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    2250 Exterminatus GT Results

    This past weekend the Exterminatus Indy GT was held in Cleveland, Tennessee. There were about 30-45 40k players and about 16 FB players. We played 5 games each with Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary objectives that contributed to battle points. There were 4 main categories for wins: Best Overall, Best General, Best Painted Army, and Best Sportsmanship. There were also awards given for Dwarven Spellcasting and Zombie Marksmanship for worst magic and shooting, respectively.

    I was busy playing my games, so I didn't get a chance to watch any pivotal games other than my own, which I will detail here.

    The list I brought to the tournament is in the DoC army list subforum, but here's a link for anyone who wants to see it and doesn't want to navigate to it manually. http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...emon-list.html (Exterminatus GT 2250 Daemon List)

    Round 1:

    My first game was against a Dwarf player named Frank. His list was essentially Thorek with 2 bolt throwers and 2 organ guns, hammerers, warriors, longbeards, slayers, and thunderers. He placed Thorek behind a hill that he castled up on and put his organ guns in the middle of his deployment zone with a bolt thrower on the hills on either side. I got a 2nd turn flesh hound charge off on the organ guns after taking 3 wounds in one unit and took those off the board that combat phase. My magic didn't do too much, and my Bloodletters and herald got stuck in combat with the slayers. After the dice gods decided that I could roll a few ward saves in combat, I struck back and after about 2 turns of combat, the slayers died and I finally moved on towards Thorek. My screamers and Furies did next to nothing the whole game, the first turn Thorek killed one unit of Screamers and that was it. Whenever he used Wrath and Ruin, he rolled a 1 for number of units affected, and obviously targeted the flyers. I cleaned up the board the rest of the game with my magic and flesh hounds and almost got to Thorek before he rolled 2 2's and blew himself up on turn 5. At that point my opponent conceded.

    Round 2:

    The next game was against a Lizardman player who brought > 100 skinks , an ancient stegadon with the Engine of the Gods, a lvl4 slann with ignore 6's on 1 caster within 24", add 1 dice to each cast, and transfer miscasts, and 3 other skink priests. I lost this game due to rolling a 3 for flesh hound overrun and then getting charged in the flank by the steg next turn. The steg destroyed them and almost made it into contact with my big horror unit, but only barely missed. My bloodletters did next to nothing this game. The blue scribes got tagged by Chameleon skinks, and my flesh hounds were destroyed by the skinks. The Slann didn't do too much, and I only saved my bloodletters and horrors from shooting due to howler wind. He won by about 30 points.

    Round 3:

    The next game was against an empire player who brought a STank, the popemobile with meteoric armour and the sword of fate as well as the speculum. He also had a big unit of flagellants, 2 mortars, 2 cannons, 2 units of knights, and the rest filled in with swordsmen and non-shooting detatchments. He also had a lvl 2 lore of light caster. My flesh hounds were gold against this army, taking out flagellants and the unit of swordsmen with the lvl 2 caster in it. I got bolt of change off on the arch lector on irresistable force and rolled an 8 for strength, which took out the war altar and put a wound on the lector himself. The STank ended up hitting my bloodletters in the flank after the herald died due to a lucky mortar shot and me rolling a 1 for look out sir--which I did for every look out sir I took the entire weekend--and then failing my ward save. My flamers tore up s unit of swordsmen and panicked them and an detatchment away. My screamers flew around and did killed 2 knights over the course of the game and then I took a chance and charged a mortar and barely won combat, rolled short for overrun and then slashed them to death next turn. My furies took out a cannon, and my flesh hounds overran the unit of swordsmen with the caster and hit a mortar, then overrunning into his last cannon. The arch lector eventually fell to magic after charging my horrors and trying to assassinate my general, which rolled his only ward save and autobroke him due to fear+outnumber. This game was obviously a win as I had killed all of his characters and warmachines, and most of his foot units. His knights were wasted guarding a mortar from screamers.

    That ended the day and I had 50 battle points, only about 6 behind the guy who won overall. We called it a night, left and came back the next day to finish up the tourney.

    Round 4:

    The next day the first army I fought was a Throgg/Kholek regenerating troll horde army. He had two units of Khornate Ogres, 3 units of trolls, a unit of Dragon Ogres with hand weaps, some hounds, Throgg, and kholek. I should have been gold against this army due to flamers and flaming tzeentchian magic, but I failed 2/3 of my casting, which won me the Dwarven spellcasting award. Throgg zapped the Blue Scribes, and hit my unit of Bloodletters in the flank after some trolls vomited all over my HoK BSB, who failed the two ward saves he was required to make. The flamers left the trolls alone to focus on Kholek, who saved all but one wound done over 3 turns of shooting. My magic failed miserably except for the last turn in which I put 3 wound on Kholek with Gift of Chaos, rolling double 6's for hits and strength. My flesh hounds took out a unit of Khornate Ogres and then proceeded to get rear charged by Trolls who passed stupidity on Ld 4. My horrors got flank charged by another unit of Khornate Ogres, who fluffed their rolls and then took a couple of wounds from horrors. They proceeded to break and I only barely made it away from a Scyla flank charge on the horrors due to a good pursuit roll. The game ended in a draw.

    Round 5:

    The final game was against another Throgg list, this one with a Level 4 Daemon Prince of Tzeentch who got Pandaemonium, Gateway, and two other spells that he never used. He had a unit of marauders into which he put Throgg (why I will never know). They didn't move the entire game. He also had an exalted BSB with bloodcurdling roar, and then the rest filled out with Trolls. He put only two out of like 6 units of trolls in range of Throgg, so they failed stupidity most of the game. His DP cast gateway, which I dispelled, then got pandaemonium off. He only moved one unit of trolls up the first turn, which I promptly reduced to 1 wound with magic despite pandaemonium, screamers, and flamer fire. They panicked and ran back towards the rest of his army. This more or less was what happened the entire game aside from his exalted charging the furies that I hid behind a building on turn 2. I tried to magic the DP to death, but the spells didn't go off or I couldn't wound. After my general miscasted and took a wound, his DP charged the unit he was in and assassinated him. The DP then proceeded to lose combat and fled away. He failed his rally test the next turn and flew off the board. The game ended with me in the win, but neither of us got the secondary objective, which hurt battle points pretty badly.

    After that, we waited around for them to calculate points for about an hour, after which we all got called in to listen to the results.


    The results were as follows:
    Best Overall: Casey - Dwarves (Don't remember his last name)
    Best General: Myself - Daemons
    Best Painting: ? - Dark Elves
    Best Sportsmanship: ? - High Elves
    Dwarven Spellcasting: Myself
    Zombie Marksmanship: Donnie A.K.A. Vanquisher_dud on LO - High Elves

    I came away with a nifty masonic sword and $20 store credit for winning best general, and a nice tower terrain feature for Dwarven Spellcasting.

    Overall, it was a very fun tournament and I look forward to playing again, although playing 5 games in 2 days was exhausting, and I think I'll be taking a break for a week or two. Whew!

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    I'm the guy who played you in round 4. Heck of a game man. I think if you'd have just taken Shadows for the Pit to get Kholek, or baited him out into nowhere when he went frenzy you'd have had me.

    I got lucky with your magic flubbing though, very handy for a list with absolutely no magic defense.

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