This was my 3rd game of fantasy against an opponent who had beaten last week when he had fielded his skaven army.

My army was composed of

Exalted- Steed, Armour of Morselib ,Flail

Orgon the Corruptor - Mark of Tzzentch, 2nd level, Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll

25 Maurders Flails Light Armour Mark of Slannesh- the masses

15 Warriors- Add hand Weapons Standard Mark of Slannesh- The blades

15 Warriors- Hand weapon and shields standard Mark of Slannesh- The Valiant

5 Knights- Standard Mark of Slannesh- The unlucky

10 Chosen- Full Command- Champ given Favour of gods- THE USELESS

He had (This is a bit of estimate since I am writing without his list)

Hearld of Tzentch

20 Horros of Tzentch

20 Plauge Bearers of Nurgle

6 Flamers of Tzenntch

10 Deamonetts of Slannesh

5 Mounted Deamonettes

4 Bases of Nurglings


We determined terrain by placing one feature in each table quater and then rolling scatter dice.

On the left hand side of the board was a small patch of marsh. The centre was open ground with a truely strange mixture of hill building and graveyeard clogging the left hand side of the board.

He deployed first placing his Plauge bearers and Horros next to each other holding the centre. With the deamomotes units deployed to my left behind the march and his flamers and nurglings to my right protecting the flanks of the plaugebeares.

I deployed from left to right
The blades behind the marsh, The masses in the centre facing the horrors the Valiant facing the plauge beares with the knights on the other side of the building with the chose (this was to protect them against the flamers. With the chosen placed behind the knights) His hearald was placed in the unit of horrors my exalted was placed in my knights with sourcer in with the chosen

___________________________________________________________________________ _______

Mounted Deamonets Horros Plauge Flamers & Nurglings
Deamotes Bearears

marsh Building Hill Grave yard

The Blades The masses The Valiant Knights

___________________________________________________________________________ ________

Turn one.
I opened the battle by advanicing the blades towards the marsh. The Maurders marched towards the horros the valiant advanced up to the building. The knights moved ontop on the hill using a the building to stay out of sight from the flamers with the chosen moving behind them. In the magic phase Orogon cast Pandemonium.

Deamons advanced towards the choas warriros at full movement Flamers moved into postion to shoot at the valiant. mounted deamonets move toward gap on left side of the hedge while infantry deamonttes protect flank of horrors. In his magic phase his Herald mis cast (due to Pandemonium) and causes him self one woud. His Horrors cast flickeing fire and kill 3 of the Marauders.

The flamer open up on the valiant and kill 4 of them.

Turn 2

The knights move out from behind the hill but fail to charge the nurglings protecting the rear. The chosen move behind the knights.
The blades move up to the marsh and wheel towards the left gap anticipating the charge from mounted daemonettes. The valiant move just out charge range of the plague bearers and the masses towards the horrors.

Deamon turn 2
The deamonette calvary changes direction and goes round the back of the horrors and the plague bearers. The horros and plague bearers move up. The flamers turn and open fire on the knights killing 2. Wizard cast flames of Tzentch on valiant killing 2.

Turn 3
I charge the Valiant into the plague bearers. The masses charge the horrors. The Knights charge the Nurlings the chosen wheel down the hill aiming for the nurglings. The blades reform facing right and move towards the end of the marsh.

The masses kill 4 of the horrors including the changeling. Winning the combat 2 horrors disappear due to instability.

The valiant kill a few plague bearers losing a couple back the combat is a draw.

Infantry Deamonettes charge fland of the masses. The flamers charge flank of the Valaint. Deamonetes move behind the unit of horrors.

The masses take horrendous casualties and lose the combat and are chased 8 inches. The valiant kill some plague bearers they lose the combat but hold. The knighst manage to kill two bases of Nurglings but two knights also die. He rolls double 1 on his leadership role so loses nothing to instability.

Turn 4
The chosen engage the Nurglings. The Blades Burst from behind the marsh and attack the horrors in the flank.

The Blades kill 9 of the horrors in the combat and cause them to lose another 6 to instability reducing the unit to one man and the herald.
The knights and the chosen destroy the nurgling bases.
The Valiant continue to take casualties and inflict a few killing a flamer as well. They lose the combat but true to their name they hold.

Daemon turn 4
Daemonette calvary charge rear of the blades. Infantry deamonettes manoeuvre for flank charge next turn on the blades.

The deamonetes kill 2 of the blades and the blades kill one daemonette. The Herald and the horror are killed by the rest of the blades. The blades win the combat and deamonettes hold. The valiant fight on until only the standard is left he breaks and the plague beares pursue but are not fast enough.

Turn 5
The knights and the chosen advance towards the combat in the centre . The Marauders rally and face the plague bearers.

The Blades take no prisoners and wipe out the mounted deamonnttes in combat.

Deamon Turn 5
The flamers and the Infantry deammontees attack the blades from two flanks. The flamers kill one missing with a large amount of their attacks. The deamontees kill 5. Amazingly the Blades hold.

Turn 6
The maurders with a last roar charge the plaguebeares. The knights charge the rear of the infantry deamonettes. The chosen fail to charge. The blades and the knights do massive damage to the deamonetts killing 4. on the other flank 2 of the warriors manage to kill a flamer. I win the combat and my opponent has to pass a leadership test of 5 he nominates to take both the flamer and deamonette at same time he rolls a 12. this wipes out the unit of deamonettes and reduces the flamers unit to two. The Marauders
lose to the plaguebearers and run off the board.

I won the game on victory points.

Post Fight thoughts

Chaos Warriors with additional hand weapons close combat monster

The chosen were useless in this game because I deployed them behind the knights in future if I do take chosen these guys will be in the centre.

Exalted with Flails kick butt.

I just remembered that my opponent did have some screamers these just flew around the board chipping away at my units.

sorry about poor english wrote this in a real hurry.