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    Fun, DE vs. LM Fight.

    Hello, thank you for reading this since this will be my first ever battle report. This is about a great battle I had with someone at GW Oakridge. Since I am reporting this battle mostly by memory please excuse if some of the numbers or math may be off. Guess you guys and gals want to read this for the action so I will try to start already.

    Last week I played him using a heavy magic and skink army. For the sake of good sportsmanship we decided to use mostly close combat, limited range and magic for this army...also I wanted to try out a carnosaur on the field for the first time.

    My list was a scared host sotek army

    1. 1 Oldblood with light armour, Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, the Maiming Shield, Band Head. Has Sacred Spawnings of Itzl, Sotek, and Quetzl. And don't forget that carnosaur.
    2. 2 Skink Priest, both level 2s,mark of sotek, and one has the diadem of Power.
    3. 3 units of 15 saurus warriors, full command, 2 of the units had spears, and all had the mark of sotek.
    4. 25 skink skirmish mob with the mark of sotek.
    5. 3 kroxigors with an ancient.
    6. 5 saurus cavalry unit with full command and war banner.
    7. 2 salamander hunting packs to cap it off.
    And the stinking Dark Elves list I believe went something like this.
    1. Malekith, on his cute little black dragon.
    2. A master as the BSB with the Hydra banner and on a cold one
    3. A unit of 20 Dark Elf warriors, full command.
    4. 20 corsairs, full commnd, plus the magic banner Sea Serpent standard.
    5. 5 dark riders, full command, and repeater crossbows.
    6. 15 black guards, full command but has Kouran instead of a normal tower master.
    7. 7 (I think) Cold one Knights, full command, with the Hag Graef banner (I hate it...)
    Ok I will tell how we set up quickly then get to the fun part! From left to right my army was salamander packs, saurus unit with hand weapons and shield, saurus cavalry, another unit of suarus, the mob of skinks in front of the kroxigors, the last unit of saurus, and lastly the Coldblood on his hungry buddy. The Skink priest were on their own behind the salamander packs and Saurus cavalry. The Dark Elves deployment was from my left to right. The dark Riders, corsairs, black guards, warriors, cold one knights with the BSB master, and then Malekith. Most of our units were lined up in front of each other.

    OK, now we could start on the more fun stuff! I won the roll off despite him finishing first but gave starting off first to him and it goes.

    !st, DE
    For the most part boring. He moved all his units up a few inches. Malekith was able to hit my right most saurus unit with several spells losing about 6 or seven but no panic.

    1st, LM
    I moved up as well, marched the skinks pretty much right to the noes of the cold ones knights. The salamander pack hosed down the dark riders, burning them all in one shot.

    2nd, DE
    Ok here were a rumble in the jungle started. His cold ones charged my skinks and Malekith Charged the Oldblood. The skinks were mostly bait and prompt them to flee....which they did for a mighty 3 inches. Guess they didn't want to live much but placed the cold ones knights right in front of my kroxigors and a flank charge by the damaged saurus unit in my turn. Malekith, scared of the Oldblood, tries to cast word of pain onto him but miscast! Both the dragon and the carnosaur takes a wound by the out of control magic. The dragon, decided that he was going to show the lord of the jungle who's boss, rips into him doing 4 wounds that finishes off the might beast. Malekith swings at the Oldblood but could get through the toughness and armour of the Oldblood nor destoy an magic item. The Oldblood, pissed by losing his pet, decides to punish the owner of the dragon. Swings 8 times and doing 3 wounds, the strength of the Oldblood going through the armour, and slays the witch king! After the deed done he looks at the dragon, decides that he had enough, and runs from the big scary dragon of shadows ...which chase and catches him for it next meal.

    Both general dead and second turn not even done!

    2nd, LM
    The Kroxigors and and the right most saurus warriors, angered by the use of cold one mounts, charges the knights. The middle saurus unit went into the unit of DE warriors. The saurus cavalry also went into the elite of the Dark elves. Since this was a scared host of Sotek, the priest got lore of beasts. One of the priest had hunt of the wolves, and was able to get the left unit of saurus into the corsairs. Saurus vs. corsairs, saurus 5 corsairs 1, cosairs loses frenzy but stays. Saurus cavalry vs. black guards, saurus 5, kouran 3, black guards won combat but saurus was able to held. Saurus unit middle vs. DE Warriors, 5 seemed the theme of the turn for the saurus and the champion of the warriors got 2, lizards won but DE held. Thanks to the bloody hag graef banner, dark elves got to go first. The BSB was not able to get into combat this round since too knights pushed him out but I'll help with this in a moment. The knights were able to give the kroxigors 4 wounds total, dropping a krox but not without dropping 3 of the knights afterwards. The sauruses wiffed. The knights won but the lizards didn't mind.

    3rd, DE
    Since everything but the dragon that munched the oldblood was in combat it flew and tried to have a BBQ skink priest. While he wasn't happy, he takes a wound and lives. Combat! Saurus vs. corsairs, corsairs tries to give some payback only gets one, saurus on the other hand still gets 4 of them which ends up braking them. They flee, saurus follow but it was cold I guess and they got away. Same story pretty much with saurus vs. DE warriors. Black guard gives the cavalry saurus a new one, only the champion left and he failed the toughness check for swinging at kouran. The one dude runs from the Black Guard and gets away. The Knights and BSB dose 2 wounds to the kroxs. Killing another one but the saurus was able to bring down a knight. I won that combat, they stayed though.

    3rd, LM
    Silly me, forgot to charge the saurus into the fleeing units but oh well....didn't forgot to spit onto the black guard with the salamanders but only got 2 this time. The skink that got burnt was able to spear the dragon with a hunter's spear for a wound. The knights with their bloody strike first rule and the BSB just did a wound the the krox ancient. No knights comes down but no one flee from that fight.

    4th, DE
    The corsairs rallied but the warriors flee like 3 more inches. The dragon guess he like saurus and charges the saurus that should have been chasing the DE warriors off the battlefield in the rear. It kills 4 sauruses and no attacks back but they hold for now. Cold one knights and BSB put a wound on the krox ancient and kill an saurus. Both the big and the somewhat big lizards couldn't at the moment for their lives... But still nobuddy flees.

    4th LM
    To try to hurry this up, saurus on the left charges the corsair and kills a bunch but they stay. Hosed the Black Guard again for only one, phewy. Cold one knights, the one krox, and the saurus were still fighting. The kroxigor ancient took 4 wounds but were able to save 3 of them, leaving him with one left! The saurus there were able to pull down the champion leaving only the BSB and the stadard bearer.

    5th, DE Everything but the Black guard in combat, tries to charge the salamanders but after seeing what kouran could do decided to flee. Saurus and corsairs continue fighting but with fewer corsairs. The dragon kills a bunch of saurus, breaks them, and slays them all. The BSB and the Cold one knight banner finally kills the kroxigor ancient but right after the saurus were to pull down the last of the cold one knights leaving only the BSB master to deal with the 7 strong saurus unit.

    5th Lm
    The saurus were able to finaly break the corsairs but they were also able to catches them. It was exciting because until then nothing of mine ran or pursure more then 5 inches. The salamander couldn't rally and was just a few inches from the board edge, if they down rally next turn they will be off. The saurus took a beating from the BSB master but was still about to get 3 possible wounds on him, he has a 2+ armour save but when the roll was made there were 2 ones showing. Down goes the banner of the army!

    All that happen in the 6th turn was the dragon flying over to breath fire on the left unit of saurus for little damge.

    It was a Great game. Many exciting parts going on that I tired expressing into these words. Since this is my first battle report, please be kind about spelling and gramar errors. The ending points showed he was like 20 points ahead but I was able to get 200 more bonus points for banners an conners. Hope you like this battle and good night.

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    Looks like fun. I'll have to finish reading it later.
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    I've always had a soft spot for lizzies, good job!

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    It was a draw, right? That part seemed a little unclear. and it was 2000 points? I can't really tell.

    I think the report was well-written and fun to read, but seriously, your opponenet took Malekith? Really? Wow. Well, it semed to work out for him.
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