So I was playing my Warriors against my friend's lizardmen today, and let's just start off by saying, I'm new to Warhammer and this was only the second 2250 battle I've ever played.

My Turn 1. I finished deploying first and won the die roll, so i decided to go first since his stegadon was deployed around the six inch range of the 12 in his deployment zone. All my units advanced a little bit up. I have a magic heavy army and my friends are cool with special characters, so in my magic phase i've got villitch, a tzeentch sorcerer, and a nurgle sorcerer. The nurgle sorcerer took out the temple guard champion with buboes. The tzeentch sorcerer took out a few sarus warriors. Villitch tried casting Infernal Gateway with five dice, and miscast. My tzeentch sorcerer had the infernal puppet so he modified villitch's roll into casting with irresistable force, i did five strength nine hits on the temple guard. I pulled one of his dispell scrolls casting pandemonium. My hellcannon targeted the slaan and temple guard in my shooting phase, but the artillery dice moved it into a unit of sarus warriors. No close combat.

His Turn 1. His units advanced, nothing to write home about. In his magic phase he got of Portent of Far on his slaan/temple guard. He didn't get anything else off because of his poor rolling and me converting his failure into my dispell dice. He killed one chaos warrior with his salamanders, but he killed three skinks with a misfire.

My Turn 2. I declared a charge on sarus warriors with my warhounds to give my frenzied chaos knights a line of sight to the temple guard unit. Charged the temple guard with my knights. Still no problems from my hellcannon's leadership checks. Another awesome magic phase for me, I flickering fire of tzeentch-ed the stegadon and got three wounds on that monstrosity. I got pandemonium off this time. Hellcannon missed in the shooting phase. Since the temple guard champ was dead i had no challenges to issue. My knights did four wounds and the temple guard didn't do any back. I won combat and they're unbreakable so we stayed put.

His Turn 2. He charged his stegadon into the front of my knights that were hanging off the edge of the temple guard (i have an exalted hero plus five knights in the front rank). He moved his terradons so they could drop rocks on those frenzied marauder horsemen. In his magic phase he didn't cast anything with being afraid of rolling doubles and my dispell dice. His salamanders missed my warriors of chaos and misfired again (not a good game dicewise for my buddy). Knights suffered a wound from the impact hits but none from the actual stegadon or temple guard, a few more temple guard died.

My Turn 3. I move some, no charges this turn. I set my marauder horsemen up to charge the salamanders next turn. In the magic phase I take out a bunch of sarus with flickering fire of tzeentch. I got a lot dispelled this turn, it was my worst magic phase of the game. My hellcannon missed again.. *sigh* I took out some more temple guard in close combat, nothing aginst the stegadon and no wounds back.

His Turn 3. He charged his hero on a carnosaur into my marauder horsemen and swooped over them with his terradons who until this point had been march-blockers and not much else. He forgot to declare a charge with his sarus into my knight's flank which was fine by me. Now comes the beginning of the end. His slaan miscast, and redirected the miscast to villitch with his slaan-ness. The infernal puppet modifed it to the 5-6 result that doesn't count. His slaan miscast again and this time I modifed it so I got to cast a spell, I went with flickering fire of tzeentch into his stegadon and ended up doing three wounds to it, of which it only had one left. At this point he conceded the game to me, as i out-magiced and out-strenghted him. I felt a little bad for him because he dice were just cruel, but had a good time playing.