us 3 turns but manfred an the terror died for the loss of nothing on our side.

    3. we book of arkan'd some black knights into the flank of the empire knights - they rolled a double 1 to dispell and then in the second round of comabt they cast soulfire which we dispelled plus dispelled unbreakable on the unit an we ran them down. overruning into the stank stopping it from charging the bloodknights to aid manfred.

    win to us

    some good if lucky results, but i like to feel we made our own luck. even with that last book double 1, we had chucked the book out virtually every turn of every game so was bound to happen to someone later, and as it proved - it can win you the game.

    and we finished a very pleasing 7th place - Fortune favours the brave!

    Arms are an instrument of evil, No measure for thoughtful men until there fail all other choice but sad acceptance of it.
    Sun-Tse : The art of war

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    7th place, nice job! Sorry I missed the report until now...
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    Excellent Report! We went to the same event with a VC list. We finished mid table but we'd started well early on beating the Skulltaker list you guys played. Ironically it was a Grave Guard killing blowing him that won it for us.

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