Let me start by saying that this was a tourney match and Lizardmen aoear to be very popular here 6 out of 16 players had Lizardmen and that I don't have their new army book so i hope I got this right.

My army:

HoK, Juggernaut, Armor of Khorne, Firestorm Blade,
HoN, Slime Trail, Noxious Vapors, Lvl 1,
HoT, Chariot, BSB, Banner of Hellfire, MoS, Dispell Scroll,
20 Pink Horrors, Banner of Change, Changeling,
10 Pink Horrors, Banner of Sorcery
10 Plaguebearers, Banner of Seeping Decay, Musician,
5 Flesh Hounds
6 Flamers

His Army (to the best of my knowledge):

Scar Veteran(hero variety)
Stegadon, Engine of the Gods, Skink Priest, dispel scroll
Stegadon, Engine of the Gods, Skink Priest, dispel scroll
20 Saurus Warriors, Full Command (Veteran went here)
20 Saurus Warriors, Full Command
10 Skinks, shooty
10 Skinks, shooty
10 Skinks. shooty
3 Terradons

We played a flank attack scenario. He rolled attacker and chose to bring in 1 unit of skinks and one unit of saurus to flank.
For magic he chose lore of heavens for both the Skink Priests and got second sign, comet, thunderbolt, and portent of far.
I chose Lore of Shadows for my HoT, the HoN got Miasma.
Daemon Deployment:
I set up my army with the big horror unit in the center, the plaguebearers on the right and the small unit of horrors on the left. The Flamers went far left and the Fleshhounds went far right. The HoN went with the Plaguebearers and the HoT was far right next to the Fleshhounds. HoK went in the middle.
Lizardmen Deployment:
His Scar Veteran and Saurus unit went in the middle. The two Engines of the Gods went to the right (from my perspective so the saurus’ left, consider all lizard orientations from my side of the table) one unit of skinks went to the far left and hid behind a rock. The Terradons set up behind the engines. The other unit of Skinks set up between the two engines. Naturally the saurus and skinks that were flanking did not set up.

First Turn Lizardmen,
He moved everything up slowly and cautiously. During magic he cast second sign which I let through, gaining him 3 rerolls. He cast Thunderbolt at the Fleshounds and I rolled triple ones on the dispel with the magic resistance and he caused 1 wound. The Engines both created forcefields so all his stuff got ward saves. He failed comet and that was his turn.

I moved everything forward to just outside his charge range. The Chariot flew next to his Stegadon on the far right and the flamers ran as far as they could forward. I got off flickering fire against middle Stegadon and caused a wound to the Skink Priest. He dispelled my next flickering fire from the other horror unit. The HoT used Crown of Taidron and killed 1 terradon causing a wound on one other. The HoN used miasma and got it. He dispelled the Banner of Hellfire.

Lizardmen Turn 2
He brought in his flanking force. The unit of skinks coming in on my left and pretty far behind. The Saurus coming in on the right. He moved both his engines so that they could charge the Chariot if I stayed still next turn. The Terradons flew over the chariot and dropped rocks, causing a wound on the herald. The skinks in the middle moved to shoot at the HoT. In his magic phase he used the ward save on one engine and used the burning on the other, causing 2 wounds on the chariot. He cast second sign again and got 1 reroll. I dispelled thunderbolt and comet. He had his two stegadons shoot at the chariot, destroying it and making the Herald walk. Then his unit of skinks shot at the HoT but I saved the 4 wounds caused.

The Flesh hounds and HoK declared a charge on the middle Engine. The flamers moved up to shoot the Saurus. The Big Horror unit moved up to face the saurus and the little horror unit turned around to face the skinks coming up from behind. The plaguebearers turned right to face the saurus unit coming from the right. The little Horror unit killed 6 of the Skinks with Flickering fire and they passed their leadership. The Big Horror unit miscast and lost 1 horror. The HoT saw everything dispelled. The flamers decided to shoot the unit of Skinks that were hiding near them and killed 8 of them, they fled toward the table edge. The charge of the fleshhounds and HoK killed the skink Priest and caused the Steg to run away and be caught. The HoK and Fleshhounds overan into the Saurus unit with the scar veteran and HoK coming face to face.

Lizardmen Turn 3,
The Saurus on the right moved toward my Plaguebearers. The remaining Engine moved to face my HoT. The Skinks in the middle did nothing. The skinks in the rear moved toward my horror unit. The 2 skinks fled off the table. The terradons did nothing. Magic killed my HoT with the engines burning thingy. I dispelled everything else. The HoK challenged the Scar Veteran and turned him into lizard on a stick. The fleshhounds killed 6 Saurus and took no wounds back. I won combat and he passed his leadership with cold blooded.

My turn the flamers charged the Saurus and so did the big unit of Horrors. The plaguebearers charged the Saurus on the right but were out of range. The little unit of horrors killed off the rest of the Skinks behind them with flickering fire. The HoN got miasma again. The big unit of Horrors tried to use gift but it was dispelled. Combat saw me kill a lot of Lizards in the Saurus unit and he fail to get double 1s. The fleshhounds caught and killed them. At this point we had to call the game.

In the end I got a Solid Victory.
He had left,
1 Unit of Skinks
½ unit of Terradons
1 Unit of 20 Saurus
1 Engine of the Gods with Skink Priest

I had lost just my HoT

Hope you liked it.