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    Two small beginner matches

    So me and my friends finally grinded out enough cash to really start building our fantasy armies and played a few 500 point games.

    First up was Dark Elves (Me) vs Skaven (Wyatt)

    Dark Elves:
    lvl 2 Sorc*

    20 Warriors

    10 RxB Warriors

    10 RxB Warriors

    5 Dark Riders
    Mus, RxB

    Warlock Eng.

    Weeping Blade

    25 Clan Rats

    25 Clan Rats
    Rattling Gun


    Skaven Top, Dark Elves bottom

    ----------------Clan Rats-Rattlinggun--------Clan Rats*----Warlock
    -------------------------------------- WAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL-
    -------RxB Men---Warrior Block*------RxB Men
    -Dark Riders

    Dark Elves won first turn but let skaven go first.

    Early Game:
    Left most clan rats advanced towards the warrior block with sorc in it and other clan rats climbed over the wall. Warp lighting fried 5 of the Right RxB men first turn (ow) whom fled and rallied next turn.

    The Dark Riders zoomed to the flank of the left clan rats, hiding from the rattling gun. Concentrated fire from Rxbs whittled down the left clanrats and my sorc (fire) miscast first turn and took a wound.

    Mounting climax:
    The Dark riders ran to the rear of the clan rats and killed the rattlinggun which misfired last turn. and the warriors set up for a frontal charge on the left clan rats. All darkelf magic and shooting was ineffective.

    The Skaven clan rats turned to face the dark riders at their rear and the other clan rats charged the 5 remaining RxB warrriors on the right. They stood and shot taking down 4 but not enough to panic them. The clanrats then won combat and broke the rxb warriors whom got away.

    The Dark Riders and Warrior block combo charged the pin-cushioned clan rats and decimated them. they broke and were run down.

    Coming to an end:
    The warrior block turned around and moved toward the other clan rats. The remaining rxb warriors pelted the clan rats, killing 6, and the sorc added a fiery blast killing 10! They REFUSED to panic and held firm.

    The warlock zapped 3 dark riders and they in return charged him, though they whiffed their attacks and were beat by the warlock and FLED. though they got away. To end the game my rxb men unleashed a black rain of death on the warlock, which FINALLY panicked the last clan rats now that they were down to 3 models.

    A Solid Victory for Dark Elves

    Round 2: High Elves(Allen) vs Skaven(Wyatt)

    Warlock Eng

    20 Slaves
    20 Slaves
    25 Clan Rats
    25 Clan Rats
    Warpfire Thrower WFT

    High Elves:
    vl2 Archmage, Steed

    10 Bowmen
    10 Spearmen

    12 Shadow Warriors

    Deployment: Skaven bottom High Elves top

    -----Warriors----Shadow Warriors---Mage-----Bows on Hill---------
    ----Clan Rats--Warlock--Slaves----Clan Rats*-WFT--Slaves

    Early Game: High Elves go first
    Warriors shuffle and Mage advances some, everything is out of range for the first few turns

    Skaven march up

    Building Climax:
    The High Elf bows and shadow warriors unload on the right side clan rats going for a General kill, the mage gets of fury of pheonix fires? I think thats the name, all models take a str 3 hit (then 4, then 5). Even after all this the skaven stand firm.

    The warlock doesnt do much at all this game execpt pick off a few spearmen
    The left clan rats charge the spears who hold but are out of range, the right clan rats flee before they get to the bowmen but the right most slaves charge the bowmen and the left slaves charge the shadow warriors.

    Both high elf units are overwhelmed and both flee off the board. this panics the lvl2 mage whom flees just next to the edge.

    The mage Rallies and burns the crap out of the left clan rats who then flee instead of charging the warriors and then burn to death in the next turn. the slaves march right up to the sorc b/c he knew he was out of range.

    Oh yeah, the warpfire thrower misses all game and then blows himself up in the 5th turn.

    Having only 1 turn left untill the slaves overrun the mage he burns them too (he had really good rolls for magic this game). Killing 16!!!!!!!!!!! Slaves and they flee.

    On the 6th turn the General unit of clan rats rallies and the warlock tries to zap the mage but fails too.

    The Mage uses fist of Khaine in return and pummels him to death, ending the game.

    Minor Victory for High Elves

    I hope you liked my battle reports, I wasn't originally planning on making reports for them so no pics or anything. I hope it was easy enough to understand.

    Untill next time, C ya!

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    HAhaha what a come back for the high elves, burning rats and slaves all over the shop. Great Reports, be sure to post some other ones when you're done

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