1500 pts Dark Elves Vs HE and Empire in a 1 vs 1 vs 1 game - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pts Dark Elves Vs HE and Empire in a 1 vs 1 vs 1 game

    I played my cousins HE and my friends Empire in this 1 vs 1 vs 1 game. We choose to play 1500 pts with the option
    of having a lord included.

    My army list;

    Sea dragon Cloak
    Heavy Armour
    Pendant of Khaeleth

    Sea dragon Cloak
    Heavy Armour
    Great Weapon
    Hydra Banner

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (RD)

    1 Chariot (Ch)

    19 Black Guards (Bg) (Master BSB )
    Standard Bearer
    Standard of Hag Graef
    Ring of Hotek

    19 Warriors with Shield (W1) (Master General)

    10 Warriors (W2)

    5 Cold One Knights (Co)
    Standard Bearer
    Null Stone
    Standard of Slaughter

    10 Harpies (H)

    High Elves Army list;

    Prince (Pr)
    Barded Elven steed
    Dragon Armour
    Star Lance
    Vambraces of defense

    Mage (High Magic) (Ma 1) Fury of Khaine and the first spell 5+ ward save
    Lvl 2
    Annulian Crystal

    Mage (High Magic) (Ma 2) Fury of Khaine and the first spell 5+ ward save
    Lvl 2
    Silver wand
    Ring of Fury

    2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (RH)

    6 Dragon Princes (Dr) (Prince)
    Banner of Sorcery

    20 Spearmen (Sp 2)

    17 Spearmen (Sp 2)

    Empire army list(i don't have his exact army list. Just taking it from my memory);

    Sword of Sigimund
    Shroud of Magnus

    Battle Wizard (Lore of Heavens) (Wi 1) Comet of casandora and something else
    Lvl 2
    Wizard Staff
    Dawn Armour

    Battle Wizard (Lore of Heavens) (Wi 2) Never got anything through
    Lvl 2
    Wizard Staff

    9 Knights of The inner Circle (Ki) (Grandmaster)
    Banner of The Demonslayer

    2 Great Cannons (Ca)

    2 x 10 crossbowmen (C)

    Steam Tank (S)


    It's pretty hard to set upp a battle with three players and we choose this set upp;
    [-----Hig Elves---------------Dg--]--------------------------[--C------------------------------]
    [--Ma1 Ma2 Rh-----------------]--------------------------[-Ca-----------------Wi1-CCCC-]
    [________Sp1_____ Sp2___Rh_]--------------------------[_Ca______Ki_______S______]
    [----------------------(______ )-----------------------------(______)-----------------------]
    [---------------------------------------------(_____)-------------------------------------( L)--][__________________________________________________________________(L)__]
    [----------------Bg Ch----------ME (Dark Elves)-------------------------------Co---------(O-]

    (______)= impassible terrain

    I put harpies infront of my chariot and Black guard so that they should't get nuked by magic or shot to pieces.
    I did the same thing with my knights by putting the small warrior regiment infront of them. I got very irritated
    when i save tha i had abot 2000 points heading my direction but i tried to do the best of it.

    Empire turn 1(He rolled the highest and of course choose to go first):

    Generated 4 Steam points to the Steam tank. Moved Steam tank and Knight full move forward against me cause my
    knights couldnt charge(10 warriors in the way). Magic saw him casting comet of casandora behind my Black Guard
    unit but it didn't strike down. I the shooting phase he shoot with his first cannon and managed to hit 1 repear
    crew, 5 sperman and Mage 1. He rolled a 1 to wound on both the crew and mage but killed 4 spearman. The other
    cannon landed a shot on a reaper but once again rolled a 1 to wound!!! His 10 Crossbowmen facing the
    dragonprinces shot and managed to kill 2!!! His other Crossbowmen shot at my 10 spearmen killing 1!!!

    Dark Elves turn 1:

    Moving my remaining 9 spearmen infront of my big spearmen regiment. Cold one knights prepering a flank charge
    and put themself out of both the Inner cicle knights and steam tanks charge angle. My entire left flank moves
    10 inches forward exept the chariot which move 7. I'm still behind the screen of harpies. They will be able to charge both a
    reaper and both mages next turn. I have no magic and quickly move on to the shooting phase. I target the Stank
    with both my reapers. I need 2+ to hit and 4+ to wound. I manage to wound with both and cause a massive 5 wounds
    on the steam tank rendering it almost useless!!!!! Comet of casandora strikes and inflict one wound on my chariot.

    High Elves turn 1:

    Moves his biggest spearmen block infront of the reaper and prepering the other for a flank charge. His dragon princes
    moves 16 inches aginst the crossbowmen. Now magic;
    He generates 1 power dice with the banner of sorcery. He now got 7 pwerdice against my 2 dispel dice:
    His first mage target fury of khaine on my harpies and strike a irresible force!!
    We both jump upp and down of joy. He doesn't understand at first but after some explaining he realises that the
    ring of hotek makes any rolls of doubles a misscast. He rolls on the miscast charts but notning interresting
    happens. His other mage 2 target he aswell fury of khaine on the harpies but strike double fours. His mage 2 looses
    one wound. At this point he is pretty furious. It doesn't get better when both his repears target a cannon and
    only manage 2 wounds on it killing no crew.

    Empire turn 2:

    He generates 2 steam points to his Stank and moves it 6 inches forward but is out of range to be able to do
    anything. His Knights dont take the bait to charge my spearmen and moves instead a little bit to the middle
    of the board which makes him a clear shot for both the high elves reapers. The second crossbowmen regiment moves
    and face the direction of the dragon princes. He manages to kill the mage with one wound and kill some spearmen
    in the smaller regiment causing panic and they run of the board. He also kills one black guard.

    Dark Elves turn 2:

    Harpies charges the remaining mage but he flees. They now stand a little bit to the left of the Black Guards who
    moves upp and infront of the high elves remaining spearmen. Moves both spearmen units facing the empire knights.
    Cold ones moves for a better flank charge. Reapers put 3 wounds on the Stank leaving it with just 2 wounds left.

    High Elves turn 2:

    After much thinking, charges the Black Guard. A VERY bad decision. Dragon princes charges the crossbowmen making
    sure to pursue into either of the cannons. The crossbowmen stand and shoot. Mage rallies. The high Elves Reapers
    kill 5 empire knights!!!! In the black guard vs spearmen fight i reveal that i also strike first with the
    Standard of Hag Graef. I have higher initiative and kills 7. He fails to kill any. He flees and and i manage to
    catch him. I'm now 2 inches short of his reaper. In the second battle the dragon princes kills 5 crossbowmen who
    breaks. One fun fact is that in stand and shoot the crossbowmen hit 9 of 10, wound 7 of 9 but the dragon princes
    makes 7 armour saves on 3+. The dragon princes overrun into the cannon which is unharmed. They stay.The other
    cannon crew fail their leadership and flees. Wizard 2 flees asweel but of the board.

    Empire turn 3:

    Tries to generate 1 steam point but fails and leaves the Stank with 1 wound. Knights charges the small warrior
    regiment who holds(He forgets that he got fear in the charge). The fleeing crossbowmen keeps fleeing. The fleeing
    cannon crew rallies. Wizard 1 does comet of casandora behind my big spearmen block between my reapers. It doesn't
    strike down. The dragon princes kills all the cannon crew and overrun in the recently rallied crew from the other
    cannon. Kills 5 warriors who breaks, flees 2 inches in the unit behind and stopps behind them. The knights
    pursue into the big warrior block who makes their fear test.

    Dark Elves turn 3:

    Black guard charge one reaper. The crew flees but are caught. Harpies charges the other reaper and the crew flees
    there aswell but are not caught. They are instead out in the open and a perfekt target for my reapers.
    My cold one charges the Empire knights in the flank. In the shooting the high elves reaper crew are killed and
    the Stank are finally deestroyed. Combat sees the empire grandmaster issuing a challange which is accepted by my
    general. He manages to wound twice but because he got 5 strength and i the pendant i save them both. I manage to
    wound once but he makes his 5+ AS. After this we had an argument who should strike first. His knights or mine.
    I found a rule that stated that the one with the highest initiative would strike first. My cold ones then killed
    3 knights including his standard bearer. He fled because of my fear an amazing 18 inches!!!! I followed 7 and 3 inches.

    High Elves turn 3:

    Dragon princes charges wizard 1 who stands beside the crossbowmen unit. There is some argument and therefore he
    forgets to move and cast spell with mage 1. Wizard 1 is killed and the dragon princes got line of sight to the
    flank of the crossbowmen the next round,

    Empire turn 4:

    He fails to rally with both his crossbowmen and his general. the crossbowmen flees into the Dragon princes and are
    whiped out. The general and the remaining knight flees of the table!!! He shoots with his only remaining unit and
    kills a cold one knight!!!

    Dark Elves turn 4:

    Kills 3 dragon princes due to shooting leaving only the prince and standard bearer. Kills Mage 1 with the harpies.

    High Elves turn 4:

    Charges the crossbowmen and kills 5. Fails to catch them when they run.

    We finished at this point. My empire playing friend only had 5 crossbowmen left(40pts) and my cousin his lord
    and the dragon prince standard bearer (291pts). I had 2000+ Vpts. High Elves 700-800 and Empire 300-400. In all i lost 83 points.


    I think i played very tactical and didn't make any misstakes. The other players on the other hand didn't played
    very well and made some mayor misstakes. The others list wasn't to their defense, very well.

    A MASSACRE to the druchii forces.

    Please consider that the bad spelling and grammar could be beacause i'm from sweden and only 16. This is also my first battle report.

    Last edited by The Grudgebearer; April 13th, 2009 at 19:41.

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    399 (x8)

    That was a good report, until the end you wouldn't pick that English wasn't your first language.

    You are right about your opponents, but 3 player games often go that way, 1 player has a very dominant win, they are very difficult to balance.

    High elf player was a bit unlucky with his casting to get 2 doubles using only 3 dice but that is what you pay the massive 25 pts for I guess, (I hate that item) tel your high elf friend that Dragon Princes and Phoenix Gaurd are what we have to use to take on Dark Elf uber Black Gaurd combat blocks, that or force you to pursue shadow warriors, eagles or reavers away from our line there isn't much else we can do unfortunately.

    Congrats on a good win.
    Cheers Allonairre

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