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Thread: 'Ard DAWGS

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    'Ard DAWGS

    Justin - Demons of Slaneesh
    Peter - Tomb Kings
    Andy - High Elves
    Paul - Tomb Kings
    David - Empire
    Brett - Dark Elves
    David - Wood Elves
    Donnie - Wood Elves
    Greg - Host/Dwarfs

    Game 1
    vs. David C.'s Empire army.

    David took two or three cannon, two thunderous Steam Tanks, one Helblaster, two Arch Lectors, one of them astride a glimmering War Alter, the other leading an uber unit of inner circle knights. Had two units of spearmen with detachments, one unit of outriders, a unit of crossbowmen, and some smaller knight units. With them was a wizard and some priests.

    I had a weaver, a highborn with the eternal guard, a singer, a branchwraith, a BSB, and a noble on an eagle. A large block of eternal guard, my usual three archer units, a minimal scout unit, glade riders, wild riders, two units of wardancers, two units of dryads, an eagle, some warhawk riders, and two treemen.

    This was a tough matchup for me. I was able to select the table, so I picked one with the most woods. He chose the more open side but still faced a table clogged with terrain. It was then that I wish I'd taken the moonstone of hidden ways.

    The scenario was magic flux, and it would affect us both. He had a more powerful magic phase, but I could afford to let several of the bound spells go as I wasn't engaging any of those units anytime soon.

    As for my magic phase, the bound spells from the treemen helped a lot. I would squeeze him with the trees, but his steam tanks were surprisingly mobile at 12" a turn. Other times they'd move 9 and let loose with a blast of steam. He torched quite a few of the eternal guard, who'd castled up to the right of the battlefield, the treemen guarding their western flank. I'd eventually get a a couple of wounds on it but at great cost.

    My dice rolled poorly. He had some bad dice, too, which kept the game from being even more of a drubbing, but it still hurt throughout. Some poor leadership tests really hurt. I was able to push the Wild Riders through his gunners' hill. Despite what seemed like heavy losses, I kept my major point investments alive, and the casulties that piled up were low cost units.

    David had me by about 350 points, normally a draw, but in 'Ard Dawgs there are no draws! David claimed the victory, and neither of us earned battle points.

    The game went slowly with all the movement and magic on both sides, and we got through 3, maybe 4, rounds.

    Game 2
    vs. Brett's Dark Elves

    Brett had two units of Black Guard, one with a BSB, and the other with a Dreadlord. The BSB's unit had the strike first banner, and the Dreadlord had the assassin. He also had some dark riders, maybe four units of harpies, a large unit of warriors housing both the lvl 4 and lvl 2 sorceresses. Two hydra deployed within inches of each other to the west. Two RBTs hid on the hills, and a unit of crossbowmen boldly deployed in a forest. A unit of witch elves was to the east.

    The terrain was again favorable to me. Several treestands and hills dotted the battlefield, but even so, those RBTs would cause some serious problems for my Treemen. With no armor save, I have a 33% shot with the ward save to avoid both doom and destruction.

    The scenario was vengeance: for battle points, keep your most expensive model alive and kill his. I got his as the lvl 4 destroyed herself, and failed to get my weaver.

    His lvl 4 witch would follow up a miscast with a roll of snake eyes on the table and be sucked into the void. I hightailed it for the unit of warriors while the two treemen would move to block the two black guard units. Before getting there, one would take 5 wounds. It'd take a short-lived revenge against the flank of one of the BSB's unit. His Dreadlord soon would hit it, chop it down to size, and overrun into the other treemen.

    A unit of dryads would come to the support of the treemen and force a break test or two on the Dreadlord's bodyguard unit.

    I took the Beast Cowers, which was critical in killing one of the hydras. His other hydra would repel my wild riders, a unit of wardancers, and a unit of dryads.

    His harpies went down rather easily, and his shades made the mistake of charging my wild riders in the rear.

    My eternal guard would take a whipping at the hand of his black guard but hold their ground as time ran out.

    The clock expired after four turns, and I had a victory, one that would have been a draw in normal gaming parameters. If the game had continued, my EG unit would have been in big trouble, though the other treeman was still going strong with the dryads.

    I'm slowly learning to play against DE armies more, though I think Dave N runs a nastier army build. I should've away from the combat with the BG units, letting my treemen instead shoot away at them further reducing their numbers before engaging. Negating DE shooting can be critical as they can pump out so many shots, at a good BS mind you, with a minimum number of models. Black Guard don't stand up to shooting well, either, I've learned.

    I'd earn two battle points, and Brett earned 1 or 2.

    Game 3
    vs. Andy Hannah's Dwarfs. Andy had done an excellent job earlier in the day, defeating both of his Tomb King opponents and their dice piled like stones upon the pyramids.

    He had a dragon rider, one small and two large units of dragon princes, a large unit of white lions, a large unit of phoenix guard, three units of archers, three rbts, only two wizards, both lvl 2, 2 princes, a bsb, and another noble somewhere.

    I was again allowed to pick a table and chose another heavily forested one with hills. This would help a lot, and I'd play this one much more smartly than I did the game against Empire.

    This battle's play and outcome was influenced a great deal by the scenario. Andy rolled for a random piece of terrain (there were 6 pieces on the table) and rolled for the large lake feature. I was probably fourteen inches long and averaged 4.5 to 5 inches wide. It caused terror, damaged ItP units, and forced break tests if you went inside it. Furthermore, it went dead in the middle of the board. We rolled a scatter die to determine its facing, and it cut across the battlefield from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock.

    The haunted lake would split the battlefield like a bolt of lightning. Both of us would deploy away from it so that we essentially were playing on two battlefields. To the east, he'd deploy his beefier units of cavalry and infantry. I tried to keep him guessing about what units I'd deploy where, saving my eternal guard and treemen for last.

    I countered his eastern units with the HoDA noble, a unit of wardancers, a small unit of scouts that would survive the whole game and pester him throughout, 10 glade guard.

    To the west, his dragon, the small unit of cavalry, an eagle, an rbt, and a unit of archers, the last settling into a house.

    The poncy archer unit in the cottage would survive the match sipping tea between their shooting phases, suffering only two injuries thanks to a sole round of stunningingly good shooting dice from the glade riders.

    I would eventually get the other archer units and his eagles. I'd drop all 3 rbts one way or another. The warhawks did well, and the glade guard stuck around long enough to help.

    As for magic, I actually outclassed an opponent for once! I was amazed. He managed to dispel all the critical spells, but I did get one big one through.

    My eternal guard and two treemen would deploy far west, determined to avoid his big cavalry and infantry units. The EG set up left of a tree in that quarter while the two treemen were to the left of the EG.

    Inside that large tree stand, I'd bank three units: both dryad and one wardancer unit. Both of my wizards would settle in there as well. In all, it was a terrific point sink. The treemen and wizards would surf them around for a while, preserving their points, and avoiding shooting.

    The weaver kept trying to cast the beast cowers on the dragon but didn't succeed until the top of turn 4. Meanwhile, one very lucky treeman had survived the dragon assault with the help of the second treeman, but not before the dragon had spooked my unit of eternal guard on an 11, whirling them off in a panick through the trees and several intervening units. They'd end up rallying and holding their points, but the botched roll elicited profanity of the most profane sort from me.

    That irresistable force beast cowers proved critical as his dragon had managed to wound one treeman most egregiously. The other treeman would even the score and force a break test on the dragon. The dragon rider tested at leadership 9 and failed, running 11"! It landed 1" beyond the house where the archers were sniping. The dragon had avoided destruction by a hair. After beast cowers kept it from charging on turn 4, I was assured a victory, and my record went to 2 wins and 1 loss.

    I had 2 table quarters and had played my smartest game, though it was a big mistake in many ways.

    The aforementioned mistake was not considering the implications of the tournament's victory conditions.

    Overall winner went to the player with the most victory points. General went to the player with the most battle points (scenario-specific objectives). Sportsman was sportsman.

    There were no tourney points being earned for victories, draws, losses, etc. And looking back, I can see why. Winning at that point level is difficult. Two of my games technically were draws. Only my last game was a minor victory.

    A couple of players had blowout victories: Peter with his Tomb Kings and Justin's demons.

    Peter would win best general, sneaking in objectives with his undead army. Justin brought some serious Tzeentch and Slaneesh units but found that his special character sucked wind in combat. Even so, he managed to garner some obnoxious amount of victory points, guaranteeing himself a victory.

    I played conservatively for the most part, looking to edge out victories as I couldn't muster the sheer killing power of some armies, but what I needed were victory points to compete with the winners.

    Still, I felt good getting 2 wins and 1 loss at a 3,500 point tournament. If we'd used traditional scoring, I'd be at 2 draws and 1 win, still pretty good against some tough armies.

    Luckily, though, I didn't have to face either of those Tomb King armies, nor the Daemon army. I counted myself lucky for that.

    Overall, it was a fun day. The place got hot and crowded as the day progressed. Somebody nearby smelled like tuna two days old, while I contributed a round of bad gas.

    I didn't win anything, but I had a fun day battling with a fun group of games at what looks like a nice new venue.

    As for suggestions, I would make the point level lower, like 3,000. It'd speed things up, in all phases of the game. Finishing rounds was difficult for all of us. I'd rethink the final scoring system as it favors massacres over minor victorys, but then again, it is 'Ard DAWGS. Either play with the big dogs, or get off the porch

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    Ooh. That's a mean Empire list. I'm glad you did so well, I would've probably just rolled over at the sight of it.

    Have any pictures?

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    Yeah, we want to see pictures of you... er... I mean your army!

    Great reports. Well detailed, and I learned a thing or two from them.
    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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