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    high elves verse B knights

    Dear gamers
    This is my second post to this website. My daughter Jenee is playing the High Elves. Because she is only eight I have to help her therefore forgive the write up. Please note no points nor explanations. This was a throw most of our figures on the board and go for it.

    high elves
    Archers 10 with no upgrades except leather armour
    3 bolt throwers
    great eagle
    7 sword masters
    7 sword masters
    7 sword masters
    18 spearman full command
    18 spearman full command with lion standard
    15 white lions will full command and banner of sorcery
    lion chariot
    Dragon Mage of Caledor upgraded to level two
    Seerstaff of Saphery
    Mage upgraded to level two
    silverwand and ring of fury
    Grim and his griffon

    Bretonnias list

    The King
    3 peg knights every thing has full command
    1. 8 grail knights with a lord, silver lance, virtue of sloicism and
    ruby goblet.
    2, 8 knights of the realm with paladin; lance of artois, virtue of joust,
    gauntlet of the dual.
    3. 8 knights of the realm paladin; BSB, valorous standard,virtue
    of heroism and banner of chalons.
    4. 8 knights of the realm, paladin; wyrmlance, armour of agilulf and
    Virtue of audacity.
    5. 8 errant knights with 2nd lvl damsel with 2 dispell scrolls.

    As this was a practice game we used no terrain. Trees being primed and painted had nothing to do with it. Jenee won the die roll off and selected the center hill side. The Bretonnias have the smaller army and finished first. I needed the plus one as Jenee rolled a four, I rolled a 4.

    spear archers WL spearman SM Grim Drag WE LC
    2nd SM Teclis

    4 3 2 1 5 KL PK

    Teclis chose lore of metal
    dragon mage 2 and 3 on fire lore
    Grim 3 and 4 from lore of heavens
    mage 2,3 and 5 from HE lore

    Once again my daughter did not deploy up to her limit. I try and I try but what is a dad to do. Therefore this time I had deployed to my limit.

    knights turn 1 prayed

    HE turn 1 most infantry moved four or five inches forward. Wareagle went out in front on the knights right. Grim and the dragon kind of came out behind eagle. Magic Teclis missed and then did 6,6,1 with spell 5 on block 4, armour gone. Then he did another IF with spell 6 on same unit killing 5' Dragonmage armed himself with the flaming sword. Grim got spell off on block 4 killing 2 more. Dragon mage got flames off but the first dispell was used. Block 4 passed their panic tests.
    One RBT fired at block 4 finishing it off except for the paladin. Two RBTs went into unit three killing 3. Archers got another one and the BSB was worth it as that unit nearly ran.

    Knights 2 The writing is on the wall but grimly I charged block 5 into the wareagle. It ran, not enought to leave the board but enough not to be caught. KL charge the dragon.
    Movement saw the PK screening Grim. Blocks 2,3 and 4 moved 10 inches toward the HE getting closer together. After all the dragon was at the other end of the board and tie up in close combat. KL challenged the the dragon mage who promptly hit three times, did 3 wounds and saw the King save them all. Did not even need the useless regen save. When the King hit back he killed the mage. Dragon failed leadership therefore he could not attack, did not break and rolled a 5 on beast reaction.

    HE turn 2 wareagle rallies. Grim charged the PK. They fled losing blessing but rolling 13 the escaped.
    Lion chariot moved off left of the swordmasters and everyone else remained in place.
    Teclis failed this first cast and got one on two which was dispelled by die. He failed again to get 6 off on two and Grim joined him. Mage got curse of arrow attraction off on 3. Then flames on 2 which was dispelled with the remaining scroll.
    RBTs openned up on three, surprised killing 4 and doing one wound on BSB. Archers did two hits on BSB but did not do any wounds.
    Dragon takes three wounds, passes leadership test but does no damage. Dragon stayed.

    Knights turn 3 Block 5 charges wareagle who has to stay this time. PK rally, unit 2 and 3 charge spearman.
    Grail knights move towards the leftmost swordmasters.
    Wareagle is killed along with the dragon. Block 2 and 3 issue challenges killing the mage and the champion. Spearman killed 3 knights on unit 2 but were hit pretty hard in return. HE broke and were caught.

    HE turn 3 Grim charged the Grail knights in the flank.
    The HE flank moved to deal with the grail knights. ON the right side every one was reforming to deal with those rampaging knights.
    Teclis killed the BSB and killed a knight in unit 2.
    RBTs and archers finished off the remain rampaging knights on the HE right flank.
    Grim kills three, I should have issued challenge. Grail knights break and were caught. Normally I would sue for slaughter but my daughter deserves this victory.

    Knights turn 4 PK rallies and unit 5 comes back on board. KL charges flank of the lion chariot. When all is said and done the lion chariot dies.

    Jenee susjest that I surrender. I of course refuse. What would I be teaching her no matter how bad this was.

    HE turn 4
    The HE army moves to the left getting ready to finish the knights off. Teclis takes care of the PK or flying donkeys as my daughter calls them.

    Knights turn 5. KL charges the swordmasters. Block 5 marches towards another group of swordmasters. Sword masters manage to wound the mount twice, four are killed in return but they stay.

    HE turn 5. Grim charges the King's flank.
    Army moves up.
    Teclis cast lead with IF on king. Could not see anyone else.
    Two RBTs on unit 5 the errant knights killing one.
    Grim challenges the King managing to do one hit. Sword masters fail leadership and are unable to attack. The King and mount kill Grim and the HE break. King chases down the griffon and the swordmasters escape.

    Knights turn 6. Hey from the bottom of the pit things are looking up but not for long. Errant knights charge swordmasters losing 3 and killing one in return. Knights stay. King reforms.

    HE turn 6 Teclis kills mount and does another wound on the King. Swordmasters kill 2 knights but lose another. Knights lose CR by two, broke and run but were caught.

    I am having problems with getting the initial deployments to line up. I just joined the new age an got a phone with a build in camera. Now I will have to figure out how to get those pictures from the phone on to this site. Well first I wil have to figure out how to get the pictures into the computer.

    Both of us welcome any and all comments, suggestions or advice which anyone is willing to give. Please understand again that there where no points or heroes limitations on this but just a father and a daughters spending time together.
    Jenee really likes playing the flyers against each other. Of course she wins these contest because I just can not catch the dragon with only the king and three flying donkeys.

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    Not too sure what comments & all you're looking for, if we're not to mention that the lists are kinda odd/illegal... but I did notice a few things that seemed wrong:

    I needed the plus one as Jenee rolled a four, I rolled a 4.
    knights turn 1 prayed
    Brets either choose to pray or do not choose to pray immediately after deployment. If you choose to pray, you do not roll to go first, you instead automatically give your opponent the choice to go first or not. You don't actually pray during a real game turn. If you do decide to roll for the first turn, you give up your chance to get the blessing - even if you lose the roll off. Of course, you can pray and your opponent can then give you first turn afterwards giving you blessing + first turn, but that's uncommon.

    The only way to get the blessing while rolling for first turn is a magic item or two for characters, grail knights always start with it regardless of if you pray or not, and lastly is to take the Fae Enchantress. Otherwise, rolling for first turn = no blessing.

    After all of that is determined, you then have a normal first turn.

    Archers got another one and the BSB was worth it as that unit nearly ran.
    BSB only allows you to reroll break checks, not panic checks... not unless it's a magic banner that has special rules allowing you to do so, anyway (which Brets don't have).

    Sword masters manage to wound the mount twice, four are killed in return but they stay.
    Just curious if these guys rolled insane courage (double 1's)... as King Leoncour's (or however you spell it) griff causes terror and swordsmasters aren't immune to psych. If they lost combat, they would have been outnumbered since Leo+griff = US5 and they started at 7 models down to 3, which means they'd be outnumbered by a fear causer (or would have just fled from the charge if they failed their terror check).

    Grim challenges the King managing to do one hit. Sword masters fail leadership and are unable to attack.
    If the King was in a challenge, swordmasters wouldn't get to swing even if they passed a test (and speaking of, what is the test - is it a special rule for King Leoncour? Can't remember his special rules)... People in a challenge, after all, cannot be attacked by people outside of a challenge.

    King reforms.
    The King's griff is a flyer/monster and does not need to reform. When flying, it can move up to XX inches in any fashion as long as it doesn't land in some terrain features, ending up facing any way it wants. If it cannot fly for some reason (affected by a spell or what not), it moves as a monster, which get free turns throughout its move as long as it's not charging.

    Anyway, it's cool that you're doing the family thing with WH. I can't even imagine my father playing the game.. :p

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