Khorne Daemons at Tourny - Autumn Joust, Brisbane - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Khorne Daemons at Tourny - Autumn Joust, Brisbane


    Just come off a single day tourny, and thought I'd share how the Khorne Daemons went. Strangely enough, I had the only Daemon list there! It's not going to be massive detail, more just high lights and stuff that happened.

    I took the following list:

    L - Bloodthrister
    Immortal Fury, Dark Insanity, Collar of Khorne

    H - Herald of Khorne
    Jugger, Armour of Khorne, BSB

    H - Herald of Khorne
    Jugger, Armour of Khorne

    C - 20x Bloodletters

    C - 15x Bloodletters

    C - 10x Bloodletters

    C - 7x Furies

    C - 7x Furies

    S - 5x Flesh Hounds

    S - 5x Flesh Hounds

    R - 3x Bloodcrushers
    Standard, Icon of Endless War

    GAME 1

    Random pairing saw me against the guy that got 3rd place in the end, some Lizardmen. He took pretty standard stuff, 2 stegs, one had the engine, 2x Saurus blocks, 4 units of skinks, half of them skirmished, some terradons and a Slaan.

    He chose lore of Beasts with the Slaan, and didn't do a whole lot in the game. The Skink's lore of Heavens did more, with Second Sign and Portent, as I would struggle to dispel these with no help from magic res.

    He deployed most of his force in his left half. He played and excellent game tactically in his movement phase, I was very hard pressed to charge what I wanted to. In the end, BT was about the only hope I had to take down his big guys, and I let him get killed by blowpies...A mistake from not playing many games of late. I had a crack at a Scar Vet with a Herald in 1 on 1, I got killed. 5 Hounds and a herald couldn't take a Steg before the Engine killed them off. Without BT my units struggled to do a dent.

    I was march blocked all game by Terradons too, which didn't help.

    The big stand out though was the Blood crushers. They had no Herald this game (they both went inside Hounds) And just the 3 of them killed 20 Saurus or so! They even had Beast Cowers cast on them one round and still won! S6 is awesome from these guys. They eventually died because they just couldn't break the Saurus - I was winning by 1 or 2 and it just wasn't enough.

    If I didn't rush the BT into a position he would get shot to pieces, I reckon I could've had this one. As it stands, that's not the case and the score is....

    3-17 to him.

    GAME 2

    Seeded pairing saw me against some Beastmen. Doombull, 2 blocks in Minos, 2 small herds, 3 chariots, 3 Dragon Ogres, 18 Bestigor, some Hounds, 2 level 1 Shaman with scrolls and a Giant.

    This was one quick game - he only had 4 power dice, so it was basically movement and combat. I quickly managed to charge his Dragon Ogres with BT, and his 4 Minos and Doombull with 3 Crushers and a Herald. The BT went well, there was 1 Ogre left with only 1 wounds (so 11 wounds in total from 13 attacks - nasty!). He out ran me though, and I didn't bother with him, there were bigger VPs elsewhere. The Crushers and Herald were wiped out...Doombull does 2 wounds on the Herald in a challenge, i fail 2 3+ saves, and 2 5+ wards. Minos smash the Crushers as I roll crap. Not the beast start.

    On the right side, 10 Bloodletters and 5 Hounds get the charge off on Bestigors and crush them. 3 Minos smash the letters latter on, but the Hounds clean them up later, as well as a Chariot. Right flank was no drama.

    The BT didn't bother the the lone DO, and flies in behind the big Mino and Doombull pack. They had no where to go, and were charged and eaten, no drama there.

    The other big combat was against the Giant and other unit of Fleshhounds. He rolled Jump up and Down after charging, causing 7 wounds...I save 5 of them! Between them and some Furies, we take the Giant down, but the loses were to great, and a Beast Herd cleaned up the survivors.

    So the Daemons of Khorne went to town a little, but not after they took some big points in loses, namely the Crushers and Hounds, they ended up scoring:

    16-4 to me.

    Game 3

    Last game was against some Dwarfs. He had a bunch of big blocks (4-5 I think, Hammers, Longbeards, Warriors, normal stuff), 2 Bolt throwers, 1 Organ Gun, 2x10 Thunderers, an Anvil, a Lord. I think that was it...

    It was at this point I noticed that every person had taken some form on anti-magic. Funny against all Khorne

    Most of his army was bunched in his left corner near a hill.

    I picked the side that he would like for his artillery, and he gave me first turn. Step one was to take out the war machines. Furies and Hounds were threatening every one on his first turn, and the army marches up. BT stays behind some woods until the machines are dealt with.

    On his turn, the only real damage is 10 hits with his organ gun against the Hounds! he causes 5 wounds in the end, but 2 Hounds are more than enough to crush the gun's crew next turn. Furies do the same to both Bolt throwers, but not before he passes 2 insane courage tests! This will take longer than I thought, but I still kill the machines.

    He then charges his Longbeards with his Lord (very defensive lord, didn't hit very hard) against my Crushers, with the help of the Anvil. They cause only 1 wound between the lot of them! I strike back and smash them. Win by a couple, break them and catch them. This exposes the flank of his Warriors, and by now BT is there to charge it. He eats the Warriors with the help of Bloodletters in the front, and so overruns toward the Dwarf line.

    In his turn, he Charges the Hounds with the help of the Anvil again (you think I'd learn!) with his Hammerers. He chooses to use a shield to tie them up, but I still kill 5 of them, which is 1/3 of them, and he inflicts only 1 wound.

    At this point, he concedes. There's nothing he can do with the Daemons all around him. BT on his own could kill the rest of the army. This game took about 40 minutes!!!

    So the score is:

    20-0 to me.


    My overall place was 6th out of 16, my best result in a tourny! My overall comp was 5/15, but only because the last guy gave me 0, so he was a pretty sore loser. Still, not my biggest concern with Daemons!

    Some things I learnt:

    Keep BT alive! I reckon Lizards are always going to be a challenge for my Daemons, as they have some great tools to slice and dice in the engine and magic. Watch out for their shooting! it gets nasty at close range. But as long as the big guy is alive, you have a tool to deal with everything. If he's gone, options become limited quick.

    7 Furies are a lot better than 5 - it's only 2 more, but they stay above US5 for longer, and so do their job much better.

    Beasts need a new book....

    And overall, I'm pretty happy with the Khorne list. Only competes in 2 phases, but it's quick and hitty, and so remains competitive.


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