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    2250 RTT report, Wood Elves

    Well, unfortunately there were only 6 people. But that does not mean I couldn't have fun with some warhammer games! I brought my wood elf list that I will use in the upcoming Crossroads GT since I can not get my Orcs and Goblins finished in time. I brought a pretty soft list, apart from me there was a Warriors of Chaos army, Skaven, Empire, High Elves, and Tomb Kings. My army list was:

    L4 Weaver- Ranu's Heartstone, Amaranthine Brooch, Annoyance of Nettlings
    L2 Singer
    Noble- BSB, Stone of the Crystal Mere, Elynett's Brooch
    Noble- La, GW, shield, Hail of Doom Arrow
    X2 11 Glade Guard- Mus. Standard
    X2 8 Dryads
    5 GG scouts
    6 Wild Riders- Mus. Standard, warbanner
    7 Wardancers- Mus.
    20 Eternal Guard- FC
    19 Eternal Guard- FC
    X2 Eagle

    Game 1 vs. Troy's Skaven:
    Seer- 2 scrolls, warpstone amulet
    Warlock- full kit, storm Demon, scroll
    Chieftain- ASF sword, bands of power
    Chieftain- BSB, banner of the swarm
    X4 20 Clanrats- Standard, 3 have ratling guns
    X3 20 slaves
    23 Stormvermin- FC, umbranner
    X2 20 Plague Monks- FC, one has warbanner, other has banner of the swarm
    5 Jezzails
    4 Jezzails

    I rolled 1,2,5,6 on life and 1,6 on loren
    He rolled 1,3,4,6 for his seer

    He deployed spread out. On my left was a unit of jezzails on a hill and to their left were a wb plague monk unit, and a ratling gun+ bodyguard. Across them were the wild riders and an eagle behind some rocks and some dryads. In his center was 2 slave units, stormvermin (with L4, bsb, and chief), ratler unit, and the other monks who faced off against a glade guard squad with my L4. To the right of these archers was the rest of my army. Separated by a wood from his middle section was the other 2 ratling units (one containing the lock), other jezzails and other slave unit.

    I took first turn advancing aggressively with everything except my archers, giving myself several options for turn 2 charges especially on the left. My magic saw 2 scrolls drawn. In the shooting phase, I rolled a 4 for the HoDA, missed twice, and wounded his jezzails once. It was all I needed to panic them off the board . My GG shot at the big unit of jezzails on the left killing 2 and my scouts being ninjas and dropping a ratling gun.
    He responded by moving up just as aggressively (except on the right against my EG) after seeing his shooting being nearly cut in half. His magic saw the grey seer very riskily skitterleap into my territory. All my defense was spent stopping the lock. He ended up getting off vermintide and plague killing several eternal guard and glade guard.
    In turn, I charged his plague monks with eagle and wild riders. My other eagle moved back to deal with his seer, my full eternal guard block with BSB moves up to his locks unit, dancers split some slaves and gg turn to deal with seer as well. Magic saw him dispelling my life spells on his lord and getting off call of the wild. Combat saw me lose by 1 but hold on the left and the eagle beating and running down the seer. GG
    In his turn he failed fear on the clanrats to charge my wild riders flank (I would not have minded) and they ended up panicking after I broke the unit and ran it down, the dryads went on to chase off said rat unit, its attendant rating gun, and later the jezzails. My wild riders went on to front and rear his other monk unit with dryads killing them too. My big eternal guard destroyed the other 3 clanrat units after the dancers epic failed against them. In the end I tried to table him by flanking his stormvermin with my plagued EG unit, that just saw me fail my rerollable 9 break test after whiffing and being run down. It did not matter and I ended with a big win.

    WE remaining:
    1 EG unit
    1.5 dryad units
    Wild riders

    Skaven remaining:
    .5 Stormvermin

    17-6 WE

    Game 2 vs. Drew's Empire:
    L4- Rod of Power, scroll, orb of thunder
    L2- 2 scrolls
    Warrior Priest- Dawn Armour, full kit, icon of magnus
    BSB- full armour kit, griffon banner
    25 Swordsmen- FC, 5 archers
    10 handgunners- 5 xbows
    X2 5 knights
    X2 10 Flaggellants
    22 Greatswords- FC, Banner of Arcane Warding, 5 archers, 9 halberds
    5 Pistoliers
    2 Cannons

    We have played this game before, twice. I won a massacre victory the first time then we switched armies and I scored a minor victory (my L4 blew itself up bottom of 6).

    I rolled 1,4,5,6 on life, and 2,5 on AL
    He rolled 1,3,4,6 on fire and 1,3 on death

    I tell him I am going to deploy in one corner behind some woods. I do so. He proceeds to deploy his army except for handgunners and pistoliers in the opposite corner. I don't know why but oh well...

    He gave me first turn. I'm not sure why. Everything but my archers who stayed on their hill and wild riders who shuffled 18 inches along the board edge moved full speed ahead towards him. Magic was either dispelled or scrolled. Drew is a good friend and I think he is a good player but sometimes he thinks too much and doesn't look at the obvious. So all my shooting goes into his handgunners whom housed the L2, the HoDA ended up rolling a little more than 4 and was able to wipe out the unit and mage.
    With weakened magic, being out of position with everyone, and no line of sight to anything worthy to shoot at his first turn was pretty useless. This would continue the entire game. Pretty much dryads were able to take out flaggellants, xbows, pistoliers, and a knight unit while my eternal guard kept his doomsday block busy and out of my way and the other unit took out hellblasters and the other flag unit. The wild riders were able to professionally split the defense with their awesomeness and take out both cannons. In the end he had only killed both eagles (one because I was dumb) and half the dancers and half the wild riders. He did not think he lost by that much and I explained to him that I easily had him by 1000 points. He thought no way and was surprised he didn't manage by his super avoidance deployment did not get him a draw. We counted it up, I was right (I always am, for future notice don't bring up math in any attempt to prove me wrong, chances are very high that I already did it.)

    WE remaining:
    Everything minus what i mentioned

    Empire remaining:
    1 Knight unit
    .5 L4
    2 archer detaches

    18-7 to the WE

    Game 3 vs. Aaron's WoC:
    L4- scroll, spell familiar, book of secrets
    L2- MoT, scroll
    L2- MoT, skull of Katam, conjoined Homonculus
    Exalted- BSB, flail (seriously, that was it)
    15 Warriors- Shields, MoS, Standard
    12 Warriors- MoK, Shields, double hand weapons
    X3 10 Marauders
    X3 5 Hounds
    18 Chosen- FC, MoN, Favour of the Gods (+1 S), banner of Rage
    X3 Spawn

    Just so you know we have played this exact game twice, both games resulting in massacres in my favor, it would be interesting to see what he was going to try.

    I rolled- 1,3,4,5 and 1,3 on AL (If you are thinking I could have possibly chosen worse spells, you are 100% wrong)
    He rolled- 1,3,4,5,6 on heavens and 1,2 with both tzeentch.

    On my left I deployed a unit of dryads that faced off against a spawn, warhound unit, and marauder unit. The rest of my army deployed to the right of some trees across from the right of his army, all of his trash units on the board edge. This was going to be fun !

    I took first turn moved up but wary of flicker range. I wasted my HoDA on a unit out of range. My left dryads raced up to eat his units (nom nom nom). I cast no spells because they all suck, my GG do good on some spawns.
    He responded by throwing his chosen right at my woods and his warriors + screeners forward. Magic saw a dryad go down to a missile and comet fail to cast.
    I make my moves, eagle moves to redirect the chosen so that an EG unit with both nobles could flank it and win the game, dancers, dryads, and wild riders move into the woods all poking out, giving me several options for combo charging. My other Eternal guard unit with both mages was in this wood too, I don't know why, I think backup. It would really suck if comet came down in my next turn... Magic saw me miscast and off some of my buddy EG. Shooting saw 2 of the wounded spawns die a prickly death.
    His BSB essentially saves the chosen by charging the eagle on his own, clever, I flee. He advances more. I roll snakeyes to dispell the comet .
    Atleast it might not come down. It does And it kills only one wild rider! And a whole megaton of eternal guard and all the scouts. Oh well, I charge the dryads into marauders screening khorne warriors and wild riders into warriors meaning corner to corner awesomeness. GG kill a hound unit. and the dryads on the left draw nearer to their lunch. I try to regen on m WR with 5 dice seeing as its my only semiuseful spell. Well I roll snakeeyes again. So I heartstone it and it goes to a 6! IF! But it's off the board. We d6 it and its in his favor. I reroll again, another 1 (this is insane), just a side not half of my rerolled 1s for ranu's are 1s, I'm not sure why I take it... I go on to a roll a 3rd snakeyes in a row! Dead L4 and more dead eternal guard. In combat marauders hold vs. dryads and WR kill a warrior winning combat and breaking their frenzy.
    His chosen move in front of my EG, mages jump out of the MoS warriors sensing some sort of impending doom. Magic saw him get another comet down. In combat, my wild riders break the khorne warriors, running them down. overrunning into the slaanesh warriors and some marauders (my eagles were next to these units so he could not flee seeing as it was my turn next), dryads would destroy the other marauders and followed up into the warriors.
    I declare a charge with my wardancers on the marauders figuring this way my dancers can eat some marauders and break the warriors with this cr, then we remembered the comet, I subsequently predicted the 12 hits on my dancers and took them off the board. Well then... My dryads charged his hounds that ran off the board, my eagle charged his mages 2 of which fled and got away I was hoping one did not rally... In the shooting phase my glade guard killed the tzeentch sorc that did not flee with some badass archery skillz. In combat my dryads and wild riders ended up winning by 1 and I broke both units and ran them down, my wild riders were the mvps of the entire tourny until now.
    I figured there was a 2/3 chance on sorc would not rallied and so I braced myself as both made their checks. His chosen turned around, my dryads were blown away but the riders ended up good because they rock.
    I move my eagle and wild riders to enclose the sorcs as my left dryads charge and eat his last marauder unit completing the encirclement.
    In his turn he magics my wild riders to not much avail, 2 live.
    I charge!!!!! WR at L4, dryads and eagle at L2 who fled and died which allowed my eagle to land in front of chosen meaning he had to waste his last turn killing it. In the importantest one, I did 2 unsaved wounds with the riders and I got ready for my horses to kick him in the friggin face, it did not happen. He did no wounds, I broke him and rolled a 4 for pursuit!!!!!!! He rolled a 5!!!!!!!!! ohs noes!!!!!!!
    I dispell uranon's, forked lightning goes through, only 2 hits, 2 wounds, 2 failed armor saves, 2 failed ward saves, even more ohs noes!!!!
    This was the wackiest, funniest, craziest, awesomest game I have played in recent memory. It was flipping amazing. The score ended up a draw in my favor but he got 13-12 battle points. I was up by 1 point going into the game so we both gave each other full soft score marks and shared first place, I picked up some dwarf stuff. Even with 6 people, it was an amazing tourny fun wise. The armies i played were, I felt, tourny hard, but still fun and a very relaxing rest from the VC/ Demons/ DE madness going on and it produced hella fun games. I had more fun in that game 3 then I ever did in every single game I had vs. VC/ Demons/ DE added all together! Armies should be less reliable and wacky like orcs, its more fun and ensures, more often than not, the better player wins.

    2009 Tourny records (W-L-D) (20-4-4):
    9/56, 1/12, 2/14, 4/14, 32/82, 1/6, 16/72

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    Fun reports to read and gj.

    I just went to a tournamen yesterday, had about 12 people,and the armies were-
    4 daemon armies
    3 lizardmen armies-(using a buffed up slann and engines)
    1 VC army, surprisingly,
    2 dwarfs, They did horribly but build fun armies not cheesy ones
    2 WoC, one being me
    And one High elf with a star dragon

    I was very dissapointed that out of 12 people there was so little diversity as so many people stacked the cheesy armies. There was a tzeentch demon army rolling with 15 PD and 12 DD. And lizardmen using a slann with tons of temple guard flanked by two Engine of the Gods. I placed 6th in generalship using an infantry nurgle army, so i was happy, but after reading your report i am jealous of your tournament.

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    Ooh, Orkimedes report!

    *off to read*
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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