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    Warlords GT - A Dwarf's view

    GT Tournament over the past few days, 124 men strong. My first major tournament and thought I would journey on down with the Stunties.

    These stunties in particular:

    Dwarf Lord - Shieldbearers, GW, MRoSteel, RoResistance, RoStone, MRoChallenge
    Thane - BSB, MRoStromni Redbeard
    Runesmith - Shield, 3x RoSpellbreaking
    Master Engineer - RoLuck

    25x Dwarf Warriors - FC, Shields
    20x Longbeards - FC, Shields, RoCourage
    12x Quarellers
    10x Thunderers

    15x Hammerers - FC, Shields, RoStoicism
    Cannon - RoForging, RoBurning
    Grudge Thrower - RoPenetrating, RoAccuracy
    Bolt Thrower - MRoimmolation, RoPenetrating

    Organ Gun

    Five battles, 3000 points on offer for each, plus 3000 for painting, composition and sportsmanship. I recieved full for comp, dont know about the others.

    Battle 1 - Warriors of Chaos
    Welcome to GT play. All cavalry list with a dragon, oh dear. Losing turn one and 3 misfires in my only decent shooting phase probably didnt make much odds in the battering I got here. The dragon ate everything and everything else ran away. I got a few VP by targetting Marauder Horsemen and Wolves, but they were only token points.

    410/3000 - not the start I'd hoped for...

    Battle 2 - Vampire Counts
    Regen bunker of grave gaurd, black coach, wraiths, some units of skels and zombies. Comp rules limited how nasty the bunker was and I just shot everything I had at it and made it go away just as it reached my battle line. The biggest mistake my opponent made was leaving his wraiths in range of my big warrior unit who proceeded to static them to death. He had some Zombies and a CC left but that was about it.

    3000/3000 - back in the game!

    Battle 3 - Orcs and Goblins
    My opponent deserves a mention here as possibly the nicest bloke I have ever played. This was a great fun game with 2 armies of ranked units going at each other - THE WAY THE GAME SHOULD BE PLAYED! His giant upset me by sneaking (?) into charge range of my warriors and proceeded to pick up, smack and generally upset them. On the right flank my Bolt Thrower blew up (MRoImmolation) and took out his flanking Wolf Riders and my Thunderers sat in a nicely placed building and upset the enemy a lot. Turn 5 the Orc Lords Black Orc unit got into my Lord's Hammerers but the combat was inconclusive as 2 nervous generals both went with HW/S. I got a minor win from his little units and point protection.

    1894/3000 - was pretty pleased overnight

    Battle 4 - Vampire Counts
    Another really nice game, my warriors were the heroes of the day as they got into Wraiths (again) and overran into a vargulf killing both in 1 turn from static, before overrunning into my opponents table quarter (where most of his army wasnt) and sat there knowing their work was done. Unfortunately while this was all going on the rest of his army was eating war machines and shooty troops, but not before my Organ Gun shot up his Black Knights. When we worked out points he had only 17 more than me. The drawiest of draws.


    Battle 5 - Vampire Counts AGAIN
    Really glad I invested in MRoChallenge...
    Black Knight deathunit, thankfully it was scared of my Lord's unit and held back all game. Unfortunately however the 2 vamps it held got Curse of Years IRRESISTABLY 3 times onto my big units, hurting them a lot. The rest of his army was 3 big units of ghouls which ate my shooting units, but again I claim moral victory for flaming cannonballing a Varghulf in the face. This was only a minor loss but it felt a lot worse than that.


    2 wins and a draw out of 5 will do me nicely for my first GT. Finished 83rd out of 124 but need to rethink my strategy in terms of grabbing more VPs. The tournament hasn't been run for 14 (ish) years but it was really well organised and a great weekend.

    Stunties out...;

    Current painting project: 2300 pts of Dwarfs in 5 weeks.

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    Senior Member Allonairre's Avatar
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    Congratulations on a good result, and on the list that you took, it seems to me a bit of a shame that with that many players you ended up playing 3 VC armies but I gues taht is the nature of tournaments at the moment and you could count yourself lucky the other 2 games weren't against Demons.

    Thanks for the report.
    Cheers Allonairre

    WIP Thread

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    Well played. I'm surprised your Dwarf Lord couldn't block the cav WoC list, but I guess they are really fighty. I've never seen a dwarf lord kitted that way lose.

    Great job bouncing back from a mugging in round 1. I especially like that you held back the VC deathstar. Chickens!

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    normally i hate playing VC. they can be the most annoying thing in the world when you have limited units or warmachines. but you handled them well. i like your rune choices. bad luck on the vamps getting three irresistable forces in a row. my friend almost never takes organ guns only cannons. what made you take one?

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    Keeper of Records and Ale King Ulrik Flamebeard's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by battle_pilgrim View Post
    my friend almost never takes organ guns only cannons. what made you take one?
    I would say its the auto-S5 -3sv hits you get from it. Makes best anti-skirmish weapon in the game. As long as you don't roll a 2, but you do get to re-roll it.

    Nice report, sucks you got little variation in opponents.


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