600 pt. Warband -Wood Elves vs. The Undead (Vampire Counts) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    600 pt. Warband -Wood Elves vs. The Undead (Vampire Counts)

    Welcome to the fifth Zombiefest battle report!
    In this report I face off against the mysterious Wood Elves as my undead Horde attempts to take control of some Cairns at the very edge of Athel Loren.
    Can the elves stop the vile necromancers from awakening an ancient evil? Read on to find out!

    The Undead

    I'll finish painting all my zombies soon, I promise!

    Wood Elves

    Two squads of Glade Guard there, one blue the other green.

    Table Setup
    We played at the Wood Elf players place, having just gotten a gaming room up we played on the large gaming table that they had just set up. At this point it was untextured and unpainted but a few days afterwards the table was in excellent condition (You'll see the table and more of their terrain in the next Zombiefest Battlereport ;D). The table was split in two and on the other side there's a game between the Skaven and the Empire (on which I'll report later =D)
    Since I was fighting Wood Elves I felt that plenty of forest would be appropriate. We selected one forest terrain and a graveyard and then the Wood Elf player got one free forest terrain due to her army special rule.
    Terrain was deployed with a d6" scatter but nothing moved more than an inch or so.

    The others deploy the terrain for their game.

    Undead won the roll for deployment and I set up in my regular Zombiefest pattern with the Wood Elf player setting up to cover the two "killing field" avenues across the table.
    Wood Elf player finished setting up first and won the roll for first turn.

    Wood Elf Turn 1
    The Wood elves rush forward, determined to defend their ancestral home. The Glade guards in the middle draw back on their specially crafted longbows but their arrows fall just out of range of the advancing zombie horde.
    Wood Elf turn ends.

    Undead Turn 1
    The Undead horde shambles forward, heading toward the cairns. The main part of the force keeps the graveyard between it and the watchful Glade Guards, the necromancers not wanting to test the resilience of their undead compatriots against the craftsmanship of elven bows.
    The magic phase sees the opposing Spellsinger dispel an attempt to summon a new horde of zombies to the field, but she is unable to stop a total of 19 zombies being added to the horde (9 on the left flank and 10 on the right flank).
    Undead turn ends.

    Wood Elf Turn 2
    The Wood Elves press forward, attempting to draw a bead on the undead. The Dryads huddle by the forest on the left flank ready to dart out and rip the zombies apart.
    Arrows darken the sky, slamming zombies to the ground. Left zombie unit takes four casualties while the right zombie unit takes two.
    Wood Elf turn ends.

    Undead Turn 2
    Feeling the pull of dark magics from the Cairns, the zombies surge into and around the graveyard.
    Both Necromancers can feel something ancient and incredibly powerful slumbering under the ground and they're briefly overcome as they attempted to commune with the Ancient who slept beneath them. All attempts to summon fail as the Spellsinger easily dispels their attempts to summon more zombies.

    The patented "Pile 'o Zombies" method of arranging zombies on an unstable terrain piece =D

    Wood Elf Turn 3
    The Dryads make an aggressive move towards the Cairns, feeling how the foul undead were already beginning to stir the Evil that had been sealed away. The Spellsinger flits in behind the Dryads and unleashes the Fury of the Forest. The necromancers break out of their trance and narrowly dispel it.
    The Glade Guards draw back their longbows and fell more zombies. Five zombies on the right flank and six on the left.
    Wood Elf Turn ends.

    Undead Turn 3
    The Undead shamble on through the cairns. The right zombie unit makes it through, shamblin on towards the glade guard. The center zombie unit takes up position by the outer wall, their dead eyes settling on the incoming Forest Spirits. Guided by malign cunning, their zombie brethren turned in anticipation of the Dryads charge. Barlag and Rothhurgur strolled into the ancient burial ground, in step with Corpse carts that trundled in amongst and around the cairns
    An overwhelming surge of Dhar made the necromancers convulse, all summons fail. Recovering from the seizures that wracked his body, Rothhurgur raised his Rod of Flaming Death and torched three Glade Guard on the right flank, but the staunch Glade Guard refuse to flee.
    The Corpse carts spew their foul miasma and the jerky motions of the zombies become eerily fast and fluid.

    Wood Elf Turn 4
    Shifting fully into their war-aspect, the Dryads charge the center zombie unit. The Glade Guard on the left move to support the other Glade Guard unit. The Spellsinger attempts to cast Ariel's Blessing but is blocked by ruthless dispels from the Necromancers.
    The right Glade Guard units open fire on the right Zombie unit, killing a total of seven. The left Glade Guard unit opens fire on the corpse cart. Even with its armor and regeneration it still takes a wound.
    In close combat the zombies act first due to Miasma. Invigorated by the dark magic flowing freely in this place the zombies pull apart one Dryad. In return the Dryads kill five zombies with another two dying to CR crumbling.
    Wood Elf turn ends.

    Undead Turn 4
    The Zombies on the left flank shamble into action slamming into the Dryads flank, the Corpse Cart joining their assault. On the right flank the Zombies charge the Glade Guard. All summons fail and the Miasma of the Corpse Cart on the left is dispelled. Rothhurgur raises his staff once again and screaming flaming skulls shoot out of it, seeking the bodies of the Glade Guards on the left flank. Four of them suffer a horrible death but the rest refuse to flee.
    In close combat the zombies on the right flank win a telling victory against the Glade Guard killing two in close combat and another three as the unit breaks. A single Glade Guard is left, who flees back toward Athel Loren. Combat vs. the Dryads is uneventful, with the Dryads vicious claws ripping apart zombies that refuse to stay down. The Dryads kill six zombies and combat is a draw.
    Undead turn ends.

    Wood Elf Turn 5
    The last Glade Guard flees off the table.
    The Spellsinger focuses her magic at Barlag attempting to unleash the Fury of the Forest! With the help of Rothhurgur the spell is narrowly dispelled.
    The Glade Guard unit on the left takes aim at Rothhurgur and manages to wound him once.
    In close combat seven Zombies are killed and amazingly two Dryads are killed by the Zombies and a Corpse Cart (Cart rolled 12 attacks). The Zombies win combat but the Dryads make their Leadership test, determined to hold back the Undead Hordes.
    Wood Elf turn ends.

    Undead Turn 5
    The Zombies on the right reform to face the Glade Guards on the left. All summons fail and Rothhurgur's Rod of Flaming Death is desperately dispelled by the Spellsinger.
    In close combat the Dryads manage to kill three Zombies and the Corpse Cart and Zombies manage to kill two Dryads. The Dryads break from combat and the Corpse Cart runs them down.
    The Spellsinger panics and flees to the Glade Guard unit.
    Undead turn ends.

    Wood Elf Turn 6
    The Spellsinger moves behind the Glade Guards. She focuses the Fury of the Forest at Rothhurgur but it is dispelled, the duos power growing as the ancient being stirred more.
    The Glade Guards draw back their bows and fire at Rothhurgur but the Necromancer is cloaked in dark magic and their arrows are deflected (They narrowly miss, all the dice came up two's =p).
    Wood Elf turn ends.

    Undead Turn 6
    The Zombies on the right and both Corpse Carts charge the Glade Guard unit. The Glade Guard unit is massacred and the corpse carts overrun into the Spellsinger.
    Undead Turn ends
    End of Turn 6 signals end of game.

    Result: Massacre by the Undead.

    After action report:


    PrOtOcoN: That went well! Throughout the game I was really scared of those Dryads and I was anxious about the inevitable close combat. Those Glade Guard scared me, especially after I realized I'd be in range for most of the game! For that reason I was as careful as possible with my general, taking some risks with my other necromancer since he was "expendable". I didn't really breathe easy until after turn 5! When I realized his Spellsinger was in range for a "Fury of the Forest" I watched those power dice go down hoping not to see the dreaded Irresistable Force! Had she taken him out and managed another wound on Rothhurgur I'm sure I'd have lost! Even if it may not immediately look like it, it was a very close game. I had a great start in magic but alot of hiccups, sometimes getting no zombies added to the combat and I didn't manage to Raise any zombies.
    All in all I think I played this game well, I played it safe, kept my army tight around the Necromancer and ganged up on the toughest unit the Wood Elf player had on the table. I learned to fear Asrai archery, the fury of the Dryads and I'm not sure if I'll be as lucky next time


    Doompig: Whew, what a fight. I'd like to start off my pointing out the obvious, i'm a newblet who has played (with this one) a total of 4 battles! But I digress, the thing I really learned this time? To trust myself in my choice of units.
    The thing is, since I'm pretty new I tend to rely a bit too heavily on outside suggestions and not trust my own. This fight cemented me in taking the suggestions as just that...suggestions! Not neccarily what I HAVE to do.
    Case in point: Spellsinger.
    Jesus, I've had this badly painted model on the top 2 times and I'm still not impressed, perhaps it's just because I dislike her that I failed to use her properly, but I realize I could have done much more with her. I thought I'd need her for dispel...But looking over the list I could have done much better with the points. Like give someone "A Cluster of Radiants" and such. Would have gotten Waywatchers instead, for attemped necromancer killing if I'd really listened to myself, but there you go.
    My dryads are (as always) fantastic. I originally planned 2 x 8 man units protecting the glade guards.
    All in all, learned alot of tactics from this one, and I can't wait to face Protocon again with my all Forest Spirit wood-elf army up against his Wightfest!

    I hope you enjoyed this battle report!
    Me and Doompig have a rematched planned where the Wight King who has just been awakened heads into Athel Loren, determined to finish what he started all those centuries ago!
    Stay tuned for the next Zombiefest battle report: Empire vs. The Undead!

    Comments and suggestions all welcome!

    Disclaimer: Graphics not made by me are shamelessly googled, scanned and 'shopped. Full credit to their original authors.

    Last edited by PrOtOcoN; April 27th, 2009 at 17:09.

    Your fluffraping hurts my eyes. - TehDarkPredator

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    Success for the undead. I was not expecting the zombies to do as well as they did. Can't wait to see how well the zombies will do in the next battle. Good luck.

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    Really enjoyed the battle report, can't wait to read another one. Thanks for posting this!

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    I thought that was a pretty good battle against the elves from Athel Loren!!!

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