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    Lemontron_Nova Warband Campaignathon - Battle 1

    Welcome to the first ever Lemontron_Nova Warband Campaignathon.

    This is a campaign using the standard Warband rules (for large warbands) from GW. Warbands are starting on up to 200pts. The winner will be the warband with the best win loss record overall in a few months time.

    The point of this campaign was the three guys in our group decided to all start a new army each as we had been playing our first armies since we started two years ago. The campaign is strictly painted mini's only...to encourage a gradual paint and play of our new armies.

    The participants are:

    Lemonchild Barnaby Rastus Forthright VIII:

    Bretonnia (original)
    VC (new army)

    Camtron 50K:

    WOC (original)
    Lizardmen (new)


    Orcs & Goblins (original)
    Dark Elves (new)

    A Dwarven and Night Goblin warband may also make an appearance at times...

    Introductions aside this is the battle report for the opening battle.


    Carcassonne Border Patrol (WBR = 199)

    Marquis Jacen Verscourt (Intellectual) (Paladin) (Commander)
    - barded horse, hand weapon, shield, heavy armour
    Jacen's Guard X 6 (Men-at-Arms)
    - light armour, shield, halberd
    Jacen's Guard X 3 (Men-at-Arms)
    - light armour, shield, halberd
    Jacen's Bowmen X 5 (Peasant Bowmen)
    - longbows, defensive stakes
    Jacen's Knights X 2 (Knights of the Realm)
    - lance, hand weapon, shield, barded horse, heavy armour

    Maelstrom's Death Squad (WBR = 196)

    Ludguard von Maelstrom (Psychopath) (Exalted Hero) (Commander)
    - barded chaos steed, biting blade, enchanted shield, hand weapon
    Chaos Marauders X 5
    - great weapons
    Chaos Marauders X 5
    - great weapons


    Map D was rolled. Marquis Jacen being an 'intellectual' chose to be 'player b' deciding that it would be better to keep his peasant force centralised to benefit from his leadership so Chaos took up the flanking positions. Unknown objectives were rolled both players got 'Assassinate'.

    TURN 1:

    BRETONNIA: Having decided to forfeit prayer, rolled higher and chose to go first. Immediately, the Marauders on Bretonnias left flank were charged by Jacen and his Knights. The Men-At-Arms on the left moved toward the middle slightly sensing that the charge would have no trouble destroying the enemy. The bowmen aimed fire out of the edge of the forest at the opposing commanders unit but all arrows sailed wide. Combat indeed saw the Knights slaughter the Marauders to the man.

    CHAOS: Ludguard von Maelstrom boldly led his unit into the middle of the Bretonnian forces aware that the Knights would require another turn to maneuver before being able to charge.

    TURN 2:

    BRETONNIA: Jacen turned his knights to face the solitary Chaos unit left preparing for a second charge. The two Men-at-Arms units edge forward ready to jump into combat and support the charge. Shooting again failed to cause a single wound on the armourless Marauders.

    CHAOS: Ludguard charged out of his unit to face Jacen head on and issued a challenge. Jacen accepted but without prayer the Lady was not with him and he was cut down in a fury of attacks by Ludguard. Chaos wins combat by 1 and the Knights hold but are uneasy at seeing their commander cut down in an instant. Ludguard sought the favour of the Gods and was granted +1 T.

    TURN 3:

    BRETONNIA: Both Men-at-Arms units bravely charge into the fray. The 3 Men-at-Arms fail to wound the Marauders, loe combat and are run down on the spot. Likewise against Ludguard no wounds were caused. Ludguard turned his attention to the Men-at-Arms seeing them as easy targets and struck down 2 just enough to remove the flank bonus. Again Chaos won combat by 1 but both units held steady.

    CHAOS: The Marauders turned to face the bowmen and started to move into the forest. Ludguard launched another fury of attacks, cutting down the remaining Men-at-Arms. The Knights failed to cause any wounds in retaliation and promptly fled from battle.

    TURN 4:

    BRETONNIA: Having nowhere to turn the bowmen walked blindly forward and awaited the inevitable.

    CHAOS: Ludguard charged the defenseless bowmen and stormed right through them. He managed to almost single-handedly wipe out the entire Bretonnian force.


    BRETONNIA - 25pts WARRIORS OF CHAOS - 238pts



    - Bowmen 1 dead
    - Men-at-Arms 4 dead
    - Marquis Jacen Verscourt - Amnesia!!!

    - Marauders 2 dead


    - Men-at-Arms X 1
    - Enchanted Shield

    New WBR = 188

    - Marauders X 2
    - Chaos Knights X 2

    New WBR = 276


    What happened??! Archers were horrible, couldn't kill anything. In hindsight I probably should have prayed...I thought that my armour would save me but I underestimated the Chaos hero. Men-at-Arms I was going for maneuverability but probably would have done better to have them in one unit. Unfortunately I wasn't to learn as you will see in the next battle report.

    Thanks for reading!

    Last edited by Lemonchild; May 5th, 2009 at 08:38.

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    You make me want to go out there ad get start my own warband. Great report, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Tough start though I have to admit, an intellectual getting amnesia is pretty ironic.
    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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