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    WoC multiple reports.

    Hi everyone. I finaly had a succesfull day at the GW, killen 3/4 players with a massacre. Decided to share it with you.

    My list can be found at : http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...233-2k-dp.html (2k with DP)



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    Batle 1 : Lizardmen

    I faced down a force of stegadons. The opponant was a friend from my club who’s a very experianced tournament player. I knew his list was 10 wins to 1 loss at the time, so I didn’t expect to win.

    His army,
    Chief with double impact hits on ancient
    Priest with diadem on ancient
    Priest with 2 scrolls on ancient
    10 ranked skinks
    2X10 skirmishers
    3 razardons
    3 terradons
    Normal stegadon

    I rolled gateway, and took nurgle 1 2 times.

    He fielded his complete army but 1 stegadon between some woods and a water feature, wating for me to come that way. I raced my army forth, the knights, chariots, and warriors all sticking together. I Gatewayed his first stegadon, the one without any character on it. I rolled high, something like 9 str 10 hits orso. The poor dinosaur was left with 1 wound, and 2 crewmembers after turn 1! I also rolled to kill his first priest, but he scrolled 1 bubous and dispelled the other.

    His turn he started to move my way and get out of the cover of the woods. He realized that I didn’t had any restrictions to my gateway, and was going to spam it till he dies. His terradons flew over my flank to drop some rocks somewhere. His shooting did something to my hounds I don’t know anymore On my turn, I chared my first unit of marauder horseman in the already heavaly wounded stegadon. The other marauders charged the razordons, hoping to get some kills before they would be shot down. During movement I moved my daemon up to the other way of the table. The forest still covering him, from stegadons shooting at him. I casted again, this time on the engine that didn’t have any wounds so far. I can’t remember what I did, but I think I wounded it again for 2 or 3 wounds, also killing some crew and a wound to the mage. Bubous got off twice and got scrolled and dispelled. During my combat, the horseman slay the last wound of stegadon 1 and bring the beast down. Nice, 3 to go. The other horseman wich I charged down the razardons got a punch but stayed in combat.

    He moved around a bit, moving his terradons behind my central line of chariot, warriors and knights. I figured he was aiming to down my flying BSB on disc, but I didn’t really pay attention to them, for the stegadons were a lot more interesting. He shot down my hounds and used his engine power to smite the horseman who were in combat with the razardons. All perished. I think this was the turn where he miscasts on comet of casandora and I get to cast a spell. Boom! Gateway down on the engine. Kill the beast, leaving the priest down with 1 wound. He his it in the forest. Nice, 2 down, 2 to go.

    He charged his 2th engine down my warriors. Impact killing 2. I challenged with my champion. His stegadon, priest, and crew all failed to kill him. My champion in return did kill the priest! I won combat, but he made his stubborn test. My turn. I was afraid to charge the razardons with my chariot, because he would powershot it down with 6 dice. Instead, I took the rist, and charged with my daemon. I was to close for him to stand and shoot. ( phew ). The chariot charged down a group of skinks, and the knights moved up to the flank of the stegadon stuck in the warriors to flank charge him. Cast again, and this time failed on gateway, and buboes. His chief stegadon who I knew had the lance.. Also this stegadon didn’t have any wounds so far so it wouldn’t be that easy to down him. This would hurt. Slam! 7 impact hits. He killed about 3 warriors. I love my 2+ armour safe! I didn’t challenge this turn bewcause I steed of shadow-ed my mage out of combat, and challenging would only mean that I had less atacks against it. In return I did some wounds to the crew, but wasn’t able to kill the chief. I had to roll very low, but rolled a 1. I revealed my rapturous standard and told him, it counted as insane courage. Perfect! My daemon killed the first of the razardons. Lost combat but stayed. My mage who had teleported himself out of combat marched up to the lone priest in the forest, to bubou him

    Next turn, I flank charge with my unit knights into the 2 stegadons stuck in my remaining few warriors. Here’s where I made a mistake. I HAD to challenge with my mage in the knight unit, and that would cost me 10 knight attacks, and the warrior attacks, and perhaps even a dead mage. I challenged with my champion again to save him. He got himself stamped down to the floor. The other warriors however slew another wound of the second engine. I won combat by 1, and the stegadon with chief fled and got caught. My daemon slew another razardon and won, broke, run down. I charged the chariot in the last stegadon. He did kill my mage during the battle, but there was no way he could survive. After some turns, the last of the dinosaurs was chopped up.

    Massacre !

    Learning points. Gateway does rule! Also bubous are fantastic agains characters who support a vital rule in an army with only 2 wounds.

    Unit of the game. Daemon prince, for almost gatewaying 3 stegs down himself, and the warriors for staying in combat after 3d6 str 6 impact hits,

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    Batle 2 : High elves

    I faced a Star Dragon,
    9 dragon princes, with the battle banner BSB ofcourse,
    3 bolt throwers,
    2X10 archers
    a lion chariot,
    and a caddy.

    I rolled gateway, and took double bubous and 1 from shadow again.

    He had a hill and put all his bolt throwers on there. I deployed basicly the same as before. Warriors, chariot and knights all together and the BSB after it. The daemon was put all the way to the left, behind a huge forest to hide.

    He got the first turn and moved everything up. The dragon was on the other side of the forest, where my daemon was. He shot 1 wound on my bsb. ( I totally forgot I had a 3+ ward safe against shootingÖ ) On my turn sniped a wound on his caddy with my nurgle mage. Tried a second to kill it, but failed. Didnít matter as I had a IF on gateway. 10 Str 9 hits, on the star dragon! YEAH. 4 wounds on the dragon and the rider was dead. He made his LD check and played on. He figured I had the range to finish both his star dragon and dragon princes so he charged as fast as he could down my warriors. Both killed a lot and I did like 1 wound back on the dragon princes. Battle banner saw a 6. I Hoped for insane courage but I failed. Warriors broke and were run down. The dragon ran of table

    I had to hurry, because now his 2 killers were running loose in my central battle line. I gatewayed his dragon but got scrolled. Buboes did a wound on the bsb. I moved my marauders up to the bolt throwers but they never made it
    His lion chariot charged my knights in the flank. Damn.. didnít see that one coming. He killed one, making it impossible for me to hit back. I had to win on my turn, or I would get frontal charged bu the dragon princes, wich would end up bad. Though, I did win, he broke, and I restrained. His dragon returned to the board, getting line of sight on my daemon and chariot, who in turn faced the rear of the dragon princes.

    He smacked his dragon princes in my knights. After some combat, killing 1 knight, killing 2-3 dragon princes. He rolled a 1 on his battle standard. (lucky!) I remained in combat. I charged down my chariot in the dragon, together with the daemon prince. It had only 3 wounds left, I could do this! Impact hits, 2 wounds, warriros on chariot, its dead My daemon didnít even get to hit. I overran and the chariot hits the rear of the dragon princes. My daemon restrained and flew over to the bolt throwers.

    The next turn I decimated the dragon princes, but I also lost my knights in return. My chariot who was now standing alone, got shot down by bolt throwers. My daemon prince also caught some shooting. It didnít matter anymore. I casted flickering fire and gateway on his remaining units archers, who fled, and panniced 2/3 bolt throwers from the board. The next turn, it was over for him.

    Solid victory!

    Learning points. Star Dragons are dangerous, but can be beaten!
    Unit of the game. Daemon Prince for heavily wounding the dragon and killing the lord my first turn, and the chariot for finishing the job on his own.
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    Batle 3 : Orcs and Goblins

    I played this player several times and never lost to him before. I also still think orcs and goblins are terrible so this should be a piece of cake. Turned out pretty bad for me.

    Edit : he wanted me to admit that we also played draws so here it is ralf, be happy ^^

    He fielded
    a black orc lord on foot,
    bsb on foot,
    orc shaman
    goblin shaman.
    Unit goblins,
    3 big blocks of orcs,
    2 orc chariots,
    5 boar boys,
    a doom diver
    a giant.
    Oh and some spider riders!

    Again I rolled gateway.

    Same sett up. Warriors, chariot, knights and bsb as a think armoured line, pushing forward.
    His doom diver didn’t do anything the whole battle so I had nothing to fear from it. On turn 2 I had the goblin shaman and the orc shaman down. This should become an easy win. Nope..

    He fail charged with his big unit orcs with BSB and lord right infront of my knights and marauders in his flank. I charged, he stayed. My mage managed to kill his BSB I let 3 knights hit his Black orc lord. I did like, 2 wounds, wich he saved with a 5+ ward safe. The rest of the knights impressivly managed to kill 1!! Orc..The marauders in the flank didn’t do anything.. His black orc pulls out his magical axe and chops down 3 knights! I break and run. Later he shot at them or magiced, i dont remember but i didn't take any saves. I just took the knights of the board because I was angry at them

    The warrior block got charged by an other orc unit. No characters or whatever. I swing, do again, 1 wound. With halberds. Again I lose. This time with only 1 and I break again. The dark gods really don't like me at this moment. Losing both my knights with mage and warriors with mage hurts.

    My chariot at least tried to make up the heavy losses by smacking down a unit of boar boys and a goblin wizard.

    The rest of the battle for me was flying around with my daemon prince, and trying to cast away the big unit with black orcs. He did kill a chariot and terrored away the doom diver. And an str 11 hit on a block orcs. On the last turn I charged his other chariot, hoping to reach it and cast the last gateway. I came inches short but did get my gateway of. The black orc lord, with one wound left, still stood his ground, along with the last of his orc regiment.

    He won solid, with a lord with one wound left, one orc wich saved him half points of the unit, another unit orcs, a giant, a unit goblins and a chariot still on the board.

    Learning points. I thought orcs were a terrible race, and weren’t any good in beating most army. I was wrong. They still have the power and when played by a nice general who knows his army, still can form a dangerous opponent.
    Unit of the game : The daemon for not die-ing, and the cahriot for solo-ing a unit boar boys and killing a gobbo mage.
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    25 (x1)

    Batle 4 : Tomb kings, and skaven. My ally was a lizardmen player.
    I agreed to play a 2v2 game. 2000 points each player.

    Tomb king in chariot
    Priest on skeltal horse
    Priest on foot who could fly (hierophant)
    Priest, cascet of souls
    Screaming skull katapult
    2X3 chariots
    2 scorpions
    10 heavy horseman
    4 ushabti
    10 archers
    3 carrions

    grey seer on bell
    3 engeneers
    4 big blocks of clanrats, wich got joined by characters each
    2 ratling guns
    2 warplightening cannons
    3X4 poisen wind globaldiers
    2X4 jezzails

    My ally fielded

    Slann mage
    Priest on foot
    Chatax the eternety warden
    Chief on ancient
    20 temple guard
    3 units of skinks
    2 salamanders

    I deployed my own army mainly against the tomb king units. This was a new player so he made some little mistakes wich I kidda made use of

    We got the first turn and moved everything up. I tried to bait his heavy horseman withing range of warriors/chariot with my hound unit. On the other side I did the same with his chariot unit containing his king. My BSB was waiting there along with the knights wich easaly could take the skellies I thought. I buboud his king, wich got dispelled. I buboud a jezzail because there wasnít anything interesting in my view. He died and failed his panic check! Thatís nice a unit of jezzails. I saw the first scroll when gatewaying the hierophant who was hiding behind his heavy horseman block. He didnít put it in a unit, so I was just going on a hierophant hunt this battle.

    My allie moved up his big expensive block. The skinks and the salamanders. He casted law of gold and took out the first magic item from skaven. Something which caused him to reroll or something Also he managed to cast a wound on the first warp lightening cannon.

    In there turn they were debating how to handle my bait. They could ignore it, wich would cause me charging them, or they had to charge me and I would direct them the wrong way. Though, there still tomb kings, and able to manouvre out of many things. His kings unit declared a charge against my horseman who fled. His heavy horseman charged the hounds, where I fled. Unfortunately he could still redirect into my big warrior block. Ah the heck.. I can take them. He moved everything up a bit. The skaven player started organizing his power dice. He got to 13. (ironic..) Luckaly after 2 warp lightenings wich both got dispelled he miscasted, and his magic phase ended. We now had about 8-9 dispell dice to safe for the tomb king player. He desperataly tried to get the charge on his kings unit, seeing that they were in trouble. We dispelled everything. During the shooting phase, the pain begun. My ally got shot at with a lot of ratlings and lost a lot of his skinks. The warp lightening cannon did some wounds on the stegadon. The other cannon misfired and blew up. The globaldiers didnít really have range on any really important units so they threw their orbs at skinks and salamanders. Only 1 salamander was left, and one skink unit got wiped out. The stegadon was already getting severely wounded. The katapult killed 2 warriors, and the archers attempted to shoot the daemon, but failed in wounding there 2 hits.

    Our turn. Charge! The knight unit and the flying BSB smacked in the kings unit.My daemon charged the 2th warp lightening cannon wich was positioned in the middle of the table, in front of a hill containing the casket and the screaming skull. Unfortunately I came some inches short Standing in front of a cannon never is that cool Hopefully he fails his terror check. My ally moved up again, towards the bell unit. His magic destroyed a scroll did some wounds on globaldiers and failed to wound the grey seer with spell 1. Myself, I casted infernal gateway. No IF. They could have scrolled it, if they had any left, but instead they choose to dispel it. I rolled an 18 orso, and he came to 14. His hierophant was quickly destroyed. I casted another wound on the king wich got dispelled. My other mage killed a horseman.
    Shooting didnít do anything. The skinks did shoot 1 carrion, but the stegadon/salamander failed to do anything.
    On to combat. My BSB challenged and the king accepted. I hit him 3 times, and with str 6, wounding him 3 times. He didnít have a safe of any kind left and died. He exploded though, and my BSB died along with him. Stupid item.. The knights butchered the remaining unit and overan in the mage on horse who hid behind the chariots. They tomb king player without his hierophant and king coulnít pull anything together no more, and was quickly decimated.
    I must say, I was being pretty mean, focussing on his hierophant with my 500+ points daemon, but hey, I smelt vicotory today.. Only thing that really happened was my warriors decimating the horseman and getting charged by ushabti. I opted for halberds, instead of my shield/hand weapon combo. I rolled insane courage and the next turn I got to strike first with an higher I. 13 hits (6 wide unit with champion) and 11 wounds. I mean come on! This was getting so mean that it wasnít funny anymore. The ushabti all died.

    In there turn, the archers crumbled, the chariots crumbled, the carrions crumbled and the screaming skull crumbled. Only the characters and scorpions remained.
    Also the warp lightening cannon failed his terror test. The rest wasnít afraid of my allyís stegadon.
    During magic he zapped my daemon. I revealed my fury of the blood god and dispelled. After knowing this he focussed back on zapping lizardmen. He shot down the stegadon and salamanders. Basicly all that was left where some skinks, his priest, and a huge block of temple guard, with 2 characters in it. He moved his 3 clanrat blocks into position to charge it with 3 blocks. In combat I slew the tomb king mage, overinning towards the hill containing his casket.

    Our turn, I charged the casket with my daemon prince. My daemon after some skaven shooting and magic only had 1 wound left, so I figured I could kill the priest, and then overun of the board, being safe from shooting next turn. The rest of my army moved to the right to help my ally with his struggle agains multiple blocks of rats.
    Magic saw a few of the bell unit drop away. We failed in destroying the grey seerís regeneration.
    I slew the priest with my daemon and overun of the board. Nice.

    In there turn, things got funny. He witdrew his units a bit, but rolled Frenzy on his bell. All the skaven had to charge the next turn. He zapped down some temple guard, didnít really do anything else. OH and charge/destroyed a unit of skinks with a unit clanrats.

    I moved my daemon behind his clanrats, hopeing to cause terror (forgot about frenzy). Magic killed almost all the bell pushers. Here comes the funy part His bell pushers were with so few that they coulndít move anymore. Thereby, coulnít charge anymore. However. Frenzy characters still have to cahrge out So 3 engeneers jumped out of there units, charging the temple guard block, and all died. Also his jezzails were skirmishers and had to charge my daemon prince instead of shooting it. I slew them all. On our turn again, everything cahrged the bell pushers who couldnít move, destroying it. Gateway didnít kill enough rats to panic them. On his last turn, he shot down the daemon prince with the last ratling gun. It didnít matter, they deserved it.

    Massacre !

    I lost my daemon prince, 1 unit horeseman and my hounds. My ally lost his stegadon, and his salamanders and some skink units. Our opposition had 2 blocks of clanrats without characters left.

    Unit of the game : Daemon prince, for killing a hierophant, casket of souls, terroring a warp lightening cannon, and saving almost everything they threw at them. Also honorable mention to my BSB who could one round a tomb king, but not being able to make a leadership check wich made him die, while doing it.

    Well, thatís all for now. Iím going to tweak some minor points on the list, and take this to my next tournament. Hope you liked it.

    CC always welcome.


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    seems like you love your daemon prince
    good games there and good on you for taking out the pesky lizard men
    i play O&G so happy to see them win
    nice reports

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