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    How to win with ZERO CC kills...

    Played a game against my brother (both new) he was VC and i was Bretonnia. Being new I was trying a list of 13 knights and 35 archers. (I know not lethal but we try out different lists before we play in a tourney.)

    So his list was something along this:

    Vampire Forbidden Lore, +1 Atk Sword
    Wight King Sword of Kings

    10x Skeletons
    5x Wolfs
    10x Grave Guard Screaming Banner
    1x Varghulf


    Damsel - Chalice of Malfluer
    8x KotR - FC
    5x Knights Errant - Errantry Banner, FC
    10x Bowmen (x2) Braziers
    15x Bowmen Braziers

    So First couple turns I shoot at his Varghulf and Wolfs, Kill the wolfs and finally kill the varghulf after he failed a charge by a couple inches. I make a mistake and his GG charge my Errant who flee of the table w/out a fight. I shoot at his GG and kill 2 who in return charge the 15x Bowmen, who flee before he can atk me. Meanwhile my KotR charge his Vampire and Skellies and kill them catching them on the charge. My guys wheel and go after his GG they try to charge his GG and flee of the table by a 1/4 inch. Meanwhile he made the other 10x Archers flee. Then just for kicks he chased my last bowmen across the 4' table with the Bowmen failing about 5 LD tests. Garbage. If I could of atkd his guys at all I would have won. Bull. So he won a game by walking his GG around and losing the rest of his army. I did not lose 1 guy and lost. HAHA, hilarious....but EXTREMELY Frustrating.

    Next game I wont go into depth but he had O&G and I took VC. I had a Vamp kitted out a Necro 10x GG, 15x Skellies, 10x Ghouls. He had a shaman, boss, 15x Savage Orc Big Uns, 10x Wolf Riders w/ bows, 15x Boyz w/ shields, 3x Trolls, Over time he killed my skellies down to 3 and my GG down to 2 and I got them back to full strength and destroyed him. I love the VC Won that game if I added the points up right around 850 to 215. Massacre

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