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    BoC 6.5 vs High Elves (Phoenix rewrite)

    Battle report.
    Phoenix's Beasts 6.5 vs High Elves

    For the few of you that check out the Beasts of Chaos part of this site you will probably be aware that Phoenix has been writing an update to the Beasts of Chaos armybook to attempt to make it more (by which I mean at all) competative. Here is a link to it. He has now got the book to the point where he is looking for people to build lists to see what gets turned up. I am meant to be revising at the moment so naturally I decided to go a step further and rope in a flatmate to battle it against my standard High Elf list to see how it held up. We decided that 2000 points is a nice number. It is important to note that neither of us have ever used a BoC army before, and if our tactics come off as a bit naive thats probably why. In terms of the Beasts army list I tried to shoulder in as many of Phoenix's new units as possible to see how they did - I'll put a brief explaination to what everything is in the writeup.

    High Elves:
    Archmage - Level 4, Seerstaff of Saphery, Ring of Fury, Dispel Scroll (went in Phoenix gaurd)
    Dragon Mage - Level 2, Silver Wand, Sacred Incense
    Mage - Level 2, Jewel of Dusk, Dispel Scroll (Went with RBT crew)
    10x Archers
    10x Archers
    15x Phoenix Gaurd
    - Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Armour of Caledor
    13x Swordmasters - Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion, Skeinsliver
    Lion Chariot
    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    Beasts of Chaos:
    - Shield, Bonecrusher Fang-Mace (wounds on 2+, ignores armour saves), Trollhide Armour (changed to: Chaos Armour, Regenerate) (Went with Bestigors)
    Bray-shaman - 2x Dispel Scroll (Went with Bestigors)
    Bray-shaman - Staff of Darkoth (changed to: Bound Spell, PL5, a unit within 12" can make a move) (Went with larger Beast Herd)
    Wargor - BSB, Chaos Armour, Beast Banner (as before, but -10 points) (Went with smaller Beast Herd)
    15x Bestigors - Full Command, Great Weapons, Shields, Chaos Armour, Vitriolic Totem (as before, but -10 points)
    Beast Herd - 7x Gors, 10x Ungors, Full Command
    Beast Herd - 10x Gors, 10x Ungors, Full Command
    5x Beasthounds (as warhounds before)
    5x Beasthounds
    10x Huntgors - Foe-piercer (scouts that can ambush in the same way as other beasts, OR use any piece of terrain as their entry point. Armed with poisoned bows and hand weapons)
    10x Huntgors - Foe-piercer
    5x Furygors (basically flying ungors, similar idea to Chaos Furies)
    5x Centigors - Spears, Bows (as before, but now count as Fast Cavalry)
    4x Dragon Ogres - Great Weapons

    Throughout the game magic was not a hugely decisive factor, only really causing a few wounds here and there, so instead of rolling out all the spells here I'll just mention them when they come up.

    Both Beasts Beast Herds (one including BSB, the other the Darkoth shaman) and one of the Huntgor packs were held in ambush.
    After terrain was placed Beasts chose table edge and deployed first. They finished deploying first, and after scouts were deployed High Elves rolled to have first turn.

    High Elves turn 1:
    Dragon moves up left flank to breathe on Huntgors, Lion Chariot moves up right. Phoenix Gaurd and Swordmasters advance down the centre.
    In magic a Fiery Blast from the Dragon mage killed 2 huntgors, and then cast Flaming Sword on himself. Spirit of the forge brought a Dispel Scroll and drain magic was successfully cast.
    Between the archers that could see and the RBT only 3 bestigors fell, and the bragons breath killed another huntgor, who (on the foe-render's Ld 7) pass their panic check.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 1:
    Centigors passed their Drunken check, as they would all day to the generals dismay and the huntgors passed their terror. Both overcame their fear to charge the dragon mage. The 2 central Beast units move forward, and the furygors fly next to, but out of sight of, the lion chariot.
    Only occurrance magically is the Beast's Shaman dispelling Flaming Sword.
    In combat the combination of Huntgors and cenitgors manage to slay the Dragon Mage, and the dragon rolls for whimper as his reastion. It loses combat but is unbreakable.

    High Elves turn 2:
    The Swordmasters charge into the Bestigors, but the PG just march up to the Dragon Ogres so that the Beasthounds cannopt flank charge them. The lion chariot ignores the furygors and continues round the forest.
    In magic the only spell to cast is the Fury of Khaine from the Ring of Fury, wounding the Dragon Ogres twice.
    The High Elf Archers do a great job on the Beasthounds killing 4 on the left and 3 on the right. But both units pass panic.
    The Dragon takes a wound from the centigors but eats 4 huntgors, forcing both to flee. The dragon would then remain there crying to itself for the rest of the game. The Swordmaster champion challenges the Bestigors champion, easily slaying him, while the rest of the unit kill the Bray-shaman and one other Bestigor. The Beasts strike back, with the Lords magic sword slaying 3 Swordmasters. SMs lose combat by 1 but hold.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 2:
    Dragon Ogres charge phoenix gaurd, but 2 beasthound unit is just out of range of RBT. The centigors rally, but the huntgors flee straight back into the dragon and are destroyed. The ambush is a disaster for the Beasts as only the Huntgors emerge from their intended woods next to the Swordmasters. The Shamans unit come on from the beasts side of the board and the Wargor's unit comes on from the corner near the dragon. The remaining hound and furygors move towards the archers.
    In combat the Swordmaster Champion lands one would on the Beastlord but is slain with 1 overkill. Somehow the remaining Elves fail to kill any Bestigors, who kill 3 back, and outrun the Elves, killing them all. The Phoenix gaurd fail to wound the Dragon Ogres, who do one wound on the Archmage, and one on a Phoenix Gaurd, but lose the combat and hold.

    High Elves turn 3:
    The ever ineffective Lion Chariot continues around the woods and the archers turn to face the Furygors.
    Fury of Khaine, this time from the other mage, is again the only spell cast, and kills a single Bestigor.
    The weeping dragon reaches one gor with his breath, killing it, but the panic check is passed. Less successfully, the archers kill nothing with some abysmal rolls, and the RBT slays only a single Bestigor.
    The Phoenix Guard again seem adverse to wounding the Dragon Ogres, who kill another 2 and put a second wound on the Archmage. The Phoenix Guard hold.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 3:
    Both Herds passed Unruly test (as they did all battle). The furies charge the Elven Archers who hold, as the Bestigors and 2 beasthounds charge into the RBT crew. Both Beast Herds move towards the archer core, the Centigors move for a flank charge at the PG, and the Huntgors continue to annoy the Lion Chariot.
    In magic the Staff of Dakoth allows the Beast Herd to move further towards the Eves squishy core.
    The Dragon Ogres finish off the Archmage, but lose by musician and hold, whilst the RBT is destroyed for the loss of 1 bestigor (8 remain). The Beasthounds pursue off the table and the Bestigors fail to overrun into archers. The other archers and Furygors wound each other once but SCR sees the Elves win, and they catch the fleeing Furygors.

    High Elves turn 4:
    The Lion Chariot finally gets into positon to do something good, and the archers turn around after their sucessful pursuit.
    The archers manage to kill the 3 Bestigors they need for paninc, but it is passed.
    The Phoenix Gaurd finally do 2 wounds, killing one ogre, but lose 3 Gaurd. The combat remains after the Dragon Ogres hold. The Phoenix gaurd look with fear towards the Centigors at their flank.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 4:
    The Centigors unfortunately pass their drunken test, and fear stops them from charging into the Phoenix Gaurd. The Bestigors and single hound charge the archers, who hold. The Huntgors also fail fear check to charge the lion chariot. The beasts units continue towards the archers and the beasthounds return to the table.
    Dark Hand from the Shaman kills 5 of the 7 archers, but the remaining 2 pass their panic.
    In another twist the archers somehow win combat against the Beasts by killing the hound and 1 Bestigor, only taking one death in return. I have honestly never seen so many 1s,2s and 3s in rolls to hit. Despite pursuing 10, the Bestigors escape by runniong a massive 12. In the endless combat both sides do 2 wounds and stay there.

    High Elves turn 5:
    By now it was obvious that whoever won the PGvsDO combat would probably win. Although...
    The Lion Chariot charges the Beast Herd who fail fear and flee through the Archers, being destroyed. The archers then charge the fleeing Bestigors who failed to outrun and were finally destroyed. Could this be a miraculous turnaround for the Elves.
    The remaining 2 archers finish off the Beasthounds and can finally rest.
    The Phoenix Gaurd do another wound on the Dragon Ogres, who kill 2 more, but the Phoenix Guard inevitably hold. The only blemish in an amazing turn for the kindred of Ulthuan.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 5:
    The Centigors are still not drunk enough to help the Dragon Ogres as the Huntgrs move to take more potshots at the Lion Chariot, which they wound once.
    The Phoenix Gaurd kill a second Ogre by wounding it twice with no reply, and the Dragon Ogres BREAK!!!! fleeing 11 and the 5 remaining Gaurd pursue 8.

    High Elves turn 6:
    The Phoenix Gaurd chase the Dragon Ogres off the board before collapsing in an exhausted heap. The archers, carrying a valuable beasts banner, try and move away from the nearby Beast Herd, before taking shots at the Huntgors, but killing none.

    Beasts of Chaos turn 6:
    The Beast Herd charge the archers but only 3 Ungors could make the combat. The Centigors retreated into the table quater as the Huntgors moved to shoot at the Lion Chariot, causing a second wound and ensuring half victory points for it.
    In a vital final combat the archers kill 2 of the Ungors, with no reply, but lose combat, holding their ground vitally.

    After a lot of adding up we worked out the result that we already knew: Draw. (High Elves having about 170 more VP)

    Thanks go to Phoenix for this excellent battle. Both players enjoyed the list very much indeed and, although we didn't really learn much about the centigors, the Huntgors and Furygors gave a really nice new dimension to the army, especially the Huntgors emerging from terrain.
    I thoroughly recommend everyone to have a look at Phoenix's new book. There really is no other army like the Beasts of Chaos, but they really have been hurt by 7th edition and the splitting of Chaos. This battle being a draw really shows that this book makes them a competitive army again and you will have a lot of fun with it.
    Here is a link to it again.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks very much to Stratovarion for reading my book, making a list and going so far not only to playtest, but also write an entire battle report! He has raised a number of interesting points with me, which i hope to receive a bit more feedback and input from before emaking any decisive changes.

    Hopefully this battle report will help increase awareness and input into the thread which has been linked to, and can be found through in my sig 2 weeks and my exams are done! At which point i hope to get the book finished and pdf'd, including artwork...

    Rep where Rep is due
    (except i need to spread the love a little first... lol)

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    Great report. Thanks for taking time to write it up and share it!
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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