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    Lemontron_Nova Warband Campaignathon - Battle 2

    Battle 1: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...attle-1-a.html

    The same forces met again for a second clash. This time with Chaos having the upperhand right from the start.


    Carcassonne Border Patrol (WBR = 188 )

    Marquis Jacen Verscourt (Paladin) (Commander) (Amnesia)
    - barded horse, hand weapon, enchanted shield, heavy armour
    Jacen's Guard X 3 (Men-at-Arms)
    - light armour, shield, halberd
    Jacen's Guard X 3 (Men-at-Arms)
    - light armour, shield, halberd
    Jacen's Bowmen X 4 (Peasant Bowmen)
    - longbows, defensive stakes
    Jacen's Knights X 2 (Knights of the Realm)
    - lance, hand weapon, shield, barded horse, heavy armour

    Maelstrom's Death Squad (WBR = 276)

    Ludguard von Maelstrom (Psychopath) (Exalted Hero) (Commander)
    - barded chaos steed, biting blade, enchanted shield, hand weapon
    Chaos Marauders X 5
    - great weapons
    Chaos Marauders X 5
    - great weapons
    Chaos Knights X 2
    - ensorcelled weapons, chaos armour, shield, barded chaos steed


    Map B was rolled. Both armies set up on opposite edges of the battlefield, with a large hill in the centre. Unknown objectives were rolled...Chaos again got assassinate. Bretonnia were able to choose. They chose Annihilate.

    TURN 1:

    BRETONNIA: Bretonnia went first, again forfeitting the chance to pray. The MAA units began to head for the hill and Jacen and his knights galloped up the flank. Shooting was found to be out of range.

    CHAOS: The chaos forces began to mobilise, attempting to surround the brave knights.

    TURN 2:

    BRETONNIA: Jacen hesitated to lead a charge into the Marauders knowing that if they would not break immediately they would be hit hard in the flank by the Chaos Knights. Instead, in a bold (but ultimately foolish) move they charge head-first into the Chaos Knights. The Men-at-Arms also charged the lone Ludguard. The bowmen unleashed a volley but all arrows sailed wide. Jacen and his knights unbelievable failed to even wound a chaos knight who struck back and killed a knight in retaliation. They were struck down as they turned to flee. The Men-at-Arms feared better causing a wound to Ludguard. In turn he struck one down and combat was tied.

    CHAOS: Ludguard annihilated the remaining peasantry and the chaos force began shifting itself to face new enemies.

    TURN 3:

    BRETONNIA: The peasants felt a sense of hopelessness without their leader. The remaining Men-at-Arms suicide charged the marauders, managing to take one down before being beaten to a pulp by their great weapons.

    CHAOS: All units turned to the bowmen and began their relentless march.

    TURN 4, 5:

    BRETONNIA: The bowmen keep shooting to no avail.

    CHAOS: A seemingly unstoppable force...

    Turn 6:

    BRETONNIA: The bowmen finally see one of their arrows slay an unarmoured Marauder!

    CHAOS: The marauders charge and kill two archers. The remaining archers kill one but it is not enough and flee the battlefield.


    BRETONNIA - 98pts WARRIORS OF CHAOS - 225pts



    - Bowmen 1 dead
    - Knight of the Realm 1 dead (can't afford to hire another so unit disbands)
    - Marquis Jacen Verscourt - Killed, used 25xp for a reroll - Robbed!!!

    - Full recovery


    - Re-arming Jacen: warhorse, shield
    - Men-at-Arms X 3

    New WBR = 139

    - I will find out next time!

    New WBR = ???


    That went really badly. I honestly thought that the two Knights of the Realm and Paladin on the charge could beat the Chaos Knights. In hindsight, I really should have gone after the Marauders completely and I would have achieved my objective...which for 55VP would have been great (although not really affecting the outcome ultimately). I'm not giving up on this warband yet...but I think I need to fight another warband though before I re-visit Chaos (indeed by the rules of the campaign I have to anyway ).
    Thanks for reading!

    Last edited by Lemonchild; May 13th, 2009 at 11:44.

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