2000 points, O&G vs DE - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 points, O&G vs DE and Lizardmen

    Hello everybody, today I had an epic battle with DE / Vince, and my brother which has no account here yet.
    And here is the battle report:

    My army list (O&G):
    19* Orc boyz (big 'un)
    1 Rock lobber
    20 Night Goblins
    3 Fanatics
    1 Gorbad Ironclaw
    2 Orc Warboss
    10 Black Orc
    2 Orc Shamans

    Army list of DE / Vince:
    10 Black arc corsairs
    18 Black guard
    5 Witch elves
    5 Shades
    1 War hydra + beastmaster
    1 Supreme sorceress on black dragon
    1 Shadowblade

    Army of my brother <Lizardmen>
    1 Ancient Scar - Leader Kroq - Qar
    8 Saurus Cavalry
    24 Skinks
    1 Kroxigor
    1 Stegadon

    Turn 1 <Lizardmen>
    Skinks starts shooting poison darts at Black Orcs, killing 2.
    Saurus Cavalry (Cold ones) pass their stupidy test and move forward.
    So does the Stegadon, hiding behind a tree.

    Turn 1 <O&G>
    No unit has Animosity.
    Instead, my Night Goblin mob rolls a 6. "We'll show em!" and move forward, having the opportunity to unleash their Fanatics.
    Fanatics starts spinning, killing 5 Corsairs.
    Corsairs do not pass their Leadership Test and flee into another Fanatic, the Corsairs quickly found themselves in their graves.
    Black Orcs declare a charge at the Skinks, the Skinks decide to stand and fight.

    Turn 1 <DE>
    Shadowblade strikes, and kills all crew members of the lobba...
    Supreme Sorceress attemps to kill my Fanatic, but has a Miscast. (Which didn't result in an explosion or stuff )
    The Shades take out another Fanatic.
    Black Guard moves forward.

    Turn 2 <Lizardmen>
    The Stegadon draws his Giant Bow unleashing a shot skevering a head of the War Hydra, and 3 Night Goblins.
    The Saurus Cavalry charges forward at the Black Orcs, which lost the half of their Orcs, thanks to the poison darts.

    Turn 2 <O&G>
    Orc Warboss attemps to kill Shadowblade, but misses all attacks... then gets slaughtered by Shadowblade...
    Fanatic goes crazy, and spins into the Night Goblins mob and Orc Warboss.
    The Orc Warboss is saved by his ward save. (TY magic items)
    5 Night Goblins die by their own Fanatic...
    The other Fanatic ploughs trough the War Hydra, inflicting 4 wounds, which 2 we're regenerated.
    Shaman attemps to cast Bash 'em Ladz! but has miscast... He has stupidy and Frenzy for the rest of the game.

    Turn 2 <DE>
    Shadowblade challenges unit of Orc Boyz, with Gorbad as their leader.
    I accept, (which was a horrible mistake) and that resulted in inflicting only 1 wound on Shadowblade, 1 dead boar and 1 dead Orc General...
    The Orc Boyz flee, watching their general die, but Shadowblade couldn't chase them, because he was facing the other way.
    The other ones move forward.

    Turn 3 <Lizardmen>
    The army pulls back.

    Turn 3 <O&G>
    I didn't do anything, the DE were too far away, so were the Lizardmen.
    My second Fanatic ploughs once again trough my own troops, killing 4 Night Goblins.
    The third Fanatic was also going to plough trough the Night Goblins, but died by double movement. (Yay!)

    Turn 3 <DE>
    Shadowblade charges the Orc Shaman, but he chose to flee.
    Orc Shaman fled succesfully, but couldn't help getting stabbed by the throwing knives of Shadowblade (OMG i hate that guy!)
    The other ones, still move forward.

    Turn 4 <Lizardmen>
    My bro does nothing, and watches how we (well... DE / Vince) owns.

    Turn 4 <O&G>
    My Fanatic finally does something good, and slays Shadowblade. WOOOHOOOO!!!
    Unit of Night Goblins fails Animosity -.- there goes my chance to shoot those Witch Elves.

    Turn 4 <DE>
    The supreme Sorceress casts Bladewind, and kills 5 Night Goblins.
    The Witch Elves charge the Night Goblins, killing 9 of them.
    The Goblins tried to counter, but made no victims...
    The other ones still move forward.

    Turn 5 <Lizardmen>
    Nope, nothing interesting 'ere.

    Turn 5 <O&G>
    My Orc Boyz charges the Black Guard, but didn't kill anyone, the Black Guard counters, and kills a massive amount of Orcs, these flee, and are being overrun by DE troops.
    Finally, my Fanatic takes out those Witch Elves,(Frenzy, charge the most near enemy ) there's only 1 left now.

    Turn 5 <DE>
    All of the troops now storm on the Black Orcs.
    The Black Dragon takes out 4.
    The Black Orcs take out the last Witch Elf, and then they all get killed by the Shades.

    Well, i learned a few today.
    1) Witch Elves are NICE in close combat.
    2) Never underestimate Shadowblade.
    3) Challenge's are good for NOTHING.

    Well, hope you guys enjoyed it! Bye!

    Last edited by Big Basha; February 28th, 2009 at 00:06. Reason: It wasn't done yet.

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