I bought my vampire counts book about a year ago, around the time that the new book came out. I wanted to play them since I started fantasy, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately I had to go back to school for engineering, so my life pretty much disappeared and I never really got a chance to use them beyond a couple proxy games. Now that I'm settled into my internship and an escalation league has started up with a local gaming group I finally have a chance to give them a go. If things go well I'll try keep posting up new reports every other week or so as the points values increase.

We used warband rules for 250 point armies, and I had to throw something together quickly because I thought we'd be starting at 500 points.

My List:
- Summon Ghouls
- Flayed Hauberk
- Biting Blade

Ghouls 1
- 4 ghouls

Ghouls 2
- 4 ghouls

Fell Bat

Fell Bat

Total: 249 Points

Game 1 vs Vampire Counts
His List:
- Lord of the Dead
- Flayed Hauberk
- Possibly something else...

- 11 skeletons
- banner, musician

Dire Wolves
- 3 wolves

This would be interesting, we would both be totally reliant on our magic phase to carry the day. I just had to hope that my second unit would help me take down the big block of skeletons by hitting the flank. We forgot to use the scenario this game.

The terrain was simple, a big monolith on the right, and a hill in my back left. I put my ghouls in the middle with my general in the rightmost unit, and my bats to my far right so i could send them over the monolith. He put his skeletons in the middle, his general behind that and his wolves to his right.

Turn 1
Nothing eventful for either of us. I moved my fell bats up to the right and my ghouls directly forward. I got one invocation off that wasn't blocked and raised 6 ghouls into the non general unit.

He turned his skeletons to face my birds and moved his wolves up my left side. He got one invocation off as well and got 6 skeletons into his unit.

Turn 2
I moved my bats behind his skeletons to threaten his general. This was a total waste as i realized i couldn't put a scratch on him. I should have used these guys to deal with the wolves, stupid mistake. My ghouls moved up, the leftmost turning to face the wolves. Magic got a couple ghouls for my general's unit and some wasted dice trying to cast raise dead near his general.

He moved his wolves up beside my leftmost ghouls, but still in my sight range, (he was pretty new at the game), and moved his skeletons towards my ghouls, ignoring the bats. He raised some more skeletons.

Turn 3
I charged the wolves and wiped them and moved my generals unit up. Magic saw more wasted dice on raise dead and maybe an extra couple ghouls for the general's unit.

He decided not to try to charge my ghouls as I was right on the edge of range, so instead just raised more skeletons. I think the unit was up at about 20 now.

Turn 4
I should have waited an extra turn and tried to get an extra rank bonus, but i went for it and charged his skeletons with my general's unit. The ghouls on the left started moving to the center. Magic saw a couple ghouls rise to help the general, and me losing combat by 1 thanks to him having the big 5 on me.

He raised some more skeletons and again won combat thanks to static combat res.

Turn 5
My bats charged his skeletons in the rear since i didn't have much other choice and the ghouls moved up. I failed to raise anything of consequence and lost combat again, both bats dying and more ghouls going poof to combat res.

He raised more, charged with his general and wiped my skeletons. My general died to combat res and that was the game.

Thoughts: I made a few mistakes this game thanks to having a long time since I last played. I should have focused on raising more ghouls, dealt with the hounds with my bats and gone after the skeletons with my ghouls right from the beginning. Oh well, more games to go.

Game 2 - Empire
His List -
- great weapon
- dragon bow
- probably some armour

- 10 swordsmen
- Full Command
- 4 hand gunner detachment

2 Knights Panther

We used the same table and I used the same set up. He set up the swords with the captain in the center with the detachment to my left and the knights further left. I again opted for raise dead, but I had no real plans to use it thanks to its ineffectiveness last game, but it was better than wind of undeath, which i rolled. We used the little war scenario, my objective was table quarters and i think his was to assassinate my general.

Turn 1
He gave me first turn and I again moved my fell bats up the right flank so I could go after the hand gunners. My ghouls moved up the center and magic saw a couple ghouls go into both units.

He turned his captain's unit to face the bats, the moved the horses up. He shot at my general's unit with the hand gunners and killed one. He shot his bow at my bats, needing a 3+ he rolled a 2 and missed.

Turn 2
I moved both ghouls up, the leftmost turning to face the knights. My bats moved in behind the hand gunners. Magic saw a couple go into the leftmost ghouls.

He charged my ghouls passing his fear, turned his general to face mine and moved up a bit. He again shot with the bow and the hand gunners, but only killed one or two ghouls from my general's unit. The knights killed a couple ghouls for no return, but i only lost one more due to a rank and outnumber.

Turn 3
My bats charge the hand gunners and they fail a fear, needing 6's to hit. My general moves up and I raise into the ghouls twice. He fails one dispel, needing a 4, rolling a 3. This gives me a rank again. My bats kill the gunners and overrun into the knights. The combat is tied this turn due to two wounds for them, (kills a bat) but me having a rank/outnumber.

He moves his swords up a bit and again fails to hit with his bow. The knights totally wiff their attacks and get chased by my bats but survive.

Turn 4
I charge the knights again with a bird and chase him off the board. My general charges his swords and my left ghouls start moving toward the center. I raise enough ghouls into the center unit to outnumber him. The captain challenges and i accept with my vampire. I wiff all three rolls to hit, (2,2,1), and he wounds me once with a great weapon. I roll a 6, (needing a 5) and save it. My ghouls 2 swordsmen for 1 return wound. He subsequently loses combat and gets chased down by the ghouls.

Thoughts: Sweet deal, it was much easier to cast invocation when there was no opposing wizard. I lost one bat and ended up with an extra 120 points worth of ghouls at the end, for a net gain of 100 points over what I started with.

Game 3 - Dwarves
His List:
- mixed goodies, a great weapon

Long beards
- 4
- shields

- 4
- shields

- 5
- shields

This was just a game for fun as we both had our minimum 2 for the night. I basically did the same thing here as with the empire except with the 4 dispel dice for the dwarfs there was much less raising. My vampire wiped his warriors, overran and then finished off the thunderers with my bats. My ghouls charged his longbeards with the thane and managed 4! poisons and an additional 2 wounds, resulting in 2 failed saves. After that they got wiped by the thane over two rounds.

We called it as I still had my bats, general and one unit of ghouls versus his thane and two long beards. Another victory for the VC!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, feel free. Also, if you have any ideas for where I should head at 500 points I'd love to hear them. I was thinking a corpse cart and some more troops as I cant get any more characters, (max of 150 points). Maybe a varghulf, but that may be a little mean.