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    750 VC escalation league

    Well another night, another set of games for the league. Tonight we went up to 750 points, and the games are getting a little more interesting. I think I'm going to take my camera along to the next series so I can start doing some real battle reports, but for now text will just have to do.

    My List:

    Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls
    Cadaverous Cuirass, biting blade

    Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred
    Black Periapt

    Wolves x2
    5 wolves

    Ghouls x2
    10 ghouls

    3 wraiths

    Game One: Tzeentch WoC

    His List:
    MOT, some other stuff i'm sure

    Chaos Warriors
    10 warriors, full command, MOT

    Chaos Knights
    5 knights, full command, MOT

    Marauder Horsemen
    5 horsemen


    Nothing too crazy, but those knights made me a little worried. The wraiths had to stay well away from them to avoid getting wasted, and there wasn't a whole lot in my army that could take them down. He put the marauders to the left behind a house, then towards the center his warriors with sorcerer, spawn and knights. I put my wraiths in the center flanked by ghouls and then wolves on the outsides. His magic didn't do anything for the game, i dispelled flickering fire and let pandemonium go off.

    He got first turn and did a general advance, marauders on my left flank, warriors, spawn and knights up the middle. He was being careful with them as he didn't want me to get them with a danse.

    I responded by moving my wolves up to misdirect the knights and my wraiths to counter the horsemen. Magic saw both ghouls get up to ~20.

    He took the wolves bait and charged them, wiped them, but didn't overrun. Warriors and spawn moved up the middle, warriors being hesitant this time. The marauders moved up right in front of my wraiths to try and hit some ghouls with axes, but got no wounds.

    My wraiths charged the marauders and ran them down. Magic didn't do much, no charges.

    Unfortunately even though the knights facing right they were still able to charge a block of infantry and did so, the warriors shuffled and the spawn came just short of my general's ghouls. Knights killed a lot, but my infinite hatred vampire killed 2! in return, meaning i only barely lost and setting me up for victory in the combat a couple rounds later.

    After that it was a downhill battle. I moved on to mop up his warriors with a combined charge from the wraiths and my general's ghouls and that was the game.

    Game Two: Brettonians
    His List:
    +1 combat res virtue
    one shot ability that makes horses strength 4

    bsb, war banner, +1 combat res virtue

    2x scrolls, lore of beasts, (just went with bears anger, never got it off)

    Knights of the realm
    7 knights, full command

    Men at arms x2
    20 men, full command

    This was a nice, slow game. We both took our time and thought everything through and it ended up coming down to a little poor luck in the end. Unfortunately the game was fairly technical with angles and such, but i'll try to relate it as best as possible. He formed his knights up into a death star with both characters and put the men at arms on either side. I set up one wolves in the center with the wraiths, flanked them with ghouls with my general on the left and my dread knight vampire on the right and wolves on the far left. He stopped to pray so i got first turn.

    I sent wolves straight up the center, angled to send the knights to the right if they decided to charge. If they didn't I'd march block them, so I was happy either way. Wraiths moved up a bit. Magic was pretty bad, I failed a lot of invocations and didn't get many ghouls.

    He tried to charge the wolves with one MAA, but failed fear. The knights moved left around the wolves. The leftmost MAA moved up.

    The wolves moved in front of the knights again, again facing right. Magic again didn't do much, but my generals unit was up to 20 for full ranks.

    He moved around the wolves again and turned the leftmost MAA with the damsel to face my other regiment of wolves that had snuck up the side into their flank. Right MAA moved up.

    I tried to charge his left MAA, thinking i might get a lucky overrun and get out of sight of his death star, but unfortunately i didnt charge with the wolves as well, meaning he had absolutely no reason not to flee. This left my general's ghouls wide open to the knights, but at least he couldn't get a flank charge. My right ghouls charged his MAA and he held. Knowing he'd charge my general next turn, i threw the wolves in as a speed bump so i'd have one more turn of casting before getting hammered, and moved the wraiths to counter charge.

    He charged the wolves and failed to rally the MAA with the damsel. Their flee took them 5" from the table edge. The MAA on the right still held, but they were falling fairly quickly. He overran off the wolves and hit my generals unit.

    My turn, I needed to do something to help my general out, but unfortunately my best chance was locked in combat. I counter charged with the wraiths and wolves in his flank (wolves to negate the rank and get the +1, wraiths to try and do some damage). Unfortunately magic utterly failed me this turn, invocations bombed and an attempt to cast curse of years on the knights led to a miscast. I sent all the wraiths attacks into the general, but only managed one wound, the wolves did nothing. He sent three normal knights into my general, the knights caused a wound. Then the horses attacked, str. 4 from a magic item. 4's to hit, 2 hits. 4's to wound, one wound. 3+ to save, i rolled a 2. Sigh.

    After that it was all over. he won by a massive amount, wolves and wraiths crumbled, and eventually the knights rear charged my other vampire unit. Had the general survived he could have at least killed one and given me enough combat res to not lose the wolves/wraiths entirely. After that if i could survive against the attacks from the front rank for another turn i could have raised/healed the ghouls and maybe won the combat, or at least survived long enough for the other ghouls to come to the rescue. Ah well, that's how it goes.

    Game 3: VC
    His List
    2 Vampires
    One dread knight + book (general), one avatar of death
    both had lord of the dead

    black periapt, invocation of nehek

    Skeletons x2
    10 skeletons, full command

    Grave Guard
    10 grave guard, full command

    So I knew my list was far more flexible, I just had to take advantage of that as best I could. He set up his general+guard in the middle, his avatar with skeletons on my left and necro+skeletons on my right. I set up the wraiths and one wolves on the right, my general, (dread knight) and ghouls in the center and my caster+ghouls and wolves on my left. I won the roll and gave him first turn.

    He did a general advance. I was able to stop most of his magic, but he did raise 5 skeletons into the avatar unit, it would appear that i wouldn't be storing many dice in the periapt this game.

    I moved up as well, wolves moving up right in an attempt to spot a flank on the necro's unit and wraiths to the center to provide some support. My magic did next to nothing, only raising two ghouls. I stored a dice for dispelling.

    He stayed fairly stationary, necro's unit turning to face my wolves. He raised some zombies in front of my wraiths/caster's unit, reinforced it and tried to use the book to send them into my wraiths. Fortunately i had been hodling onto one die in the hope of storing it, so i was able to stop the book.

    My caster's unit charged the zombies, wraiths charged the necro's unit right as well as the wolves, and my general shifted right so they could get around the zombie combat. My caster's unit easily smoked the zombies but didn't overrun. My wraiths offed the necro and a couple skeletons for a single wolf in return. He crumbled a bit.

    He tried to charge my caster with his general, failed. Everything else did some minor shifts. Magic saw the skeletons on the left get bigger and the book again dispelled. My wraiths and wolves killed more skeletons for two wolves in return, he was left with just his champion after crumble.

    I charged his general's unit with my caster's unit and my general's unit. My magic actually did something this turn thanks to the dead necro, raising a half dozen ghouls. My wraiths finished off the champion. His general's unit got messed up by the combined charge and there was a perfect amount of combat res to crumble the unit and the general.

    A turn later my ghouls and caster charged the front of his avatar unit in an interesting combat for me. I wanted to see what would happen in an even match between ghouls and skeletons. Surprisingly enough, it actually turned out even. Neither did any wounds to the other thanks to armor/toughness, i got more wounds with my vampire by luck but he beat me by one because he had a standard/musician. After that the wraiths got in the front, the wolves in the flanks and it was all over.

    So that's it for my night. Two good wins and one close game, next week we make the big jump to 1200 points and things will get more exciting. Like I said, I plan to take my camera along and post some pictures to make this all a little more readable and entertaining. As always, questions/comments are appreciated.

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    wolf problem

    nevermind, I didnt see the x2 next to the gouhls.
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