Its been months since the Colonial GT (april) and now I find myself with nothing better to do then report it. This year the colonial featured 6 games with game 1 on friday night. I took a soft Tomb King list (that scored 14/20 in comp) that I built and painted 2 months before the tournament. I did not have any expectations of placing very high (soft scores have never been nice to me at this tournament), just having fun, which my list proved to be. My memory is not the greatest so this will be a quick run through. Here is my 2k list:

Liche High Priest- Neferra's Plaques, Cloak of Dunes
Tomb Prince- golden Ankhra
Liche Priest- Steed, Scroll
Icon Bearer- Steed, Banner of the Hidden Dead
10 Archers
X2 5 Light Horsemen
2 Swarms
5 Carrion
4 Ushabti
4 Chariots- banner, warbanner
19 Tomb Guard- FC, Banner of undying Legion
Screaming Skull Catapult

Day 1

Game 1-The Onslaught has begun vs. Jordan Bollin's Brettonians
Lord- Armor of Agiluf, Virtue of Confidence, Gauntlet of the Duel
Damsel- 2 scrolls
Damsel- Scroll
X2 9 Realms- FC
X2 7 Realms- FC
9 Errants- FC
10 Bowmen
X2 Trebuchet
X2 5 Yeomen- mus

As with conflict I played a new face with a balanced but good brettonian list which I was happy about. I castled on the left and he did so on my right with 3 Realm units, his characters and a yeomen unit. He had his errant unit on the left with a yeomen unit. His bows and trebuchets set up in the middle joined by another realm unit.
He focused on stopping me firing the SSC so the silver mirror was eventually healed and turn 1 saw the carrion turn 1 charge a trebuchet and destroy it. Some very good shooting saw the bowmen wiped out in a couple of turns and several realms dropping to the SSC but no panics failed (my opponent was surprised by my lack of foetastic skulls). The carrion got the other trebuchet and went to marchblocking the right. The chariots were magic moved into the flank of the mtd. yeomen and consequently the errants, both units were easily destroyed. I summoned my archer unit to prevent a realm counter charge and were redirected into my ushabti and icon bearer but i prevented contact of the IB. The tomb Guard and chariots then counter charged destroying that lance.
My carrion rear charged his lord's unit to pin them until my Tomb guard could get there, the SSC panicked a unit so it would not play a role and the bsb's lance was redirected by horsemen. The tomb Guard got to the general (I already had the win just needed battle points) and broke them with the carrion running them down.
20-7 to the Kings

Day 2

Game 2 Resupplying the Front Lines vs. Dave Hohman's Khorne Demons
Bloodthirster-rerolls, firestorm, armour
2 chariot heralds
X3 10 Bloodletters
X2 5 Flesh Hounds
I think that's it, I lost his list

The matchups were supposed to be comp based, but as I said before, I don't care much for colonial's handling of soft scores. I marched up, Chariots destroyed a flesh hound unit. SSC did absolutely nothing. Thirster flies behind me, I charge him with TG and swarms in rear. I do some wounds, his chariot herald is just out of range and I pop the thirster and the chariot with ushabti. At that point it was game over. I lost a handful of models and he ended with a chariot and 6 or so letters. Pretty straightforward game
20-6 to the Kings

Game 3 vs. Braving the Element's David Love's Dark Elves
Supreme Sorc- Peg, crystal of midnight, focus fam
Sorceress- Darkstar cloak, scroll
Assassin- Rune of Khaine, touch of death, cloak of twilight
5 Dark Riders- xbow
17 corsairs- FC
5 Cold one Knights- champ
18 BG- FC, asf
5 Shades- extra hand weapons

There was only one other player with perfect battleThis was a complete exchange of units game. However, the early game saw my dice fail me. Unfortunately, our main blocks deployed away (althught my Tomb guard did kill his cold ones) from each other as his peg hid in woods. So this would be a game of supports. My chariots took out his corsairs and shades and were then taken out by his L4. His l2 tried to assassinate my lp by flying behind my lines thanks to the cloak, but I scrolled it and shot her down. My shooting did nothing to his xbows but my carrion eventually got both the RBT and xbows and they were also taken out by the supreme sorc. My SSC firing at the hydra with several perfect guesses saw me blow up without wounding it. So the ushabti and swarms had to do it thereselves, which they did not. The swarms had 0 poisons over two rounds but they did kill the handlers making the thing unbreakable. It suffered 4 wounds before taking out both my units (man I wish i had that SSC still in sight of it...) Thanks to me being stupid his L4 took out my hiero turn 5 and some bad crumble checks saw my support disintegrate. In the end he charged his assassin into my Tomb Prince, I passed all 4 ward saves and killed the assassin to bring the game back to a draw. It was a game of small skirmishes and although I felt I played a bit better, a stupid mistake and some faulty dice saw me on the back foot.

11-12 draw

Game 4 Magic Vortex vs. Rob Canterman's Warriors
Lord- MoK, Jugger, Demon Sword, Enchanted Shield, Favour, Word of Agony
Sorc- MoN, Demon Mount, puppet
Sorc- MoS, Steed of slaanesh, scroll, book
Sorc, MoT, Demon mount, stone, scroll
10 Marauders- MoS
6 M. Horsemen- MoK, flail, mus.
X2 5 M. Horsemen- MoS, flail, axes,mus.
X2 5 hounds
6 Knights- MoS, Rap Standard
Warshrine- MoS

Rob placed 3rd with his Warriors at the Conflict so I was in for a tough game. I deployed centrally across from his khorne horses, lord, marauders and warshrine. He stacked my left with his mages and fast stuff. On my left were the chariots, who, as soon as they could got out of there, and the SSC on a hill which took shots until his units came and it would hide behind the hill. Faced with the decision of waiting for his left flank (despite fast they were stuck with carrion from turn 1) or allow me to frenzy his lord into my tomb guard right away. He chose the latter and the battle began. He killed my prince but I was eventually able to res him into breaking, crossfirnig him and overruning chariots into khorne ponies. The SSC took out a couple of knights and horsemen as his mages finally took out my carrion. After his lord die he started coming around the left into my center but one of his mages rolled a treble meaning the wizard exploded and did some damage to his units. With my army majorly intact, he conceded.
19-6 to the Tomb Kings

Day 3 (and I am 4th in battle points)

Game 5 vs. Matt Maggitti's Lizards
Skink Chief- Terradon
BSB- Terradon
20 Saurus Spearmen- fc
X4 16 Skinks+2 krox- srd, mus.
X3 10 skirmisher skinks
5 Terradons
3 razordons

Don't remember much about this one. He got some very good matchups in the first three games but my magic was too much and I setup good overruns and eitws and was able to take out a large majority of his army while keeping mine alive.
20-5 to the Kings

Game 6 The final battle vs. Jordan Braun's Demons
Thirster- Firestorm, Armour of khorne, immortal fury, scroll
tz. herald BSB- scroll, winged horror
tz. herald- master of Sorc
X3 10 horrors
X2 5 Flesh Hounds
3 Crushers- standard
5 Flamers

Well I was sitting on 90 battle points out of 100 and Jordan was on 89. I was in first place in battle, woohoo! Not bad for an army I've had for less than 2 months. Unfortunately, I played poorly and despite making several clever moves, I more or less absolutely flunked the beginning meaning I had little chance of getting back in it... I got massacred. It was not much fun but I had a chance to be in it but I screwed that up, I wish I could have replayed it oh well.

For the most part I am extremely pleased with how I played. I finished in the 30s out of 90 or so players thanks to some (again imo) incredibly poor soft score breakdowns. Well two GTs and two top table finishes and 2 losses in clutch situations against the two hardest armies. Hopefully crossroads will see improvement. Hope you enjoyed the report.