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    So, two days ago I drove to the local shop and participated in my first tournament ever! I have been playing the game for the past 9 years, but I never actually tried a competetive game other than several campaigns. So I drove up, took my newest army, and got paired up to play.

    I don't know much about tournament formats, I'm kinda new to this, but it was 1,999pts (so no lords) and we played 3 games. I don't know what kind of system they used to pair us, I think it was just a basic a ladder-type set up. The initial pairings were random though.

    Here's the Vampire Counts list (my FIRST TOURNAMENT! 1850pts) that I was using.

    My first game was a total massacre. Sadly, it was MY guys being slaughtered. I was paired against a friendly army of Savage Orks. They had a banner that generated Dispell Dice based on ranks, which shut down my magic phase (no rezzing guys), and they all had frenzy (immune to my fear), and they RAVAGED me in combat. Can't really fight them off. Hence the massacre.

    Game two saw me at the lowest possible table against an empire player. We had a scenario this time- kill some characters in challenges. His army was MASSIVE, and he was really new to the game. I used me wraiths to shut down his shooting, and rezzed whoever he did gun down, and then rose zombies right infront of his guns and kept them there. Once the lines closed, my Gravegaurd started manhandling one of his units, but i was too scared to challenge out the hero with my BSB. And against his general, I had my Skellies and Hero fighting, and the combat was stagmating because that unit, and it's detachments, were made immune to fear by an item. That's where it gets hazy. I play empire and i don't think it works quite like that...
    The game ran down until the last second, and came out to Minor Victory in my favor (i almost had an SV, which in hindsight would have changed my overall standing, but we were worn out mentally and screwed up calculating VPs)

    The final game was similar to a 40K mission. There were 3 objectives evenly spaced along the center-line of the field. You had to have a unit with US5+ within 3" to capture them. I got the wild-card army in this game, and played Beastmen. Yay!
    By the end of turn 2 I was completely surrounded, and hadn't done much moving. I was scared of his army, even though he was friendly and explained everything very thoroughly. The game was still very close, as my GraveGaurd and CairnWraiths refused to die, even after he broke through and killed my general. I would have forced a draw or maybe even a minor victory if it was based on VPs alone, but try as I might I couldn't get to the objectives in time. My CCvampire (i messed up deploying and had him in the 20man skelly unit) was hacking away like a madman and actually nearly won me the game. My GG took casualties for the first time and ended with just the BSB and the unit standard left alive, but with the enemy war-banner in tow.

    When results were read, I placed 6th out of 8, as expected. However, we discovered that the organiser had made a typo, and wrote the game against the Empire player as a Minor Victory in his favor. The empire player was cool about it, and actually pointed this out to me, so we got the paper corrected and i placed in 5th, and was only a few points away from taking 4th. Finishing in the middle of the field (8 players total), on my first try was good enough for me. I think I'm going to start playing more tournaments, I made alot of friends and had a chance to play some very challenging games.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    Great work mate! I have never been to a tournament before and that sounds great! Its nice that the Empire player was a good sportsman.
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    Congratulations and damn nice work for your first competitive tournament!
    I've only recently really thought about doing more competitive stuff since usually I just don't like the atmosphere at those events. I've been playing escalating matchups from measly 200 points into regular 600 point events.

    Again, great job, sounds like a fun bunch of fights! =D

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