First Fantacy battle since 2006 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    First Fantacy battle since 2006

    This was my first proper battle since 2006 rather than things like release events and such forth. anyway I was in my local games workshop with my finally finished Vampire Counts for a reducation in the rules of fantasy and after asking the staff members if i could have a game and as usual the manager refuces to let the staff member to actually play thier hobby so i had to try and find somebody else who wasnt a beginer anyway found one VCs as well great.

    Rant over

    my Army
    2 vamps
    Necro on CC with BF
    20 skeles with shield
    20 Skeles with Spears
    10 Ghouls
    15 Grave Guard with GWs and Royal standerd of I hate you.
    2 x 5 dire wolves

    His Army
    Vamp Lord and 4 Bloodknights
    Vamp with scout and Movement 9 talisman
    2 x 40 Zombies
    2x 15 Ghouls
    2 Fellbats

    Right thats that out of the way

    we deploy in a line like this


    Turn 1
    this turn sees a general advance with the left hand direwovles turning to face the scouting vampire.
    Magic phase begins with a GoN on vamp lord and his mounted bodyguard which i scrolled, next i failed to cast it with Mannfred and all over spells are cast and dispelled exect one the kills 5 zombies from the right hand Zombies leaving 1 dice left over from mannfred wich he keeps with the Black Preiat (spl?)

    again general advance from my opponant with the Scouting Vampire charging the dire woves his magic is stoped by my multiude of dispell dice. Vampire kills one wolf meaning a drawn combat,

    Turn 2
    this time everything that could move only advanced 4" so that i could protect my units flanks in the magic face i started with WoD from Mannfred which cast with Irrisistable Force and cased 4 wounds i placed the spirit host to block charges form the left hand Zombies next i used the Book of Arkhen to charge the ghouls the Zombies but the Van Hals on the dire wolves was dispelled next nearly all my spells were dispelled or scrolled so the Ghouls were on thier own. Also the book of Arken ran out of power.
    After the first round of Combat the combat the ghouls only managed to kill 4 so lost combat by three

    my opponant issued mass charges from the ghouls and the knights failed thier charge thanks to difficult turrain also his fell bats flew behind the left had skeles his magic phase was completly dispelled and he didnt dispell the corpe cart Bound spell.

    Combat started with the Vampire killing another Wolf. the next combat saw the left hand vamp and his spear armed skelies skewer 8 of the ghouls who collapse in a heap. Next mannfred and his Grave Gaurd tear the ghouls a new one and the Champion killingblowed the Necromancer and my ghouls killed 7 zombies and a futher 3 crumbled. Vampire kills one direwolve drawn combat

    Turn 3,
    Both the Grave Gaurd and the sword armed Skelies moved to face the Vamp and bloodknights while the righthand direwolves advanced so that the knights had to charge them( hehe i love frenzy) and the left hand skeleies advanced to face off against the zombies who had done nothing so far.
    Magic started with the necro mancer casting IoN on the combat with the direwolves and the vampire but dispelled, next mannfred tryed curse of years on the vampire agian and drew out the final scroll, a few Van Hals were cast next but all dispelled and finally mannfred got of a raise dead which he used to summon ten zombies infront of the felbats threatening his rear
    Combat invloves another 7 zombies being killed by the ghouls and 4 crumbling and another direwolve being killed by the vampire.

    Vampire and bodygaurd charge the direwolves on my right and the fellbats charge the zombies that i raised in my magic phase the zombies advanced to face the skelies. his magic phase was very short but effective casting both IoN on the scout vampire with irristable force and raise dead behind my sword armed skelies and IoN to make a 20 strong unit of zombies (damn it) but i blocked the Van hals to chrage them in the rear (yay)

    Last edited by khazad varn; July 7th, 2009 at 10:02.
    Yes people i know that my spelling and punctuation is awful but I am product of British teaching pollicies so what can I do about it?

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