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Thread: Lone Wolf 2009

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    Lone Wolf 2009

    Had a great time this weekend with the new Lizardmen at a tournament. Overall the army list was great, only my decisions let me down. This is a brief recap of the games, but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the performance of specific units or tactics used by opponents. I took the following.

    OldBlood on Carnosaur
    Sword of Might, Ench Shield, Glyph Necklace, Wardrums

    Priest on Engine of the Gods
    Diadem, Scroll

    ScarVet on Cold One, Burning Blade, Amulet of Itzl

    2 X 10 Skinks
    2 X 10 Skirmishers
    2 X 4 Kroxigors
    5 Saurus Cav, St, Mu, Warbanner
    3 Terradons
    2 X 1 Salamander (extra handler)

    Some of the choices were based on what I had painted, but its pretty much what I will stay with (though at times I wished I had a 2nd Engine)

    Game 1: Vampire Counts
    List was a good tournament force. 3 Vamps, 1 Necro, Skeleton Unit, 2 Zombie Units, Fell Bats, Black Knights, Blood Knights, Black Coach

    I set up across the table with engine and carnosaur central. He set up with coach and blood knights on my left, infantry in the middle with units blocking his smaller bunker. His total of 11 power dice plus a bound made for a tough magic phase. The priest on engine gave me enough dispel to keep my units together into combat.

    It was a close game. The oldblood took out the bloodknights, but died when he failed to do any wounds to the vamp in the unit the following turn. Some bad luck, but that’s dice for you.

    I let myself get packed in my left deployment area by some spirit hosts that were raised. As a result, I could only get one unit of Krox and my scar vet (who charged out of the saurus cav) into a combat, but they killed a character and took the unit to half which was enough to get a draw.

    Game 2: Dark Elves
    Supreme Sorceress, Sorceress, Assassin, 2 corsairs, 2 crossbows, hydra, dark riders, cold one knights, harpies

    The hydra came out early and I got too close with the engine. It charged and I held. The priest died (worrying me about magic as this was top of turn 2) but the steg held with the BSB nearby (hurray for Ld 6). My turn I charged 4 krox into its flank and chopped the monster down. My overrun by the krox took me out of the pending charges of his units.

    Skinks and sallies pelted his units (sallies were great all weekend. A single sallie will get 8+ hits on a ranked unit regularly) and panicked a unit of corsairs and dark riders.

    Late in the game I got some charges into his bigger units and the oldblood survived a late game killing blow attempt by the assassin. Win to the lizards

    Game 3: Wood Elves.
    Treeman Ancient (no Annoyance), BSB, Noble with hail of doom, caddie, 2 dryads, 2 glade guard, 2 wild riders, 2 wardancers

    The Ancient came out aggressively. I charged it with the engine and held it for a turn until the oldblood could come it. With no annoyance of 6+ hit, the carnosaur had a nice meal. My opponent forgot about the drop rocks (I did note it before the game) and left his BSB out of a unit. Soon he was buried under some falling boulders.

    On the left, he got too close with a unit of wild riders and the saurus cav took care of them. Skinks died to missle fire, but that let the krox get up to the glad guard, Win to the Lizards

    A good day 1

    Game 4: Demons
    Lord of change, nurgle herald, 2X10 horror, big unit of plague bearers, bloodletters, 2 flamer units of 3 each, 2 fleshhounds

    I went across aggressively trying to get his plaguebearer unit stuck between terrain and angles skinks. With that done, I could go after the horrors and bloodletters. On the right, The saurus cav charge some fleshhounds and did enough to force snake-eyes. Of course, with the BSB nearby he got them, and I got a lord of change in the rear. I challenged and his dice were poor enough that my 2+ one time save and 1+ armor did not take a wound. After a couple of rounds, he miscast on the wind of change spell, re-rolled a 1, and did his last would to himself. Unfortunate, he also took out the rest of the cav unit. The BSB finished off the hounds.

    In the center, hounds charged the engine and killed the skink, but the steg held and the krox finished them off. The carnosaur and krox each charged flamers, killed them, and overran into horrors.

    The letters and plague bearers never saw anything but skinks. Win to the Lizards

    Game 5: More Demons

    So here I was on table 3 within shot of a good placing. His list was two plaguebearer units with heralds. 30 horrors with two heralds and some bound stuff. Flamer and plague beats rounded it out. 11 power dice of demon magic plus two bounds would be tough, but I knew I could do some damage to that horror unit if I could concentrate attacks and take out those heralds.

    So, I naturally completely blew deployment and my first turn. I got stuck between some impassable terrain and could not get my big stuff to the center. On the right, I tried to combo charge the beasts to get behind him, but the krox were out of range. The cav were then wiped out when the bearers charged into the flank the next turn.

    It went downhill from there as the krox were pinned in place unless they charged the flank of the bearers (who of course had the no flank bonus benefit) and the next round saw them get the miasma and reduce to S1.

    The other krox and the oldblood did get to the horrors, but did not do enough. A loss.

    Overall a good weekend. The last game was full of my own errors, but the list worked great. The engine was awesome, 2 sallies were great, The new carnosaur is a real winner. D3 helped on several combats and not being large was terrific.

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    Hey, welcome to LO and thanks for sharing the report. Shame about the last game, but hopefully lessons learned and next time you'll get him.

    I do have a quick question - have you tried using the Blade of Realities on your Old Blood? I've seen it do some nasty things to multi-wound models such as ogres, trolls, and the like.. I'd imagine it might also do well against a dragon. Even a Bloodthirster would be in danger of vanishing. After all, if you hit him 3 times (not unreasonable), he's got a ~42% chance to fail one of his tests.

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    I considered the Blade in the build but ultimately decided against it for a few reasons:

    1. The cost prohibits a ward save, and though T5 and a nice armor save will usually do the trick, a nice 5+ against bad dice make me feel more comfortable

    2. Against multi-wound models, the S7 d3 wounds from the carnosaur usually do the trick

    3. I normally try to get units and shooting into big uglies like the thirster and dragons as they usually have flight and the carnosaur will spend lost of time chasing them around

    Its an awesome weapon when it works, and it great against things like the dark elf reverse ward save and papa nurgle, but it seemed too limited for a tourny for my taste.

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