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    Fantasy Battle UK GT heat 2 report. Warning - very long post.

    My first Grand tournament heat, I ended up 78th, but mainly because of a string of bad dice (game four) and a horrible list (game six).
    My list -

    Vampire lord,
    Dread knight, summon creatures of the night, forbidden lore, dread knight, infinite hatred.
    Balefire spike, Walachs hauberk, black periat, dispell scroll.

    Vampire BSB
    Walking death infinite hatred
    Flayed hauberk, sword of might, talisman of the lycani.

    Dark acolyte, summon ghouls
    Power stone, helm of commandment

    Wight king, skeletal steed
    Sword of kings, nightshroud.

    20 zombies
    10 ghouls
    15 ghouls
    6 dire wolves

    4 fell bats
    5 black knights champion, standard, royal banner of strigos
    5 black knights, barding, champion, standard, war banner
    5 black knights, barding, champion, stander, double unit strength banner

    Game one Versus Deamons of chaos, table quarters mission.
    My opponent was a really nice guy, with a mono-khorne list that was very scary looking - Bloodthirster, three big blocks of bloodletters, two lots of fleshhounds and some juggernauts, plus two units of furies for scoring table quarters.

    The game was ebb and flow but I managed to manauver so that I got the charges I wanted and didn't have to fight the blood thirster too much, I managed to kill all the hounds with my knights and all two units of blood letters with the black knights and ghouls with the helm of commandment affecting them. I won the game due to a fifth turn wind of undeath, which killed a fury in each unit, and one of the five bloodlettes left in another unit, leaving my opponent with only the juggernaughts to score with. I then claimed a quarter with my raised bats, one with a unit of black knights and one with a unit of ghouls.
    Result win by four to nil

    Game two versus high elves, objectives mission.
    My opponent was again a friendly guy, from a large team who came down from sheffield, He was using Teclis, a level one scroll caddy, a battle standard with the battle banner in nine dragon princes, an eagle, three lion chariots and two spearmen blocks.

    The game was again very much about manuavering. I tried to set up for a combo charge on the dragon princes with two units of black knights and the wight king, and looked for a charge on the chariots with my lords unit of knights. he put the three chariots together and used the eagle to screen the princes. I then lost the game by putting my lord out to charge the single chariot protecting the teclis spear block on his own. My thinking was that if I get the charge I'm strength 7 and I can knock the chariot in one hit then overrun into teclis and kill him. which should break the spearmen (only one rank no standard) off the battlefied and I win the game from there. The chariot fled the charge, and ran over five spearmen. The prices rolled a six to win by enought to kill the zombies they were engaged with and I was in deep trouble. My lord was then charged by two chariots, and teclis removed his armour with an irrisistable vauls unmaking.
    My lord got killed by the chariots, but only just - damn shame! with him dead all i could do was crowd around my objectives and try to salvage a draw by killing the dragon prince unit. I put the black knights into the front and the wight king into the rear. I rolled badly and did virtually nothing and lost two knights. They crumbled from combat res. The princes then moved over the the one of my objective that I couldnt hold and sat near it. In an attempt for a last turn draw I moved forwards and went for raise new zombies on three dice, failing it and losing the game.
    Result - loss by five to one

    Game three versus wood elves, table quarters again.
    A team mate of my last opponant this time, and another really nice guy. His list was somewhat hampered by the lack of a free wood, although the board did have two for him to use. The list was a drycha list, with three other branchwraiths, three units of dryads, two wildriders, and two treemen.
    This game was horrible for my opponent, most of my army ignores his ward saves, and he had some really rough luck too. I et up with my wight king's unit in the wood on my side of the board, a large zombie block over the other side, my lord near the middle and my battle standard in some knights on the zombie flank. He started with three units of dryads and elected to summon the rest from the woods. The dryads with drycha teleported into my wight kings wood, and the others ran forward towards my BSB's unit and into a building. He tried to treesing the wight king to death but my dice and scroll held out. In my turn I turned the king to face the dryads on his own and moved the knights out of the wood. I put my BSB on the hill on his own facing some dryads. Everyone else just moved into positions to either claim a quarter without woods in or to threaten the woods. I managed to irrisistable the wight king into the dryads using vanhals danse macabre and challenged, he accepted with a branchwraith (annoyance of netlings) but a couple of sixs on the to hit roll and two fives on the wound roll meant I won combat by three. He passed his break test but I knew he was in trouble there. In his turn he produced a treeman who turned up near my lord and one unit of wild riders, who he placed on my wight's flank. The dryads also charged my BSB. In the magic phase he charged the wight king with a movement spell which I let go. In combat my wight king challenged again but he declined. I moved drycha to the rear and caused two wounds on the wild riders, which meant I drew combat. The BSB proceeded to kill three dryads and take no wounds - winning combat by four and chasing the dryads down with his 3d6 movement. My turn was moving units around a bit and lining up some magic. I started summoning ghouls and zombies just to bulk the units out a bit, and had a charge against the treeman with a unit of black knights. The knights failed against the treeman and died. The wight killed one wild rider this round, but still drew combat as he had reduced them to US4! In his next turn another treeman turned up, behind the wight king this time, but the other riders failed. In combat the king killed three dryads and won combat by two, this time braking the dryads with drycha in, the wild riders passed though and I was stuck looking at a rear treeman charge. My turn was spend moving away from the treeman threatening my lord and trying to claim as much table space as I could. In combat I killed the wild riders but then couldn't oveerrun to avoid the treeman. In his turn the treeman came and squished the wight but drycha failed to rally and the game was up. The remaining turns were just spent moving guys around.
    Result - win 7 to 0

    Game four was against wood elves again, and this time objective markers.
    Another nice guys for an opponent, in a team with his brother and a few other chaps, tough looking list, A treeman ancient, a spellsinger, a branchwraith, a treeman, two units of glade guard, three units of dryads, four treekin and five wardancers.
    In essence the game was going awesome for me in the first two turns, I charged the treekin with black knights and BSB and broke them over two rounds of combat, I charged some dryads with the wight kings units and wiped them out them overran off the board to avoid a counter, it was looking rosy apart from the two treemen who I couldn't scratch and that were heading for my lord. In the end I cast flaming sword of Rhuin on him and launched the unit at the treeman ancient who was standing in front with the other treeman behind. He challenged and I accepted with my lord, I lost the dice roll to see if annoyence of netlings or flaming sword won and I hit on sixes, I rolled my five dice and not one. I re-rolled them for hatred and didn't get one either. The treeman did one wound and passed his test. In the following round of combat I rolled one six followed by a one to wound, and he killed me. My army started to crumble and I was in a lot of trouble - but I had killed one lot of dryads, one lot of glade guard and the treekin so he only had a unit of dryads in each of two quarters and wardancers in one. I could still win, with some last turn raise the dead. So I tried a gaze of Nagash to kill the glade riders and pulled it off. Game on i thought! I lost a unit of knights, my dogs and bats to crumble. I then got a three dice go for gaze of nagash on the dryads to claim back a table quarter and start drawing the game with nothing he could do about it. Double one. Miscast table - Double one. Game losing dice.
    Result - Loss by four points to three

    Game five versus wood elves (three in a row!) and kill points as the mission.
    Another really friendly face, and a very different list - A wardancer highborn, a wardancer noble and two spell singers. Three units of glade guard, two of dryads, and three big units of wardancers (eleven in each!)he set up a strong center and skirmishers on each flank. I put knights on the flanks and blocks down the middle. The battle was decided by dice in several places. I charged a unit of wardancers with black knights and the BSB on one flank, and tried to charge glade guard with my lord on the other - The glade guard fled and I was looking at wardancers into my lords side of the unit and dryads into my champions side. Looking bad. On the other flank he held my charge and counter charged with his general into my units flank. I challenged with my BSB and the wardancer lord only did one wound. I managed to get one back on him and my knights lost combat by two, but only one knight died so I had three and the BSB left. I counter charged the original unit with the wight kings unit at this point and started to do some wounds. My casting vampire healed the first unit of knights but the highborn killed the BSB. I won combat but both units held on. He countered with dryads to my flank and I somehow won combat at that point causing his lords unit to break and run, along with the dryads, however I was stuck on five wardancers from the original unit and couldn't persue. Eventually I killed them, and the dryads fled the table. The combat with my lord's black knights was shorter - I challenged with my lord an he declined so I put the champion at the back - Nine killing blow attacks at my lord and not a single hit. On the other flank the dryads did one wound which I saved. My champion killed one and my lord killed four. Both units broke, the dryads fleeing the board and the wardancers hitting my zombies. This was pretty well the end of the game, and A win to me by 9 kill points to 1.

    Game six versus deamons of chaos and objectives as mission.
    My last game of the weekend was against Pete Foley from the design studio, his deamon list had kairos fateweaver, the blue scribes and a tzeech herald, three blocks of 10 horrors, five flesh hounds two units of five flamers and three units of fives furies. Essentially He sat his five flamers in a building and five more in front of the building. Three blocks of horrors to go down one flank and fifteen furies just flying around. Pete rolled really good dice in addition to using two special characters and proceeded to magic missile my army to death if I left it in open sight. I managed to kill a unit of horrors with my wight kings unit and a tzeech herald with the wight king but he passed millions of ward saves to keep the horrors alive and kill the king with combat resolution. In the last turn I had only my vampire lord, twenty zombies in a building and my casting vampire with ghoul unit alive. I charged the flamers who wounded my lord (he had taken one form shooting earlier.) with their stand and shoot. He did four wounds but they passed a ward save and the two attacks back killed him. In the end there was nothing I could have done any better. Just that his list was so much more (too much?) competitive than mine.
    Result - loss five points to one.

    My final position was 78th however I feel pretty aggreived that I should finish so low when two of my losses where inflicted by special characters, one of them by a double special character list. The special characters, were in addition the most powerful wizards in the game, and it goes to highlight that Warhammer is at the moment dominated by the magic phase. In the end I am sort of questioning whether or not I want to go to a tournament where my skill at playing can be totally negated by using a special crutch in order to win.
    Well done anyone who did get through, special mention must go to the two guys who qualified using the hordes of chaos white dwarf list, and to my friend Jonny who got through with ogre kingdoms in 15th place.
    Well done to anyone who manages to get through this monstrous post as well!

    Arms are an instrument of evil, No measure for thoughtful men until there fail all other choice but sad acceptance of it.
    Sun-Tse : The art of war

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    Nice post. What's with all the elves? I count you fighting 3 wood elves, high elves and two daemon lists. So much for variety. Is that a fairly standard list of opponents for a grand tournament? I hope not...

    Seems like despite your ranking, you had a good time. Played against some friendly people... think you'll be back next time around?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starshowerblade View Post
    My final position was 78th however I feel pretty aggreived that I should finish so low when two of my losses where inflicted by special characters, one of them by a double special character list. The special characters, were in addition the most powerful wizards in the game, and it goes to highlight that Warhammer is at the moment dominated by the magic phase. In the end I am sort of questioning whether or not I want to go to a tournament where my skill at playing can be totally negated by using a special crutch in order to win.
    I don't understand this line of thinking. Why should someone have to dumb down their army in a competitive tournament setting?

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