DOC 1000pts v Dwarfs 1500pts - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    DOC 1000pts v Dwarfs 1500pts


    An old friend and I had a game using my 2 armies – DOC and Dwarfs. He used to play many years ago as Dwarfs and decided to use them for this match.

    To make it interesting we decided to use all we had – which wasn’t going to be fun for me initially as I would be using 1000 points against 1500 points of Dwarven gunline.

    The Armies

    Dwarfs – 1500 points

    Master Engineer
    * Rune of Fate

    * Rune of spellbreaking

    20 Warriors
    * Shields
    * Full command

    19 Warriors (Runesmith)
    * Shields
    * Full command
    * Great weapons

    10 Thunderers
    * Shields
    * Full command

    10 Thunderers
    * Shields, Full command

    10 Thunderers
    * Shields
    * Full command

    1 Cannon
    * Engineer

    1 Grudge Thrower
    * Engineer
    * Rune of Penetrating
    * Rune of Accuracy
    * Rune of Burning

    1 Organ Gun

    DOC – 1001 points

    Herald of Khorne (General)
    * Juggernaut
    * Armour of Khorne
    * Soul Hunger

    Herald of Khorne
    * Armour of Khorne
    * Battle Standard Bearer
    * Great Icon of Dispair

    x14 Bloodletters of Khorne (General here)
    * Full Command

    x14 Bloodletters of Khorne (BSB here)
    * Full Command
    * Skull Totem

    x5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne


    Due to limitations with attachments I cannot upload the original layout - the set was as follows:

    The object on the far left is a hill - this scattered from the upper left corner.
    The Grey object is impassible terrain - a giant lump of rock to be precise

    The remaining object is a forest.

    Turn 1 - DOC

    I win the roll and elect to go first


    Quite simply, everything goes forward at full tilt.

    Turn 1 – Dwarfs

    None – my opponent knew he could not reach anything with his warriors so he stayed put

    * The grudge thrower hit my General’s unit perfectly – causing 5 kills.
    * The Organ gun rolled a 2, then re-rolled a 4 – causing a further 2 kills.
    * The cannon rolled a 10 and overshot the BSB unit.
    * Thunderers to the far left shot at the General’s unit – 1 kill.
    * Thunderers to the centre and right of the board targeted my BSB unit – but some shoddy rolls later he only managed to kill 2.

    Turn 2 – DOC

    Flesh Hounds charged the Warriors to the far right of the board, Bloodletters moved forward again and closed the distance.

    The Dwarfs failed their fear test against the flesh hounds, suffered 7 wounds and lost the combat, to add insult they then failed their break test and fled. My hounds failed their leadership test to restrain themselves and ran off the board as well after them.

    Turn 2 – Dwarfs

    None – my opponent said “Why would I want to charge you when I can shoot you at +1?


    He was right.
    * Organ gun rolled a 10! General’s unit all died but the general went unscathed (0+ armour save & 5+ ward ftw!)
    * Grudge Thrower misfired
    * Cannon fired grapeshot at strength 2 against the BSB – he then rolled 6, 1’s, 2’s and 3’s.
    * Thunderers on far left shot at the general, but failed to defeat his armour.
    * Remaining Thunderers shot at the BSB unit and only caused 1 wound – a mixture of bad rolls to hit and good ward saves.

    Turn 3 – DOC


    The BSB charged the centre-most unit of Thunderers who passed their fear test but could not S&S as I was 4 inches away.

    The Flesh Hounds returned to the table and positioned themselves for a Turn 4 flank attack on the Thunderers to the far right.

    The General charged the Warriors to the far left.


    * The General killed 3 and took no wounds – but lost combat by 2 – passed instability test.
    * The BSB unit killed 5, won by 7, outnumbered and the Thunderers were forced to flee.
    * The BSB unit restrained themselves – unlike the Thunderers to the right who failed their break test and ran straight into the Flesh Hounds –unit destroyed – got to love that -2 LD banner

    The Dwarf cannon passed its break test.

    Turn 3 – Dwarfs **winner of the “Boring Turn” award**


    None – my opponent was planning on reforming his Thunderers, but forgot as he was distracted (a little phased by the last round of combat)


    His cannon misfired, his GT & OG could not see anything and his Thunderers had no line of sight.


    No kills on either side – General lost by 3 – passed instability.

    Turn 4 – DOC


    Bloodletters turned to face the cannon for a turn 5 charge, Flesh Hounds circled round to get a line on the Thunderers.


    General caused 2 wounds, Dwarfs failed to wound – combat lost by 1 – passed instability

    Turn 4 – Dwarfs


    The remaining Thunderers turned and reformed, the Master Engineer moved behind the cannon to increase the distance (planned for Stand & Shoot)


    Cannon used grapeshot at str 4 – 2 Bloodletters died.

    The Grudge Thrower aimed at the Flesh Hounds and missed due to scatter (despite re-roll)


    At this point we were getting bored of this combat – 1 Dwarf died, My general’s armour stood up to the attacks and no wounds were caused. General lost by 2 and passed his instability again.

    Turn 5- DOC

    Bloodletters charged the Cannon and incurred a wound from S&S, Flesh Hounds charged the Thunderers who caused 1 wound on S&S. Both units passed their fear test (even at -2)


    Now it got interesting again:-
    The Bloodletters wiped out the cannon crew & delivered a wound to the Master Engineer, who caused a wound on the BSB in return. Forced to flee, the Master Engineer fled 3 inches (lol) and the Bloodletters overran right into the Thunderers with an overzealous 9 inches.

    Combined, the Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds caused an additional 9 wounds, leaving the 1 lonely Thunderer to be ran down by the Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters who were now in a superb position to attack the remaining Dwarfs.

    The General surpassed himself and killed 4. No wounds received, he won the combat by 1 and as my BSB was 12” away, he rolled a 5 and only just managed to stand his ground.

    At this point my opponent conceded. He barely had any Dwarfs left and his Warmachines were unable to see anything / in range to shoot.

    Daemons of Chaos win


    I say a win is down to luck, and my ward saves against the Thunderers just goes to show that. I would have had good money on my units not making it to the line, and what little did being quickly outnumbers and dying off due to instability. In return however, I also had a lot of bad rolls as too did my opponent.

    The -2 LD banner worked a treat, but had my opponent got that hill he wanted (which scattered to the far left) then I believe the game would have been much closer as for a lot of it, his Organ Gun could not shoot – although he probably should have moved it.

    Flesh Hounds I am starting to really warm to however as that is the second superb performance they have put it.

    Finally the General’s battle was really quite boring. Ultimately I believe had my other units not been ready to pounce, he would have lost an instability test and died. His luck held out, but at the expense of my attention.

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