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    500 Points VC Escalation League

    Ok, so this is from the second stage of the escalation league. I managed to get four games in this time since i'll miss next week, but one of them used the wrong rule set, (we were supposed to be using normal warhammer rules rather than warband, but neither of us knew that) so I won't post that battle. I'll try to keep the reports a little more manageable than last time.

    My List:
    - Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls
    - Cadaverous Cuirass, Black Periapt

    Ghouls (vampire here)
    - 10 ghouls, ghast

    - 10 ghouls

    Corpse Cart
    - unholy loadstone

    Dire Wolves
    - 5 wolves

    Game 1: Lizardmen
    His List:
    Scar Vet
    - light armour, great weapon

    Saurus (scar vet here)
    - 15 saurus, full command, spears

    Skinks x2
    - 10 skinks

    Salamander Hunting Pack

    This was an interesting game, i haven't played against the new lizardmen yet but I did play their old book for about a year, so I had an idea what to expect. My ghouls and cart deployed on the right and my wolves on the left. He put his salamander across from the wolves and the skinks/saurus across from my ghouls.

    In the first two turns he advanced on me while i positioned, raised ghouls and hit one skink unit with gaze of nagash, killing 6. My wolves got toasted by the salamander in combat because of the new rule that the skinks aren't allowed to fight at all.

    After that my general's ghoul unit got charged by his general and saurus. My unit survived the first turn mostly due to static combat res, and a massive increase in numbers due to IoN, which allowed me to flank him with my other ghouls. He moved his general over to hit mine, but luckily i managed to kill it with the flanking ghouls and one wound from my vampire. Unluckily for me he managed to put a wound on my general with three saurus attacking with spears. I won the combat and ran him down. After that i had to chase some skinks, and he managed to snipe the last wound off my general on the last turn by charging in with his salamander. Of course I hadn't healed the previous damage, because that would have been a smart thing to do Thanks to that it was closer than necessary, but i still managed to win by about 160 points mostly thanks to the banner from the saurus.

    Game 2: Night Goblins
    Night Goblin Shaman x2
    - level 2
    - one had Horn of Urgok, the other the 'Itty Ring

    Night Goblins x4 (shamans in two of these)
    - 20 night goblins
    - short bows
    - Musician, Standard

    He castled his army on or behind a hill on my left while i put most of my stuff in the middle due to a large forest on my left. I marched up, raising as many ghouls as i could and healing my general after a wound from the 'itty ring, (I learned my lesson from last game). My wolves moved up to threaten flanks, but ended up getting annihilated by a successful brain bursta spell from one of the shamans. For the first three turns i marched up at least one of his shamans squabbled, which meant that he was never really able to put up his full magic capability.

    It was a hard road getting there, losing my corpse cart and wolves plus a few ghouls, but i hit his lines around turn 4. I succeeded in charging one of his shaman blocks with my normal ghouls and killed the wizard, but he was able to beat me with static res for a couple rounds. Next turn I charged another block with my general's ghouls but it fled, going straight off the table. That turn i added about 17 ghouls to the block still in combat, won the round and the ensuing panic caused the other two blocks to run off the table. Victory for me.

    Game 3: Dwarves
    - Great Weapon, Rune of Stone, Shield

    Long Beards
    - 10 Longbeards, full command
    - Shields

    Warriors (Thane here)
    - 10 Warriors, full command
    - Shields

    - 10 Thunderers
    - Shields

    This game consisted of the worst dice rolling I've ever had for the vampire counts, coupled with at least one major tactical blunder. My blocks and cart set up across from his longbeards and warriors. My wolves set up far left, ready to threaten the thunderers. I moved up raised a couple new ghouls thanks to one successful cast, one failed and two were dispelled. He moved up in response on his turn. Next turn I charged his thunderers in the flank. If i could cause one wound i'd have flank, outnumber, a wound, and he'd be needing double 1's. Unfortunately I failed to do any damage, lost a wolf to his attack and lost another to combat res. I tried to curse of years his general's unit, but was dispelled. I failed an invocation, passed the other and raised a few ghouls.

    Next turn I charged his longbeards with my general, and instead of guarding my flank with my other ghouls, i attempted a charge i knew i would fail against his general's unit, moving up 4 instead of 8 and leaving my flank open. Magic again failed to do anything, with a miscast this turn for good measure, and with my general and ghoul unit i failed to put a single wound on the longbeards, with two in return. We tied combat but i lost one to his musician. My wolves crumbled off his thunderers. He charged general's my flank with his thane's unit in his turn and, even though his thane couldn't attack due to positioning and i had always strike first from the cart, i only killed a single longbeard and at the end i was left with 5 ghouls + the vampire. He shifted his thane into contact with my ghouls.

    On my turn I charged his warriors in the rear with my other ghoul unit. I knew i could win this combat eventually, but i needed to get my general's unit bigger so i could survive an extra couple rounds. I had five dice to roll invocations, but i rolled two 2's, two 1's and a five that was dispelled. My rear-charging ghouls didn't get a single kill, lost 3 in return and i lost 4 from the thane + longbeards on my general's unit. My vampire and ghouls again failed to get a single wound on the beards and he crumbled due to static res. My other ghouls lost 5 from their leadership and the game was over. All told i managed to fail about 8 invocation roles, miscast once, and kill a grand total of 1 dwarf.

    So I learned a few more things about guarding flanks and using invocation to heal my vampire if needed. On top of that I was again reminded that getting fancy with spells at this points level is a mistake. When facing armies with some magical defense I couldn't get anything off except invocation the whole night, despite several attempts at Danse against the goblins and 2 attempts at curse of years against the dwarves. Had I focused solely on raising ghouls I believe I could have done a fair bit better, especially against the dwarves.

    Next up is 750 points, three weeks from now.

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    Sounds like overall you didn't do too badly. The last game didnt' go well but aside form a tactical error it sounds like it was mostly bad dice rolls. Thats the downside to the 1 die casting of IoN. The 50/50 odds mean that there will be turns where you just don't get many off. I can say for sure that I have won games against VC because their casters choke at a critical moment.

    Also, save your big spells for last. Make sure you've gotten all the invocations you need before you start going offensive with them. Not only to make sure you have enough guys raised but if you miscast you don't risk prematurely ending your phase before you can heal your units.
    Tomb Scorpion Kill Counter: Gotrek Gurnisson, Empire Cannon Crew=3, Blood Knights=2, Saurus Cavalry=5, Saurus Warriors=3, Razordons=3, Skink warriors=7, Jezzails=8, Poison Wind Globadiers=10, Warp Lightning Cannon=1

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