Had a great game with a friend at my local gaming store, here is a copy of the report posted on our gaming website.
WARNING long read ! hope you guys like it , and comments are always welcomed!

"Yesterday 03/11/09 a titanic clash of apocalyptic proportions took place, the Lizardmen forces of Lord Kermit the II clashed with the massed chariot army of Tomb King Flail to the face.
Mat and I had an AWSONE game yesterday...well, we had 1 game and like a turn of another one, 2250 points of death and destruction.

The forces !
Tomb Kings
Tomb king Flail to the Face -chariot, flail of skulls, chariot of fire, collar of shapesh
Tomb prince -chariot, spear of antar'shak
LP/hiero- heriatic jar, cloak of dunes
LP- skeletal horse, 2x dispell scrolls
3 chariots, banner of the undying legion
3 chariots, banner
3 chariots
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
4 carrion
4 Ushabti
2x Bone Giants

Lord Kermit the II - 4+ ward save, some other things
Priest - engine of the broken Gods, dispell scrolls
Saurus scar vet- charm of the jaguar warrior (ahole) 2 handed weapon
Temple guards- full comnd, (16?)
Suarus warriors - full command ( 18?)
3 terradons
2 razordons
3x 12 skinks...?
Stegadon with the giant blowpipes

First game was the fastest game in Warhamer history, i went first did my manuevers, then he went and lord kermit levitate over his Temple guard (TG) unit and blasted my Hierophant with a spell that we had to roll off to see if it kept going and he casted with irresistible force...6 horribel rolls on my part later and my Hiero took 30+ hits on round one and died..called the game at that point...lol.

SECOND game went MUCH ..MUCH better.
Deployment Lizards: TG went between the 2 stegs, saurus warriors on the left flank, next to the blowpipe steg, terradons behind a forest on his side, unit of skinks in forest, unit of skinks on the left flank, razordons on the right flank, nother unit of skinks with the razordons.
Deployment TKs - one scorp on the left flank facing the razordons, unit of chariots on the far right flank with the other scorp, TK chariot unit in the middle next to a small forest on my side, prince chariot unit to the right of the TK unit, bone giant to the left, other bone giant on the other side of the forest with the Ushabti. Hiero in the woods, LP on horse behind a bone giant

Round one - lizards
some shuffling foward of units, magic sees one Bone giant take 3 wounds.
Round one - TKs
move my units arround gettign ready for charge next turn, tomb prince unit slides to the side gettign ready to magically charge sauruces on the flank, everything else moves foward.
Magic- tried to heal giant, no go, urgency on prince unit to move them more to the side.

Round 2- lizards
razordons move foward to flank the scorp with skink support, skinks on left flank move foward to look at my prince chariots, saurus and blowpipe steg move up a little.
Magic puts 2 wounds on a Ushabti, and another on the giant, stopped evrything else, the scar vet uses the charm to cast steed of shadows and charges the wounded giant i fail to dispell it..
Shooting sees my scorp go down to 1 wound, chariot on prince unit takes a poison wound
Hand to hand - the scar vet does the 2 wounds needed on the giant, kills it and overruns on the LP behind it ( AHOLE!! )

Round 2 - TKs
Giant declares charge on the Engine, king declares charge on the saurus, left flank scorp charges skinks, prince charges skinks, carrion charges Scar vet on the LP, Ushabti charges same skinks as scorp. Skinks facing scorp and ushabti run, skinks vs prince run, saurus hold. Giant fails charge (to long?)
Magic - cast urgency on unengage chariot unit and it charges the scar vet on the flank, prince casts urgency on his unit and it charges the sauruses on the flank, Hiero urgencies bone giant into the Engine.
Shooting - meh
Hand to hand - scar vet rapes the LP i fail to do any wounds on return he wins by one.
King unit smashes the sauruces killing like 5-6, prince kills couple more, sauruces do like 2-3 wounds back they need snake eyes and run, king overruns and kills them and smashes into blowpipe steg, prince cant go far cause king blocks his way.
Bone giant totally chokes - 2 attacks on priest, 2 on crew , one on steg. fail to hit the priest, wounded 2 skinks and the steg, redirect unstopable assault on the priest and only hit and wound once ( rolled four 2s!!) the crew and steg put 2 wounds on the giant, i loose by one but loose none cause of construct rule.

Round 3- lizards
evrything rallies cept left flank skinks. No charges, the TG are stuck between the 2 stegadons and cant go anywhere or turn much, the angle a bit to look at my king unit. Terradons fly over the King unit to the front of the ushabti and drop rocks on the engage king unit killing one chariot. The engine goes off ....Kills the bone giant, kills the right flank scorp, kills a chariot from TK unit..that thing got like 300+ points right there. Razordons shoot prince unit and kill a chariot but eat 3 handlers.
Magic- Scar vet uses charm to fly away from the pincer of my carrion and chariots, one chicken takes a wound from magic.
Hand to Hand - king wounds the steg but doesnt kill it, i win combat but the steg passes ld test.
Round 3- TKs
Prince unit charges blowpipe steg on the flank with the king, carrion charge the Engine. Right flank scorp turns arround to look at scar vet.Ushabti charge terradons who flee.
Magic- urgency ushabti into flank of the TG able to squeeze 2 ushabti in. king tries to smite himself and the unit but is stopped. banner of the undying legion stopped
Shooting- lone chariot unit shoots at the Razordons and kills a handler.
Hand to hand- king finishes off the Steg, prince unit overruns but cant hit the TG cause is blocked by the Ushabti.
Ushabti flail on the TG and kill like 4, Ushabti loose by 1 but take no wounds cause of construct.
Important fight here-carrion launch 4 attacks against the priest and kills him !! no more engine!!! The steg and crew do several wounds to the carrion, at the end..one crrion lives !!! with one wound! hah, stuck that steg there for a full round.

Turn 4- Lizards
Razordons charge chariot unit on the flank, terradons rally and move foward, skinks on left flank run off the board.
Magic - Slan blasts the kings unit, only king left, thing else gets through.
Shooting - meh
Hand to hand - Impact hits from prince unit kills few TG, the rest of the chariot unit kills like 1 more, Ushabti flail on the TG and kill a few, only 6-7 TG left, i win combat but they stay.
Turn 4 - TKs
King moves to the side to charge the Slann on the flank, scorp charges scar vet who flees.
Magic - king tries to urgency stopped twice, prince tries to smite and is stopped, Hiero tries to heal chariots and is short by like 1/2 inch.
Hand to hand - Ushabti flail on the Slann causing 2 wounds and kill some TG, prince kills one more. Only 3 left !
Razordons kill nother chariot, one wound left.

Turn 5- Lizardmen
Steg charges Ushabti on the side, scar vet rallies, terradons charge my Hiero.
Magic - Slann cant do much, stuck in hand to hand, casts faliming sword of ruin on himself
hand to hand - Steg RAPES the ushabti, 5 wounds from impact hits, the crew goes..and does 2 more wounds killing another one !!! Ushabti fail to do anything, prince and chariot choke, Slann does 2 more wounds ! TG kill like 1 1/2 chariots. I loose BIG and evryting crumbles to dust. Steg overruns a little bit
Terradons eat the Hiero..uh oh.
Crumbling kills nothing
Turn 5 - TKs.
No deaths from crumble!
King charges Slann on the flank, scorp charges scar vet..who flees again (AHOLE!!!!) come back and pay for my giant !!!
Magic - king smite is stopped
hand to hand - King unleashes chariot of fire on the 3 remaining TG and kills them, then Flails the crap out of Lord Kermit the II, but kermit saves, the skink attendant jumps up and uses his little flaming sword on the chariot and hits twice , but only wounds once...Lord Kermit looses by one ! my king outnumbers him by 1!! Lord Kermit flees and my king turns him tinto road Kill !!!! .. Long live Lord Kermit the III !!! TK overruns into the Steg.
Razordons kill the last chariot.

Turn 6 - lizardmen
Scar vet rallies, terradons stay put, so do razordons.
magic -( crickets )
hand to hand - TK flails the crap out of the steg and rapes him a new one, overuns close to the razordons.
Turn - TKs
King decides not to charge the razordons, scorp charges the Scar vet who finally holds !!!!
Magic- king realizes that hes to close for the razordons to stand and shoot and magics himself into hand to hand.
Hand to hand- King totally destroys the razordons.
Scorp and Scar vet say hi to each other and both fail misserably to do anything..scar vet does one wound.

End of the game- It was intense ! at the end i had My Uber king and one Scorpion, Mat had a small unit of skinks, terradons and the Scar-vet. My king was dragging the head of lord kermit II behind him along with the saurus standard and the battle standard and mat had 1 quarter. It was most prob a draw or a very remote vinor win for me, it was 11pm and we didnt count. This was one of the best games ive played in a LONG time, sooo much death !!! My army collected LOTs of Tomb Skinks !!! (local joke, once i forgot my TG and used skinks instead )"