Went to the tournament of kings at the GW store in the mall today. A very good tournament with 9 players, everyone very friendly and fun to play against. There were 3 lizardmen players, 2 daemons of chaos, a dark elf, a goblin, an orc, and a brettonian army.

I was one of the lizardmen players. I took the following army:

Oldblood with blade of realities and enchanted shield on a cold one
Engine of the gods with plaque of tepok and wardrums of Xahutec
BSB with plaque of dominion
Priest level 2 scroll caddy

2 blocks of saurus with spears- 18 and 20 strong. The general in the larger, the BSB in the smaller
1 unit of 10 skinks
2 units of 10 skinks skirmishers with the priest in one
1 unit of saurus cold one cavalry
1 stegadon
3 salamanders in a unit of 2 and a unit of 1

My first game I drew the goblin army. 5 big goblin blocks, 2 units of 10 squigs, a small unit of squig herders, a doom diver, and a giant. He had 3 wizard heroes and grishnak (spl?), as his general each in its own unit of goblins. He also had over a dozen fanatics.

I went first and the first turn was uneventful. Although my giant crossbow on the stegadon did kill 4 goblins in the generals unit. His two sqiug units both sat and squabbled. His doom diver killed one saurus. Magic did nothing.

Second turn, I moved my skink unit up to draw out a couple fanatics which caused them about 5 casualties. He moved his units up letting loose the rest of the fanatics. I lost a few more skinks and a saurus. One of his mages miscast and blew its own head off as well as taking some goblins with it. The doom diver misfired and was useless this turn and next.

On the third turn, I moved my engine of the gods up behind my two saurus blocks, and used burning alignment rolling a 12!. I took out 10 fanatics as well as the doing some wounds to a couple of goblin units. My giant crossbow again took out 4 goblins. He charged some squigs at my cold ones and the other group at a unit of 2 sallies. Both his squigs lost combat and ran.

Fourth turn, with the fanatics out of the way, the generals saurus unit charged a unit of goblins, the other saurus unit charged the generals unit and hit the one beside it as well. The steg charged a third unit. The generals unit broke the goblins as did the stegadon. The BSB's unit actually lost and fled and were cut down. On his turn his herders charged the unit of sallies that had killed the squigs unit. His giant charged the steg. Magic again did nothing as did the doom diver. The giant rolled the hit that makes me take an initiative test or take 2D6 wounds. My stegadon acutually passed and did a wound to the giant.

Fifth turn, my general left his unit to charge the doom diver and destroy it. My cold ones charged the giants flank and killed it. He now has two small units of goblins left.

Last turn, his units are side by side around the middle of the board. I line up both my stegadons on his left flank and move my sallies to the right flank. I breath and hit both units causing a wound in both so they need to make a panic test. Both fail and are crossfired against my stegadons.

Final result, massacre for the lizardmen.

Round 2 I played Taffy and his daemons of nurgle army.

Pappa nurgle
2 Heralds
Epidurmis (spl?)
2 blocks of nurgle warriors
2 beasts
1 unit of plaquebearers
1 unit of 3 nurgling bases.

First turn is just a bunch of movement. His magic kills half a unit of skirmishers. I do nothing in return. He went first. His plaquebearers were deployed with epidurmis in his back left deployment zond and never got into the battle. Don't know why.

Second turn he moves up some more, charges the unit of 2 sallies who flee. Magic kills a couple more skinks and a saurus. My general charges out at pappa and causes one wound. Combat is a draw. My sallies rally.

Third turn, the generals continue there fight. He does one would to the oldblood, who proceeds to suck the life out of pappa with the blade of realities. Nice to see a model with 9 wounds left go pop. The sallies get charged again by the beast. These units stay locked in combat the rest of the game with the other beast joining in. In the end, one beast is dead, and there are only 3 skinks left in the sally unit. The cold ones charged the nurglings and with the help of burning alignment, they are wiped out. The general rejoins his unit of saurus.

Fourth turn, the two nurgle units charge the two saurus units. The BSB's unit breaks and gets cut down, while the generals unit stays put. In my turn the stegadon joins the fight with the generals unit.

Fifth turn, the blade of realities kills the herald, and the unit is much less resilient now. It takes another turn, but I proceed to wipe it out.

Sixth turn is just the rush for table quarters.

End result, a solid victory for the lizardmen.

Game 3 I get to fight brettonians.

He took the king special character as his general. 6 units of knights and one unit of men at arms.

Of course he kneels and I think I surprised him when I said he could go first. He pushes everything forward as far as it can go for the most part. I throw my skink units and a unit of sallies forward to bait him, expecially his errantry knights.

Second turn, the errantry knights fail a charge against the fleeing skinks. Two units of knights converge on the unit of ranked skinks and slaughter them. A unit of grail and the king charge and catch the fleeing sallies. The peg knights fly to the flank of the cold ones. One my turn the cold ones charge the errant knights, the stegadon charges the pegs, the BSB charges the grail, and the general and engine charge another unit of knights. The cold ones break and run down the errants, the steg breaks the pegs off the table, the saurus with the bsb break the grail which die in a crossfire with the generals unit, and the BSB's unit overruns into the king. The general and his unit break but don't catch the knights they were fighting, but overrun into the other unit of knights.

On the third turn, the men at arms join the new fight with the generals unit. Another unit of knights join the general against the BSB's unit. He fails to rally his fleeing knights. Everybody holds on this turn and the fight continues.

On the fourth turn, his paladin is the only one knight left fighting the generals unit and breaks, though the men are arms hold. His king breaks from combat and gets away, though I charge him with my steg on my turn and he flees and lands on my unit killing him. His other unit of fleeing knights fails to rally and goes off the board.

Turn five I kill off the last men at arms, and knights.

Massacre for the lizardmen.

So I came in first, won best overall.