2250 TK vs VC - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 2250 TK vs VC

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    2250 TK vs VC

    Alan and I get together roughly twice a month to play a game or two. We started in 40K about 4 or 5 years ago and just recently moved to Fantasy. This would be roughly game sixteen of my Tomb Kings mashing it up with his Vampire Counts.

    Pretty early on we figured out that TK just can't stand up to a competative VC list (where there are no restrictions). So we played around with point handicaps and found that giving the TK about 12.5% more points balances out. For the last two games though he simply took uncompetative lists and I managed to win both matches.

    Have a look at our last matchup:
    TK List
    King with Destroyer of Eternities and Cloak of Dunes (NOTE: not a character killer)
    14 Tomb Guard w Full Command and Banner of Undying Legion (bound lvl 3 raise 1d6 models)
    Prince w Flail, Collar of Shapesh (4+ save to give wound to another model), Flaming Chariot
    3 Chariots (attached to Prince)
    3 Chariots
    20 Skeletons Light Armor/Shield with Full Command
    20 Bow Seletons
    10 Bow Skeletons
    3 Carrion
    Tomb Swarm
    2 Tomb Scorpions
    Lich Priest on Steed with Hieratic Jar (Hierophant)
    Lich Priest on Casket of Souls with 2 dispel scrolls
    Screaming Skull Catapult

    VC List
    Lord - lvl 4 wizard, S7, Hate, Book of ? (bound lvl 3 gives 1 extra attack to a unit)
    20 Grave Guard with Full Command
    Hero - lvl 1 Wizard Book of Arkan? (bound lvl 3 Van Dance)
    20 Ghouls
    20 Ghouls
    20 Ghouls (this unit may have had 25 ghouls)
    Necromancer on Corpse Cart
    Hero - lvl 1 Wizard mounted with the knights, Hate, item to save/convert a power die to a dispel die
    8 Knights champion and standard bearer
    5 Wolves
    He ended up with 10 power dice and what seemed to be 8 dispel dice (so I must have forgotten a Hero?) and had two power stones on the Necromancer. Compared to his usual magic phase with 14+ power dice and 10+ dispel dice this was very manageable.

    TK Deployment (my left to right)
    Just left of middle and only 6" in from my table edge was a building so everything deployed to the right of the building starting with the 20 SHield Skellies, then the Prince's unit facing sideways (for some stupid reason to conserve space?) then 20 Bow Skellies ranked up 5x4, then a hill with the Skullapult, Casket on it with 10 Bow Skellies in front and then finally 3 Chariots at the base of the hill's right side and almost touching the right board edge. I burried my Scorpions and Swarm just in front of the Ghoul unit with the Hero and attached Corpse Cart.

    VC Deployment (his left to right)
    His deployment zone had forest taking up some of his left flank so he deployed right of it, much more towards the middle and right of my deployment. Left to right he had Ghouls with Wolves behind them (touching the forest), Knights with BSB, Ghouls with Hero, Cart, Ghouls (25?).

    VC Turn 1
    He basically marches his right flank and holds his left, in effect wheeling his army towards mine. At this point it makes him look spread out and positioned and me cramped up in a corner. He gets off two Gaze of Negesh (?) at the Shield Skeletons (basically 2d6 S4 hits). Fortunately he rolled a 2 on his first, but then an 11 on his next so 13 bolts killed about 8 skellies, ow. That flank is now looking weak. I had to scroll a Dance. Only 1 scroll left.

    TK Turn 1
    Carrion fly up to the forest's edge and beside a hedgerow which let me march block the knights and the ghouls. I f he wanted to charge them the ghouls had no LoS and the Knight would have overrun into the hedgerow and been flank chared by Chariots.
    My Prince's unit was so badly deployed that I had to make everything else move out of it's way and actually retreat the prince unit slightly.
    Then the Casket went off at strength 13 vs his Knights who were caught 12 and 1/4" away from his General. So 7 Knights bought it right off. So sad.

    VC Turn 2
    I really forget what happened, more marching and I think he got off a Curse of Years on the Shield Skellies. He moves his Wolves in a sneaky tactical conga line (about 15 inches long) behind his corpse cart to protect his Necromancer from a rear charge from the buried units. I used my last scroll to stop a critical Dance.

    TK Turn 2
    All my burried units come up! Unfortunately two are confused so he places them well back in his right corner leaving one lone Scorpion to charge the doggies, which he thinks will hold one round exceptl I also charge in the Carrion. Woo! These decimate the dogs, the Scorpion overruns into the Necromancer on the Cart and the Carrion overrun to just clip the last models of his rear rank of Grave Guard due to the corpse cart being only 1/2" away. At this point I contend the FAQ suggests that if the attacker cannot line up on the defender (due to impassable terrain or the like) then the defender slides over/across to the attacker. He calls shenanegans on the 'magic slide' as we call it around here because it would have pulled him back towards his deployment zone. So we leave just the few models in contact
    My right flank Chariots charged his Mounted Hero and Standard Bearer and the King detached from the Guard and flew to the Knight's flank in his deployment zone and got off his mvoement incantation to seal the deal; the Knight and Lord unit dies wounds and CR. Some final repositioning of archers and the Prince's unit is looking good for a charge soon.

    note: the Carrion critically held up the Grave Guard who otherwise would have gotten off a Dance next turn into my Prince.

    At this point all the details are largely forgotten but here's the broad picture. The Chariots, King and Scorpion finish off the Ghouls+Hero+Corpse Cart killing it. His General is such a combat beast compared to my King (who has no save) that in a bold, bold move he leaves the Grave Guard unit to charge the King/Chariots. Unfortunately for him My King refuses the Challenge like a little girl. He stomps a mud hole in the chariots but the king holds with one wound left. Fortuantely for him he manages to shut down my King's incantations to charge the Tomb Guard into his General, and then stops the Hierophant's incatation to do the same. Unfoirtunately for him he was out of dice and I used the Hieractic Jar (ftw). The TG kill his general in Combat Res and his army (5 Grave Guard and 20 Ghouls) suffers two crumble checks in a row as his turn starts next. Game Over.

    I rolled a 2 for single dice incantaions three times in a row, and he rolled a 1 to counter each time. That and the lucky Casket won me the game. It was well fought and would have been his victory I think due to my bone head deployment of the Prince.

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