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    Marauder Indy GT Tournament Report (WoC)

    Was a great weekend. Played several fun people and I ended with a respectable 3-2 record. I had the worst luck in my 2nd loss. I could roll anything EVER the whole game and he still only killed 215 more points than me. I did make a mistake and I know if I didn't I could have won that game easily. He ended up taking 2nd best general and 2nd overall.

    Anyways, here are the results.

    Yes another Warriors player took best General, since the guy with the most battle points took best overall. I'm Eric. I ended 15th overall and 10th best general. I guess people think my army is comp heavy. I also don't understand being 3rd last in sportsmanship. At the end of each game you circled a yes or no for if your opponent was sportsmanish or not, so I have no clue how that translated into points shown under that column.

    I have so many problems with soft scoring like this. I went 3-2 and tabled 2 guys and almost a third. They are then asked to score my army composition and sportsmanship. If I steam roll you and lost only 400 points and you lost your entire army, how can you fairly judge either of those.

    My army can be found here, top of page 2. (DP - fast list v2.0)

    I'll go over alittle bit of each game, but I can't really remember every detail.

    The weekend started off with a doubles tournament on Friday night. A very casual thing, 500 points per player. I used my daemons. tzeentch herald, 2x10 pink horrors and 4 flamers and my friend went 14 tombking archers, scorpion, 2 swarms, priest, catapult. We went 1-2. Ran into a guy who had 5 dragon ogres. That's 20 wounds and we couldn't kill them fast enough. The other loss was against a brettonian/fleshhound combo that won overall. 10 flesh hounds at 1000 points is just wrong.

    Saturday morning saw the start of the main event.

    Game 1:
    I forgot a warhound at home so I was using a friends tombkinghorsemen as a fill in.

    I matched up against a lizardmen with a slaan and a lvl3 priest with engine of the gods. I played magic flux on him and he played capture the flag. Basically who ever controlled the center got 400 victory points and every magic phase you roll 1D6 and any casting or dispel dice of that number for that turn counts as a 0.

    His slann on turn 1 irresistible spirit of the forge onto a knight unit and they went pop. Turn 2 he irresistible spirit of the forge on my BSB and he went pop. That was about the end of the slann's domination, but it was 559 points and enough to really cripple me.

    To pay back the lizardmen player for killing my knights of turn 1 I got flickering fire off on his engine of the gods and did 6 hits at str 7. Amazingly 4 randomed into the priest and sent him packing. No more engine after turn 1. Whew. However without my BSB to make my army stubborn, I was hurting. The stegadon charged and autobroke my DOs since they're US10 now. That's just wrong a terror causing monster being US10.

    My 2nd knight unit was able to get into the flank of his temple guard because he overrun after slaughtering my warhounds. HUGE tactical mistake on his part. Let me not forget to mention my warshrine gives them +1 attacks before it dies itself to a jaguar warrior chasing it off the board. I win 2-3 rounds of combat and he has only 3 temple guard and 3 wounds left on his slaan. He finally counter charges me, 10 skinks to my flank, stegadon to other flank and 4 terradons to my front. His stegadon kills 1 guy and I do 1 wound to the skinks and 7 to the terradons killing them(I had previously done 1 wound). The skinks break from combat. Next round I kill the last of the temple guard and his slann. All that is left is the stegadon in my flank. I was going to turn and face him since I won combat, but he said he didn't know that was legal and if he had known that he would have turned his temple guard 3 rounds ago. Basically got guilted into not turning, which I should have realized then was he never won combat to be able to turn.

    Also on that turn I got regen off on my knights, but he said 6s didn't count because of a discipline his slann had. I know nothing about the new slann so I just played along, it turns out you have to pick 1 caster each phase and he was doing it against both my casters. I'm very certain he would have done it against my DP. I noticed him later in the tournament playing it correctly, so I don't know if he didn't know how to play it, or he just flat out cheated me. It ended up being huge, he killed a knight with his stegadon which made him out number and flank vs my banner so he autobreaks me. It's just annoying knowing I had should have had a 50% chance to save that wound to cancel his outnumber meaning I would win combat and that he talked me out of turning to face him so again he would have not had my flank neither. Lost my sorcerer in that unit and 280 points of knights. 500 points I felt cheated out of. And he got a standard and the middle flag. So his 900 point win probably wouldn't have been so big, or maybe a draw.

    Can't live in the world of maybes though. He played a good game and was a fun opponent for the most part and I would gladly play him again without second thought.

    I get 2 battle points and he got all 11 I think. Not a good start. But a unit of 5 nurgle knights with a nurgle mage killing so many points by them selves makes me happy.

    Game 2:

    Finally rolled gateway for my Demon prince. I'm facing a VC with a black coach, corpse cart, 1 necro, 3 vamps, 20 grave guard and some skeletons and zombies. Also had 2 wraiths and a banshee.

    I really want to say my DP was MVP of this game, but my knights were just as nasty.

    He played marchlands on me, meaning calvary, chariots only can march and charge 150% of their movement not 200%. I played pitched battle which makes his marsh only last the first 2 turns instead of all game. Didn't really matter though I was locked in combat most of the game.

    He takes turn 1 and marches forward. Lots of terrain making him split his army in 2. Turn 1 I barely move, just readjust my army to meet the coming horde. I get flickering fire off and obliterate his wraiths/banshee before they even got within screaming distance of my army.

    He charges my screening hounds with the black coach and his dogs who flee. The rest of his army marches forward. He had a ton of casting dice, but I can't think of 1 spell he got off all game that I cared about. Either he rolled bad, or I picked my dispels perfectly and rolled nicely to stop them. His lord knew an entire lore and he shouldn't have taken vamp lore and taken metal lore.

    My DP gets gateway off irresistibly on his corpse cart(only target) and puts 1 wound on the cart but enough wounds randomed into the necro to send him to the chaos waste.

    My one m.horsemen cruise missile slams into the back of his hounds and my knights slam into the front of his coach. Only 3 knights can fit because the dogs and blocking the 4th. My dragons ogres charge into his graveguard with a wight king and vamp lord and my BSB flies right behind them so the DOs are stubborn. Perfect match up, he can't killing blow me. This frees up my knights from having to worry about that unit for a few turns.

    My eat up some dogs and overrun into the black coach. I can't see to wound this thing, but I keep winning combat and he keeps saving his crumble wounds. Let's just say after SEVEN rounds of combat he kills off all my, doesn't wound my knights(even though the thing ate up 6 power dice, meaning it was etheral and killing blow and what not, luckily my knights are magical attacks) and finally I beat him. SEVEN freaking rounds it took to kill him, geez.

    I irresistibly cast gateway AGAIN on his skeletons, but only kill 5. Which he rezzes back next round.

    The dragon ogres hold probably for 3-4 rounds of combat, which was all they needed and actually got a wound on the wight king even through his regen. I was able to give them regen once too.

    He charges his 20 skeletons and vamp hero into my other and kills 3, but he vamp did no wounds, so I have 2 guys attack back and kill the vampire in the unit. He wins combat, but I'm sure my 105 point got their points worth.

    My other knight unit charges into his ghouls and does an obscene amount of wounds and overruns into his corpse cart.

    At this point he finally is done with my DOs. I try to charge the flank of his grave guard with my marauders to try again to hold that point sink up a turn or 2, but fail my fear check.

    This ended up being good because I irresistibly cast gateway YET AGAIN onto that unit and roll strength 11. That means every model in the unit, even characters is removed from the board. He said it was about 950 points. At this point he concedes. I claim full battle points and he gets only 1 for a major loss (there were no massacres).

    I think he probably comp score hit me because of all the gateways I was throwing around. Not too sure though. I controlled the tempo of the game completely and even if I didn't wipe his big unit out with 1 spell I was going to win the game easily. I got all the charges off that mattered and I got my units into combat with the exact units of his I wanted them to be with. I was very happy with this game.

    I got 13 out of 22 points so far. Feeling a lot better now. I can't remember what my shrine gave me this game neither.

    Game 3:

    The dreaded daemons! He actually had a somewhat light army. 6 flamers, 5 fleshhounds, 20 plaguebearers, 20 bloodletters, 20 demonnetes a herald for each and a greater demon of slaanesh with only 1 weapon on him. Also had 1 fiend of slaanesh. I gave this guy best sportsmanship. He was fun to play and when I rolled bad he would tell me that I did everything right, the dice just screwed me.

    He plays marchland on me and I play pitched battle so it only lasts 2 rounds. Again, it didn't matter one bit.

    I let him go first, so his army moves forward, he casts a spell from his nurgle herald which doesn't affect anything, so i let it go off.

    My turn I charge my dragons ogres into his greater demon and again fly my BSB right behind him. Its going to hurt, but hopefully I can tie that bad bot up a turn or 2. My warshrine gives them +1 armor. I move my knights into the face of his flamers hoping nurgle will smile on me.

    He strikes first and does a few wounds and surprisingly my dragon ogres put 2 wounds back on him. Wasn't expected, but I was happy.

    I didn't get gateway, so I was just throwing alot of dice at flickering fire and only killed 1 plaguebearer this round. However I put a wound no armor save onto his herald of slaanesh from my nurgle mage.

    His demonettes charge my hounds and they have to hold and get wiped out.

    He shoots my knights with his flammers doing 5 wounds. Nurgle was not smiling on me. 30 shots needing 5s should cut his hits to 6 and his wounds to 3. I of course proceed to fail 3 of the 5 3+ saves.

    He attempts to cast a spell again with his nurgle herald. It won't affect anything, but he says he'll do it just incase I got something tricky up my sleeve. He miscasts and rolls a 12, it goes off but he forgets the spell.

    His bloodletters charge into my DOs too. His greater demon does some more wounds and so does the 2 letters that can touch me. I swing back and again put 1 wound on him. Already got the big baddy to half points. Again my banner of the gods makes my Dragon ogres hold. That banner is worth every bit of its points.

    I forgot to mention that his plaguebearers charged my hounds who fled and actually paniced my other knights. They rallied though, my dogs didn't.

    I charge my 2 remaining knights into the flamers confident I can mess them up some. I do only 1 wound, and he strikes back, wounds twice and I roll snake eyes for my saves. Knights gone. but the deserved to die. Their armor was made of twinkies.

    My one charge his hounds finally and do like 3 wounds. He does 2 back and out numbers, its a push. Next round he kills the rest.

    I get regen off on my DOs and must not have done much with my DP.

    DOs are taken down to 1 model, but still hold thanks to my banner.

    His plaguebearers and demonettes charge into my warshrine that was positioned to keep both units from being able to hit my BSB. Now the situation is funny. My BSb is in the middle. Infront of him is the dragon ogres with a greater demon and 20 blood letters fighting them. Behind my BSB is my warshrine with plaguebearers in its flank(only has room for the herald and 1 other model to attack) so they're like 1/2" from my BSB blocking him in on the side and there are demonettes to the front of my warshrine blocking my BSB in on the other side. Luckily he can fly, but things are getting crowded.

    His herald of nurgle puts 1 wound on the warshrine, I failed the ward save. His unit puts 1 wound on and I fail the ward save. His demonettes do nothing. I throw all 5 attacks into his herald of slaanesh killing her. Luckily I chose to throw all 5, because only 1 hit. I'm stubborn and hold. However my last dragon ogre finally falls.

    I move my demon prince behind his greater demon. Fly my BSB to the other side of the warshrine. Charge the flank of his blood letters with my 2nd marauder horsemen unit and charge his flesh hounds with my 10 marauders. I move my rallied knights up to be in the flank of his plague bearers next turn. I don't think my marauders do anything and get chased down by his dogs. I might have done 1 wound. He did like 6 back. My flopped and kill maybe 3 and he killed 3 back with his herald so I didn't have a flank any more and he got his ranks, so I break, but he doesn't chase me down, but he gets pulled away from his plaguebearers for the rest of the game, which was huge, since that was his BSB.

    I throw 5 dice at flickering fire andit goes off, I do 7 str 7 hits to his greater demon and it is banished back to the realms of chaos.

    Warshrine tries to wound the herald and doesn't, but takes another wound and holds.

    His moves his fiend of slaanesh now all the way into my deployment lining up a nice flank charge on my knights.

    I was dumb and left my demon prince in the range of his flamers. He only does 2 wounds and I save 1. Whew!!! His bloodletters charge my paniced horsemen and push them 3"s from the table edge.

    He finally kills my warshrine.

    I charge his plaguebearers flank with my knights. I move my DP back into my deployment and flickering fire his fiend off the table. My 2 remaining rally.

    My opponent starts a very bad habit of failing regen saves. I win and he might have lost a few to combat res.

    He flank charges my knights with his flamers. And starts to move his demonettes into my deployment. His one objective is to hold one of my table quarters.

    His flamers do no wounds but take a wound in return. He fails a bunch of regens again on his plaguebearers. I win and he rolls very high for his flamers leaving only 1 left.

    I charge my BSB into that combat, don't know why, I thought his herald was on the far edge of his unit, but it wasn't. My DP flies to nuke his flesh hounds and over the next 2 rounds leaves 1 wound on 1 dog. MR3 is nasty and I had to irresistibly cast flickering fire to even bring them down that much.

    I challenge with my BSB and he accepts with his champion and I kill him. Smart move on his part because next turn the challenge is against his herald and I don't have my flail anymore. He proceeds to fail a bunch of regens again and I kill his last flamer reclaiming my other knights banner.

    His turn 6 he just barely gets 50% of his demonettes into my deployment for 1 battle point. The bloodletters move back into his table side to claim another quarter.

    His herald wounds my BSB once and I don't hurt him. He loses even more plaguebearers to my knights.

    My turn 6 sees him doing 2 wounds to my BSB, this is where I'm alittle upset thinking dumb me. I get 2 6+ armor and 2 6+ ward saves to save them both. I roll box cars on my armor saves and live!

    He loses combat and has 3 plaguebearers and his herald left alive. He's outside his BSB's range and rolls exactly 5 over what he needed and loses the entire unit. Massive points for me.

    I ended up missing a major victory by like 65 points. I also didn't hold more quarters than him, so I missed out on that battle point too. I ended with 9 out of 11 points and he got 3 or 4 points.

    The end of day 1 I'm sitting at 22 of 33 points possible.

    I'll finish up the last two rounds later today.

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