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    1283 (x8)

    Capital City Carnage 2009 Indy GT

    This last weekend, I attended the first Capital City Carnage Indy GT in Austin, TX. It was a well-run, enjoyable event that I plan on attending next year.

    Fifty-eight people attended CCC in downtown Austin at the Austin Convention Center. I would place sixth after a good run with my Wood Elves.

    My list:
    Highborn on eagle with light armor, enchanted shield, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, and the Glamorweave talisman
    Alter noble with light armor, shield, great weapon, Helm of the Hunt, and Hail of Doom Arrow
    Spellsinger, lvl 1, 2 scrolls
    Spellsinger, lvl 1, 2 scrolls

    3 units of 10 Glade Guard, 2 of which had musicians
    1 unit of 5 Glade Riders with a musician
    2 units of 8 Dryads
    1 unit of 12 Dryads
    2 units of 7 Wardancers with musicians
    1 unit of 3 Warhawk Riders
    1 Great Eagle
    1 unit of 10 Waywatchers

    Scenario: Battle of Bat Bridge
    This was a hold the objective scenario where the objective was a bridge on my left side of the table. In downtown Austin there is a bridge, below which lives a massive bat colony that zooms out every evening. On the opposing edge from the bridge a large template representing a bat swarm would begin moving towards the bridge, blocking line of sight and acting as difficult terrain. Once it reached the bridge, the swarm would disappear.

    Opponent's List: Nick with the Warriors of Chaos Khorne Deathstar army
    Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut, Axe of Khorne, Chaos Runeshield, Favour of the Gods, Diabolic Splendor
    Exalted Hero of Khorne on Juggernaut, BSB, Soporific Musk, Banner of the Gods
    Exalted Hero of Khorne on Juggernaut, Black Tongue, Bloodcurdling Roar
    Exalted Hero of Khorne on Juggernaut, Sword of Might, Collar of Khorne

    15 Chaos Ogres of Khorne, great weapon
    3 units of 5 marauder horsemen with shields and spears

    All four heroes went into the Ogres unit and that was it. Over 2000 points in one unit. Come and get me, the list said.

    My first thought was, "How in the world am I going to put in a dent in that," but I also realized I could easily eliminate the support units, march block the single unit, shoot at it and surround it by the end of the game. The problem would be knocking him off the objective at the end of the game, which would mean going in hell or high water on turn 5.

    My shooting was lackluster to open the game. I wasn't hitting and wounding much, and he was making armor saves right and left. The marauder horsemen were even easier to get rid of thanks to poor panic test rolls on his part, even with rerolling panic. With them gone, I poured all of my shooting into the unit, eventually wearing it down. The eagle march blocked the unit and hopped in front of it to redirect the frenzied unit.

    Complicating matters for the WoC player was the discrepancy in movement with his Juggernaut riders and his Ogres. There were frenzied charges the Ogres couldn't make but the heroes could, so out came the heroes. He brought one or two out intentionally, which was perfect. My waywatchers dropped a hero with a killing blow shot, which was my first big kill. I saw that his lord, which had just run off some archers by charging out of the unit, had no ward save, so I went straight for killing blow from my Wardancers who were playing backfield guard duty. The dice were kind, and my Wardancers lopped the head off the Chaos Lord

    After that, it was simply a matter of shooting his single remaining unit and setting up flank and rear charges. Once again, his remaining heroes had to charge out with the ogres unable to make the charge. One was the BSB, and oh man, did I need to kill him. I shot three times at him with my Warhawks and got a very lucky wound. My highborn with his screw you magical arrows hopped over but failed to wound, and this would be huge.

    By then, turn 5, the unit was small enough that my dryads could attack the flank and probably hold, which they did. The next turn, I failed to kill that BSB as mentioned above, but the heroes couldn't rejoin the ogre unit, so I piled on with more dryads and wardancers, easily winning combat. However, since the BSB was within 6" with his Banner of the Gods, the Ogres held their ground.

    He has a US of 21 to hold the objective. I made a mistake at the end which cost me the objective points. I placed the Warhawks in a position so that the Ogres would run through them if they fled, which was smart. What was dumb was not moving the Warhawks 1 inch close so that they were touching the bridge, which would've given me the objective points for a full 20.

    As it was, I won easily with kills, table quarters, and killing his general. 16 points to start the tourney.

    Scenario: Gerrymandering
    A few years ago, Austin Democratic politicians famously fled the state to delay an effort by Republican lawmakers to redistrict much of Texas in their favor. The goal for this objective was to divide the table into 6 districts, each 24" by 24". Each player secretly marked which four objectives he hoped to control by the table's end. Each district controlled would yield 1 objective point at the game's end. There would be no victory points for controlling table quarters. This was a great scenario for my WE army, as having six areas to claim instead of the usual four made that task even easier.

    Opponent's list: Will's White Lions of Chrace High Elves Army
    Prince, Armor of Caledor, Vambraces of Defense, Amulet of Light, Great Weapon
    Noble, BSB, Battle Banner, great weapon (not sure how he squared that with it on a BSB ), Dragon Armor
    Mage, lvl 1, scroll caddy
    Mage, lvl 1, scroll caddy

    2 units of 10 archers
    25 White Lions of Chrace with full command, Gem of Courage, Standard of Balance
    5 Lion Chariots of Chrace
    2 Great Eagles

    Essentially, this guy had a mini-deathstar unit that I knew I didn't want to get into combat with. I would look to eliminate his support units and then shoot, shoot, shoot the White Lions, even if they do have a 3+ save against shooting.

    This seemed like a somewhat favorable matchup. The chariots would be an issue but the army was relatively small.

    I set about destroying his archers and Great Eagles and had little problem doing so. I had an excellent roll with the Hail of Doom Arrow, notching 17 arrows that would destroy one entire unit of archers, leaving the mage that had been housed there standing by his lonesome. He would die fairly quickly.

    My Waywatchers deployed in a tree stand between his other unit of archers and his chariots. Fantastic deployment opportunity for me with these guys. They would make short work of the other archers and mage.

    This allowed my archers to concentrate on his eagles and chariots. My own eagle planted itself in front of chariots, trying to make life difficult for them. His chariots would eventually get into my archers but they rolled poorly for impact hits and wounds. My skirmishing combat units would mop them up.

    At that point, I focused shooting and magic on his infantry unit. With his mages gone, I could actually cause damage with Treesinging and Fury of the Forest, something rare for me. That and the shooting got them down to 3 remaining models plus the two heroes.

    To be fair, the dice were quite lopsided. My shooting was at times sub-par but overall I had good dice and he didn't.

    I claimed all four districts and had a second victory.

    20 battle points for a total of 36.

    Scenario: Battle of the Bands
    Austin is famous for its South by Southwest music festival. It draws thousands of people every year and hundreds of bands hoping to be discovered along with big name headliner bands. This scenario entailed selecting one musician from your army (or rank and file model if no musician) to be your bandleader. The bandleader had 4 one use only songs it could perform. It could sing "Thunderstruck" for a bound spell of Uranon's Thunderbolt at power level 5. It could sing "Born to Run" for an extra d3+1" charge range to a single unit. It could sing "Can't Touch This" for a 5+ ward save until the end of your turn on one unit. Or it could sing "Give Peace a Chance" where an enemy unit within 24" had to pass a leadership test or forgo shooting and charging on its next turn.

    To obtain objective points, there were four conditions, each worth a single point:
    1. Your bandleader is alive and not fleeing at the end.
    2. Enemy bandleader is slain or fleeing at the end.
    3. Your bandleader's unit is alive and not fleeing.
    4. Enemy bandleader's unit is destroyed or fleeing.

    Opponent's List: Jordan's Vampire Counts Army
    I don't have a copy of any more army lists from opponent's so this is from memory.
    Vampire Lord riding Abyssal Terror, flaming lance, 5+ armor save, Von Carstein ring
    Vampire Lord, BSB, Lycni talisman, avatar of death, sword of might, 2+ armor
    2 necros

    3 units of 5 wolves
    2 corpse carts (maybe just 1)
    20 zombies I think
    13 or so Grave Guard with great weapons and full command
    20 or so Grave Guard with hand weapons and shields, full command
    15 ghouls
    15 ghouls
    1 black coach

    Jordan is known as being a top general who routinely wins or places high in GTs. He attends the five in Texas and many well beyond the state borders. He's a nice guy and friendly gamer but a diehard player who plays to win. On the other hand, he took a fairly soft VC list, as VC goes.

    Jordan would keep his Abyssal Terror behind a building for the first two turns, afraid of the Hail of Doom Arrow. That was fine with me. I didn't need that thing flying around making trouble for me. If it did, he was right, I would shoot all I could at it, hoping to take out the Terror, which after all would be just like shooting at a giant. Toughness 5, no armor.

    Meanwhile, I focused on eliminating his fast cav units and gunning for the ghouls. The wolves eventually died. My Waywatchers killed four out five in one unit, got charged by the remaining wolf, failed their fear test, but managed three sixes to hit the wolf and killed it.

    On turn 3 his Lord on the Terror popped out, and sure enough the shooting and Hail of Doom Arrow killed the Terror, dropping the lord onto the ground. I pounced on him and eventually killed the bugger, watching him reappear in a unit thanks to the Von Carstein ring.

    His BSB charged out on his own, which would eventually prove to be a mistake. I was surprised he did this, and jumped him with everything I had. It took a lot of effort but I killed it, too. This happens a lot. People get bothered trying to catch my units and jump out with fast characters, leaving them vulnerable to my other units.

    Late in the game, Jordan charged his lord out of his new unit, trying to gobble up some victory points. I was surprised at this as his lord had just one wound and only one armor save. Even more, my Waywatchers were nearby, the unit of Dryads he charged, might just win, and my lord with his bodkins could easily fly over. Sure enough, the Dryads won and his general died. That ensured my victory, especially after his Black Coach crumbled.

    Once we'd started tallying the points, Jordan remembered that he'd forgotten to use his 5+ ward from the bandleader that he'd given his general. At that point, I had to pull out a "too late" card, which seemed fair enough as the game was called over, and I'd had to eat my own "too late" card earlier when I stupidly put my general in the charge path of his Black Coach. The Highborn would rally after fleeing the charge, but that was a big goof on my part and one I couldn't take back.

    I had no objective points as my bandleader and his unit were killed and he had three objective points. That gave me a victory and 16 more battle points, 52 points total at the end of the first day. 3 wins to start day 1, looking good so far.

    Attached Images
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    1283 (x8)

    I was one of four players with a 3-0-0 record to start the second day. That meant I would play a nasty, shooty Chaos Dwarfs army with a lord on a Taurus, an Empire army with Steam Tank and War Altar, or a solid, magic-heavy Vampire Counts army. I didn't relish the idea of either but particularly didn't want to play the Chaos Dwarfs army as I was so unfamiliar with them.

    Scenario: Pillage 6th Street
    Austin, home of the perennial college football powerhouse Longhorns, has 6th street to cater to the party crowd. It's a raucous place for late night carousing and drinking. This scenario placed a road running down the middle of the table, from one opponent's table edge to the other's. Staggered along it were four taverns, small and buildings. The taverns were closed, and hence impassable. Controlling a tavern meant one objective point, with four possible. Touching a tavern meant +1 leadership and +1 to combat resolution.

    The buildings made the terrain messy with lots of obstacles, which was great for an army like mine, except for the fact that it made focusing missile fire difficult for both of us.

    Opponent's list: Jesse's Empire army
    I didn't like this matchup, but then again, I didn't like any of the prospective matchups. Jesse was one of the first gamers I met in Texas and a laid back, genuinely nice guy, but that didn't mean he wouldn't emasculate your army in a game of Warhammer. He's another quality gamer who always places high and not someone to take lightly in a battle.

    From memory:
    Arch Lector on War Altar, speculum, nasty bound spell
    Priest on Warhorse
    Wizard, rod of volans
    Wizard, scrolls

    10 crossbowmen
    25 swordsmen with detachment of 5 free company
    5 skirmishing archers to screen his swordsmen
    1 unit of pistoliers
    1 unit of outriders
    2 cannons
    2 units of knights
    2 units of flaggellants
    1 steam tank

    Jesse rolled his Steam Tank right up the middle. It would run off some archers, take pot shots at my general, and cause minor havoc. In the end, I was lucky that it didn't have any great effect on the game's outcome.

    I had all three units of Glade Guard on the right side of the board, firing away at his crossbowmen, state troops, free company, and small archer unit. I'd eventually win that battle, almost panicking the swordsmen with both wizards off the table. Oh man, that would have been a clincher but it didn't happen!

    His knights were confounded by my Waywatchers, highborn with Arcane Bodkins, and Great Eagle. I went to town on his unit of knights containing the priest but had more sub-par shooting dice. I killed some but number-wise I should have killed more. His priest bailed from that unit into the other unit of knights. My eagle would block that unit for about three or four turns and the other, already-reduced unit would go down soon enough. Eventually, the other knight unit went down (if I recall correctly).

    The War Altar pushed up and started causing problems. I moved some Wardancers into contact with a building hoping that hatred would overrun him into the building after he killed my Wardancers and leave him stalled for a turn. His altar and priest skunked their rolls and my Wardancers once again did their magic and landed a killing blow on him. Down went the Lector, but the game was far from in hand.

    The Hail of Doom Arrow saw off the Outriders, and my Dryads killed most of one unit of flaggellants. The cannon crews went down to the Warhawk Riders.

    In the end, I had a victory and two objective points. 18 points to add to my 52. That gave me four wins and 70 points. I was in the lead after four games and finally broke the 3 win barrier at a GT.

    Joey's a really great guy from the LAWGS gaming group in west Texas. This game would prove to be a really great round 5 game on table 1. While we both played hard and smart, neither of us were uptight, twitchy about rules, or otherwise unsportsmanly. It was what, I thought, a game 5 to determine the overall winner should be, friendly and well-played.

    Scenario: Title Forgotten
    We weren't given a handout describing it, but this was a pitched battle with 8 objective cards. We took turns selecting the cards, and each player had the chance to earn 4 points. They were odd, and some were quite difficult to accomplish. For example, my spellsingers (my only wizards) weren't going to do much killing in hand to hand.

    Opponent's List: Joey's Vampire Counts
    Again from memory...
    Lord, extra power dice, all the Lore of Vampire spells, ghoulkin
    Vampire, ghoulkin, power stone
    Necro, 2 power stones
    Wight Lord BSB, nightshroud, sword of kings

    1 unit of zombies
    1 unit of 20 ghouls
    2 units of 15 ghouls
    1 unit of 12 or so ghouls
    1 corpse cart
    2 units of wolves
    1 unit of four bats
    1 black coach
    5 cairn wraiths
    1 unit of 15 grave guard with great weapons

    Joey played this ballsy. His lord had no armor or ward save. He was buck naked. I expected him to go in the ghoul bunker behind his main line, but that lord situated himself right up front in the Grave Guard unit next to the Wight King. The necro instead went in the ghoul bunker.

    Joey castled in the far right corner. I put my free wood in the middle of the board. My archers went to work on his wolves, which were ridiculously survivable. I poured a lot of shooting into the ghoul unit in front of the ghoul bunker. It took about three turns, but I eliminated it.

    I started marchblocking his units but his flyers and cairn wraiths made that difficult as I couldn't get behind his units without risking a charge from them. His wraiths were hiding from the Hail of Doom arrow and Dryads. Eventually I'd use the HoDA on the corpse cart and roll 18 hits and wipe it off the board. The wraiths went untouched, though they'd chase off my Alter Noble.

    His coach got into my archers but skunked the first round and my archers held. Luckily, the coach absorbed more dice, gaining hatred, which sent it chasing my archers off the board the next round. That really helped as he couldn't charge or march with it on his next turn.

    Joey took a big hit early on with a miscast by his lesser vampire. He then rolled double 1's on the miscast chart, killing his vampire, but only slightly denting his magic phase.

    I played very evasively, more than I had the entire tournament. After three turns, I'd taken no casualties, which surprised even me. I was winning, but barely.

    The coach came back on and caused major problems as a failed terror test sent archers running parallel to the long table edge, popping through some wardancers. That allowed his grave guard to charge the glade guard, running them off the board and getting enemy in the way on my Wardancers. Amazingly, the wardancers survived the onslaught and tried to land killing blow on the wight lord. This time, however, the dice let me down, and despite many hits, I couldn't get a killing blow. The wardancers broke and were run down. Next turn, he charged the already-fleeing eagle and netted 300 points out of that failed terror check.

    I wanted to send my Wardancers in to take a potshot at his lord, but he positioned his units well, keeping me back or out of position. My shooting had been somewhat sub-par once again, minus the amazing Hail of Doom arrow, and Joey was pulling back to a draw.

    At the end of the game, Joey had to take bold steps. He was smart and took second turn, so on his final turn, he summoned zombies to contest the only quarter I could claim as he already contested the other three. Then he cast a final spell, Gaze of Nagash for 2d6 strength 4 hits. I was out of dice and he cast the spell easily. And then, he paid back my Hail of Doom Arrow with a double 6. 12 strength 4 hits were headed towards my Glade Riders. All five riders died, and that was the game.

    In the end he won by 312 points. 12 points away from a draw.

    There was an unfortunate miscommunication that had big consequences. I had asked him on turn 5 if a unit of dire wolves on the back table edge was dead. In the noisy environment, he thought I asked about the ghouls right behind the wolves but off the table. I didn't hear him clearly through the din, and we continued play. That unit of 3 wolves could've been killed handily by my warhawks or glade riders (who were alive until the end of turn 6) or the dryads that were dancing around his ghouls for several turns. It was a costly error that kept me from a draw. When I saw the final scores, the hypothetical draw meant that Joey would still have won best overall and I would have won second overall. Instead, I placed sixth and didn't win jack. But oh well, there was no way to go back and replay it. It was an honest mistaken communication on both our parts, and ultimately, I should've known what units I had or hadn't eliminated.

    Even so, I had four wins and one loss, my best ever record at a GT, and I did it playing a soft Wood Elves list, the only nasty unit of which was 10 Waywatchers, which themselves are quite easy to kill. Surprisingly the Waywatchers survived every game. My general only took 1 wound the entire time, as did his eagle. The spellsingers survived, too. It was my best GT showing, and proved that Wood Elves can be competitive, even though I'll admit battling top tier armies is quite difficult.

    All in all, I had a lot of fun and hope to return next year. Hopefully my Warriors of Chaos army will be ready by then.
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    254 (x5)

    Good to see your climbing your way up in the tournaments. I particularly like the pictures of the opposing armies. Helps get a better visual.
    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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    17 (x1)

    Way to go David! It sounds like you played some great games and was playing great as well. You will get a win soon if you keep playing like that.

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    17 (x1)

    Really good write up.
    Sounds like you played really well against some tough armies/opponents.

    Very enjoyable read =)

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