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    ogres vs. dark elves 1400 points

    So basically I was reading the ogre local tournament battle report and I had a sudden urge to start playing ogres. I picked up some starting pieces and had a test run with them today. Here's the battle...

    Ogre list:

    Bruiser (goes with ironguts)
    -Great weapon
    -brace of handguns
    -fistfull of laurels
    -wyrdstone lecklace
    -2 sword gnoblar

    Butcher (goes with bulls)
    -2 tooth gnoblar

    5 bulls
    -standard, lookout gnoblar

    4 ironguts
    -FC, lookout gnoblar

    24 gnoblar

    2 lead belchers

    2 lead belchers

    3 yehtees

    I'm actually a dark elf player but my friend has never played them and wanted to try them out.

    Dark elf list:

    master (went with warriors)
    -heart seeker
    -blood armor

    sorceress (went with crossbows)
    -lvl 2
    -black dragon egg

    assassin (went with crossbows, I have no idea why...)
    -rune of khaine
    -extra hw

    23 warriors

    10 crossbows

    6 cod one knights

    18 witch elves
    -banner of murder

    2 Reaper bolt throwers

    from the dark elves right to left- cold one knights, crossbows, warriors, witch elves, both reapers

    from the ogre's left to right- yehtees, leadbelchers, bulls, leadbelchers, gnoblar, iron guts.

    I got the roll and chose to go first
    ogre turn 1-i marched my yehtees forward about 1 inch outside of the COK charge range and I move the leadbelchers straight up (hoping he will charge so I can flee and counter charge). My bulls move forward and so does everything else, except the gnoblar who argue amongst themselves. My butcher's bangstick and everything else is dispelled but he does manage to get bonecruncher on the crossbows and kills 3.

    DE turn 1- COK charge my leadbelchers, who flee through my bulls and panic them. The COK are then at an awkward position. The witch elves shuffle forward but everything else remains stationary. He manages to cast black horror on my yehtees and they take 1 wound. His crossbows put 2 wounds on my bulls and his bolt throwers put 1 more wound on my yehtees, as well as 1 wound on the ironguts.

    ogre turn 2- bulls rally but leadbelcher don't and end up 1 inch away from the table edge. The yehtees charge the COK but they decide to flee through the crossbows and panic them(I would've hit their flank). The iron guts charge the witch elves. The rest of my force moves forward. Magic sees 1 bolt thrower crew dead and I get trollguts on the bulls unit.
    Shooting was a flop, I opened fire on the warriors, got 12 for the number of shots but somehow i rolled 5 1's and a 2 for wounds. My iron guts steam rolled the witch elves, killed 9, broke and routed them. I then clipped the warriors unit and aligned them for next turn's combat.

    DE turn 2- COK and crossbows rally. He tries to cast word of pain on my guts but i dispel it and then scroll black horror. He forgets to fire his reapers . My bruiser issues a challenge and his master accepts. He then gets beat down with 3 wounds. the rest of the guts proceed to kill 3 more, but some how the warriors get 3 wounds on me and kill a gut. I lose combat but hold.

    ogre turn 3- leadbelchers finally rally. Yehtees decide to charge the COK and my gnoblars biker again. The rest of my army moves forward and the butcher is just out of reach to the iron guts. Magic sees a few more dead crossbows but that's it. My guts manage a few more wounds to the warriors and lose combat. They fail there break test but i use laurels and hold. the yehtees epically fail and cause no wounds. They then proceed to run away, which brings the COK near my bulls but out of LOS.

    DE turn 3- He turns his COK to face the flank of my bulls and he reveals an assassin in the crossbows and charges it into the combat with ironguts. He chillwinds my lead belchers who have already fired and, it caused no wounds. his shooting sees one of my leadbelchers dead, the ones who have already fired. The reapers finish off the yehtees and try to put a bolt in the bulls but miss. The bruiser challenges and his assassin accepts. the assassin is then brutally murdered after he puts 2 wounds on the bruiser. The ironguts kill a few more and the warriors finally break and are overrun.

    ogre turn 4- The single leadbelcher charges the crossbows and the butcher moves out of the bulls. The ironguts turn to face the bolt throwers and the lead belcher group is finally able to move, who moves into a postion to charge the COK flank if they pursue the bulls. My favorite moment of this game after i throw my dice at bonecruncher which is dispelled with all his powerdice, and then i cast braingobbler on his COK unit. It somehow manages to fail its panic test and runs off the table. he then calls the game after that.

    considering it was my first time with the army I don't think it went to badly, but then again he didn't take a very hard list.
    Please forgive my atrocious grammar skills.
    Hope you enjoyed it.

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    Sounds like an interesting and fun game. I play dark elves myself and i realise the list wasnt that tough but ogres are bottom tier and dark elves are top tier so you did really well. Especially as it was your first try . Good luck in your future games and you are forgiven for the (not so bad) grammar .

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    I play ogre also, not bad at all for firts game.
    Nice report keep em coming.

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