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    High Elves Vs Dwarves 1500 pts

    Had a game against dwarves yesterday, it was good fun and more eventful than my normal games vs dwarves (static predictable shoot outs) so I thought I would write it up quickly.

    High Elves
    Mage on steed with Seer Staff and Powerstone, Lore of metal spells 1 and 2
    Noble Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Dragon Armour and Great Weapon, High magic 1
    24 Spearmen Full Command (with Noble)
    10 Archers Musician
    5 Dragon Princes, Warbanner
    12 Swordmasters, Full Command
    5 Ellyrion Reavers, Musician (with Mage)
    2 Tiranoc Chariots
    1 Eagle
    1 Bolt Thrower

    Master Engineer, A ward save, with Grudge Thrower
    Thane, Don't know what he had, With Long Beards
    Dragon Slayer, Don't know what he had
    20 Warriors Full Command, Shields, Great Weapons
    20 Longbeards, Full Command, Great Weapons, Shields, Rune of Battle
    10 Thunderers
    10 Scout Dwarves, Throwing Axes and Great Weapons
    8 Miners
    8 Miners
    Grudge Thrower, Rune of Accuracy
    Organ Gun

    Deployment was fairly simple (right to left), Scouts had to deploy on his far right flank, Grudge Thrower on a hill with the Thunderers in front. Warriors, then Longbeards then Organ Gun with Dragon slayer gaurding it.

    For the High Elves, Opposite the scouts were the Dragon Princes and one of the chariots, the Bolt thrower was on a slight rise with the archers just to the right of it. The spearmen were the centre with the 2nd Chariot and eagle on their left and Swordmasters in a building to their right. The reavers were on the far right flank.

    HE Turn 1
    Reavers and eagle move up, putting pressure on Organ Gun, Dragon princes and Chariot raced up the other flank Spears and Chariot moved forward. Sword masters stayed out of range of the Organ Gun inside the building. Magic disabled the Organ gun but that was it. Shooting was good, Archers and Bolt thrower did 3 wounds to Thunderers.

    Dwarf Turn 1
    Slayer moved to block Eagle and Reavers, Combat blocks trundled forward.
    Thunderers wounded a Dragon Prince, Grudge thrower missed (thank goodness)

    HE Turn 2
    Eagle flew behind organ gun, Spears angled a bit, SM moved up, DP charged Souct dwarves, lost one to stand and shoot, but dispatched the unit and over ran easily. Chariot on the left moved out of LoS of Thunderers and prepared to charge their flank, Reavers set up to charge the flank of the long beards or the Organ Gun. Cast Shield of Saphery on the Reavers. Shooting was less effective, did one wound to Thunderers with Archers and failed to wound Slayer with Bolt Thrower and central chariot.

    Dwarf Turn 2
    Combat blocks moved to engage spears next turn, Miners arrived about 2" behind archers, Slayer blocked reavers from Long beard flank a bit. Organ Gun shot at eagle, hitting twice, rerolled get enough hits to kill it and blew itself up. Grudge thrower dropped a rock in the middle of the spears and killed 10 of them, but they didn't panic.

    HE Turn 3
    Reavers, Spears and Chariot all charged the long beards, but I did the moves in the wrong order and with the position of the other unit and Slayer I probably couldn't have gotten all 3 units in so Reavers failed their charge and Chariot and Spears engaged. Chariot to the left charged Thunderers. Swordmasters stepped out of the building to fight the miners, Archers moved forward out of charge range of miners. DP and eagles moved to charge the Grudge thower next turn. Bolt thrower shot miners doing 2 wounds, Archers did a wound to the warriors. Lone chariot did a couple of wounds and the Thunderers broke and were run down. Chariot with the spears did no wounds, nor did the spears, the noble did one, on the plus side the spear champion didn't die in the challenge with the thane, but the Longbeards won by quite a bit. The chariot held and the spears broke but didn't break far.

    Dwarf Turn 3
    Warriors charged my chariots flank, Miners both charged the Swordmasters, Slayer charged Reavers who fled. Grudgethrower missed the unengaged chariot, Longbeard and Warriors beat the chariot that fled into and through the Swordmasters into the Miners, Killing 5 Swordmasters and 2 Miners. The dwarves didn't reach the spearmen unit with their pursuit. Swordmaster killed 5 more miners and miners killed 2 Swordmasters in return, one unit of (6) miners broke the other of 2 held.

    HE Turn 4
    Spears rallied, Reavers didn't, Dragon Princes and Eagle charged Grudge Thrower. Last chariot charged Slayer, and did 3 wounds with impact hits but didn't overrun. Bolt thrower took fleeing unit of miners down to 5. DP did only 1 wound and eagle none Crew did 2 wounds in return and passed their stubborn check. Swordmasters killed the last 2 miners in combat.

    Dwarf turn 4
    Long Beards charged spears, Warriors advanced on Archers and miners rallied behind them. Thane challenged again and was thwarted but unwounded by the champion, Noble did a couple of wounds but Spears still lost combat, fled but weren't caught. Dragon princes killed the rest of the crew but the Master Engineer killed the Eagle.

    HE Turn 5
    Reavers ran off the board and Spears rallied again. Archers backed up and Swordmasters charged miners who fled and didn't get away. Shot at dwarf warriors again doing a couple of wounds. Chariot turned to charge the Longbeards.

    Dwarf Turn 5
    Long Beards charged the spears again, Warriors beat up on the archers. Again the Champion thwarted the Thane, Noble did a couple of wounds so did Longbeards. Long Beards won but I passed a Leadership check on 5. Stupid Master Engineer still wouldn't die and passed his stubborn check. Archers lost their combat and the Warriors pursued into the rear of the Swordmasters.

    HE Turn 6
    Nothing to shoot so moved the Bolt thrower out of the way of panic. Chariot charged the Longbeards. Champion continues to weave his magic and not die against the Thane, Noble kills a couple of Longbeards, forunately the chariot charged this turn and that will tip the balance, zero impact hits and no wounds from the crew but suffers none in return, fails its break test and flees to try again in a bit, spears stick around though which is good. Swordmasters kill 4 Warriors and 1 SM dies but they pass their leadership check at -2.

    Dwarf Turn 6
    Thane does 1 wound to the Champion, Noble does a couple of wounds, again the spears lose but again they pass their leadership check, that was a bit of a bonus. Swordmasters wipe out the front rank of the Warriors, win their combat by 2 or 3 but the Dwarves don't break, stupid stalemate on the hill goes on, DP don't wound the Master Engineer, and he passes his stubborn check.

    So game was a draw to the Dwarves. I made a lot of mistakes in this game and it cost me, should have backed my spears to win and gone for the Warriors instead of the Long Beards, that would have left the Reavers free, but risked a flank from the Long beards the following turn. The Master Engineer (stubborn + great Armour) was a clever trick to tie up my warmachine hunters indefinitely. Both of us had our fair share of good and bad luck.

    That was a pretty dry report, good job getting through it!

    Cheers Allonairre

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    If an organ gun re-rolls a number score from artilary die (it cant re-roll the missfire) and it gets a missfire its counted as a 6 which means it dosnt work for that turn, it cant blowup.
    Dark Elves W/D/L/ 11-3-3
    Dwarfs W/D/L 0/1/2
    Last game: Dwarfs - Draw

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