2v2 2000pts DE/Skaven vs Lizard/HE - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2v2 2000pts DE/Skaven vs Lizard/HE

    So after a bit of building me and my friends decided to gather all of our models and do an epic 2v2 2000 on 2000 point action. Not very large but we just started so. >.>

    Dark Elves (Me)
    lvl 2 Sorc*
    lvl 2 Sorc
    Dark Steed

    3x 10 Warriors
    RxB, Shields

    5 Corsairs (lol)

    5 Dark Riders
    RxB, Mus

    14 Witch Elves


    Skaven (Wyatt)
    Warlock Eng.
    Chieftain BSB*

    3x 25 Slaves

    2x 25 Clanrats
    Rattling gun, FC

    25 Clanrats

    Warp Lightning Cannon

    High Elves (Allen)
    lvl 2 Mage pimped out with stuff

    2x 12 Bowmen

    12 Shadow Warriors

    15 Sword Masters

    15 Spearelves

    Lizardmen (Dan)
    Sarus Lord, no idea what he had

    2x 10 Sarus Warriors
    FC, shields, spears

    50(YEAH) Skinks

    30 Special Skinks, chameleon?

    needless to say he had ALOT of skirmishers whom were hard as crap to hit.

    The setup:
    High Elves and Lizard on top, Skaven and Dark Elves on bottom

    --------SarusLord------skinks Skinks skinks-------Bowmen all on hill-
    DarkRiders-Hydra-------Sorc-----RxBMen*--- A-RxBMen-----------------
    -Witchelves-------------------------Corsairs--- L----------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------- L-Skinks--Slaves--Warlock

    Ok. so needless to say, he managed to get some chameleon skinks behind our line, our fault but w/e. We set up the slaves and corsairs to take care of them.

    Oh and before I start I will mention a few units. This was on a 4v4 table and all of the units were so crammed together that many of them didn't see combat. This is the list for each side.

    None (bastards)

    Witch Elves, 2x10 rxbmen squads (not even a single SHOT), Hydra, Dark Riders.
    2 Clan rat squads, 1 slave squad

    Ice Breaker:
    Order (lizard/HE) Went first and all of the lizardmen stormed foward, whilst the high elves stood their ground, holding the hill. Some bowmen shooting took down 2 RxB men and the scouting skinks took down 4 slaves. The high elf magic also saw 14 slave rats burned from phoenix fire as well as 4 death clanrats from fury of khaine(Once again he rolls SO well for magic ).

    The Destruction responded by charging and breaking the back skinks but failing to catch them. Though this was the least of the order's worries. The Destruction side decided to hold the line whilst sending out some baiting slave rats. Shooting saw 2 high elf archers die and the skaven warp lightning cannon did an uber shot. We aimed it through a mob of skinks and at the lizard general, the result was a dead general and 4 dead skinks. Magic was in the favor of destruction this turn as the Dark elves both succeeded their Power of Darkness spells, giving them a surplus of 2 extra power dice. this gave them a total of 8 power dice to their name. With this I chillwinded a 25 man squad of skinks, killing 2 and preventing shooting next turn (woohoo). Black Horroring a HUGE mob of skinks (sarus not in los) killing 6. Then blasting the High elf mage with 2 fireballs from my mounted sorc (fireball and wall of fire) blowing the crap out of him and scoring us 300 victory points as well as ridding their only mage(Huzzah).

    Mounting Climax:
    Order kept storming foward with their skinks and sarus. though losing impetus from the sight of their general getting vaporized by a green shot of warpstone lightning. The rest of the 30 skinks fired at the large hydra to try and poison the beast but only managed 1 wound after regeneration. High elf archers continued to whittle the rxb warriors down to 2 men who refused to run as the skaven BSB was nearby. The warplightning cannon misfired and shot at full strength right into the flank of my 5 corsairs but rolled 5 1s to wound! LUCKY DAY!

    The slaves then charged the skinks, who fled. The hydra charged the big skink squad who stood and shot. The slaves on the right side marched up to the hill. So now that the high elf mage was dead, we had total control of the magic phase. I chillwinded 4 shadow warriors, black horrored the sarus warriors and 12 of them were caught in the pit of death! then i double fireballed 6 skinks and a rattling gun tore apart 10 more skinks. After all of this death EVERY lizard man unit fled pretty much max speed, some of them off the board. Needless to say this was pretty much the ending point of the game.

    Just for kicks the high elf sword masters and spearelves marched up to the oncoming tide of rats. The swordmasters charged some slaves who held (just for fun, we could have fled and flank charged them next turn). The spear elves recieved a charge by the General Clan rat unit with a slave unit in the flank. The spears were obliterated by a mass of fur and claws. The swordmasters broke the slaves only to be zapped by a 9+ Warp lightning from the waiting warlock. frying them all to a delightful crisp. Looks like elf is on the menu for tonight.

    Complete MASSACRE for Destruction.

    I hope you enjoyed this battle report as much as I enjoyed playing it!

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    Wow, that's a twist on the films. The good guys got slaughtered! Nice one! The WLC on the lizard general was nice, that things gotta be MVP Well played and nicely reported, keep it up!

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