Templar Chronicles: Part 1 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Templar Chronicles: Part 1

    Hey everyone. There is currently a tournament being held at my store and to we are at the first stage of the tournament. This will be the first of 3 battles in this part and many more will continue as we progress.this is my first attempt so I hope u enjoy it.

    #1 The Begining:
    The golden rays of the ending day casted shadows across the corpse of a burning village as Eraden's patrol creasted the hill. Disgust and piety was visible across the faces of the men around him as they began to move through the ruin that once was Illerin, a town famous for its crops and recruitment of soldiers, now one that would be forgotton as time moved at its steady pace. The corpses of men, women and children where scrattered all over place, many disfigured, many others unreconizable as they where cut down in there attempt to escape. 'This makes the third village in less then a week." Gareth muttered, the standard of his lord gripped tightly in his armored gauntlet as he glanced around the burnt buildings and pitiful corpses of the peasents. Looking over at his commander, he could see no sign of what he was thinking. Though young to be in command, Eraden had proven his worth in the fight when there home was assulted by a horde of chaos warriors, leading the desperate counter-charge himself that cut through the chaos horde with the fury of Giles and the Lady, and besting the chaos lord in single combat to win the day despite being near Morrs embrace. Even though it was a great victory, the battle had cost them dearly, with most of the knights dead, as well as Eradens father and older brother, who where cut down as they killed a spawn of chaos . Thus Eraden became the new lord, and as soon as he recovered, began to root out all pockets of resistience that threatened his kingdom and swore a mighty oath to the lady, to not rest until his lands where clean of all threats to his people. So far he had been true to his word, and soon all who threatened his lands where defeated save one, who they have been tracking the past 2 weeks but where slowly closing the gap. Gareth cleared his throat loudly and began to speak, but Eraden held up his hand for silence, and the small force came to a halt as they waited on there lords word. Glancing calmly over to Gareth, he said "Ready the men for battle" he said as he looked back down the ruined street, "they are here." Before Gareth could ask, a blood chilling warcry echoed across the town square. 'WAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

    *Sir Eraden de Defendere :
    -w/Barded Warhorse. Lance, Shield

    *Sir Gareth de Verenta(BS
    -w/Barded Warhorse, HW, Standard

    -w/Full Command



    *(8x)Skirmishing Bowmen

    Total:500 points

    *Orc Horde:
    *Goblin Big Boss:
    -w/gw, light armor, shield, hw

    -w/lvl. 2, magic mushroom. scroll

    *(19x)Night Goblins (w/boss)
    -w/standard, musician, spears, shields

    *(19x)Night Goblins
    -w/standard, musician, spears, shields

    *(20x)Night Goblins
    -w/standard, musician, spears, shields

    *Wolf Chariot

    Total:499 points

    Eraden whirled his steed about and began shouting orders as the goblin horde came in to view. Jibbering and shouting the goblins formed into ranks if you could call it that and began shouting jeers and insults to the bretonnians direction. They where ugly creatures and each wore a black robes and all carried spears and shields, with the yellow wolf crest for Big Boss Stompa Guets, the one who has caused so much grief among his people for the past week. Snarling and snapping at one another, a chariot pulled by wolves came into view and set up on the right flank of the formation, and in the middle, Eraden spotted the big boss himself in the middle of a formation, with a wild, capering goblin with feathers nailed into his head in the near by, and Eraden cursed as he sinced sorcery. Riding to the formation of knights with Gareth, Eraden raised his lance and shouted "Brothers today we fight for those slain by this cursed greenskins and our vengence will be sated. For the Lady, For Bretonnia!!!"

    Turns #1-#2
    As Eraden and his men knelt and prayed for the ladys blessing, the goblin horde began to surge forward. The chariot ran full pelt towards one of the M@A formations as one of the goblin units w/ the shaman ran up the middle of the street. The others where having a little problem. "I telzs u the thats my spearz!", "no its mize maggot breath" "Shutz up u idiots, we haze to kill them humies!" Stompa was shouting as he began laying his sword out at the speakers, which then turned into a huge brawl. The other unit then turned away from the bretonnians and then decided to join in and soon the brawl became even more confusing and deadly. Meanwhile, the shaman began to shout and caper as he bagan to cast a spell, and then stuffed his magic mushruum in his mouth for power. Howerver, it proved to be fatal as he began to swell and as the others around him began to panic, there was an explosion as the shaman was blow to piecies, killing two others in the process. Eraden gave a shout and the bretonnia forces moved forwards, while the bowmen got ready to fire. "Steady lads, lets give them a taste of of arrows!" Shouted Obeon as he saw the chariot approching. "Fire" he bellowed and 8 bow twanged and to his amazment, the chariot went limp as the wolves fell, pieced by arrows, and the goblins manning it went flying through the air, only to be crushed as they hit the gorund. "thats the spirit lads" Obeon yelled as the bowmen around him cheared.

    Turns #3-#4
    "Stupid gitzs we needs ta fight them humies" Stompa shouted as he punched another one in the face, but was then struck from behind by the banner carrier. "u gonna pay for Grenchick" he shouted in fury as he tackled him to the ground and began biting him while the rest crowded around and began to chant with excitment.

    Be Right Back!!!!!

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