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    Warriors of Chaos Infighting @ 2500

    My friend Mark brought 3 units of Marauders, 2 chariors, and 1 unit of Warriors, all Slaanesh. He brought a Chaos Tzeentch lord on disc and three lvl 2 Tzeentch sorcerers. A unit of knights, two units of Horsemen, also Slaaensh, along with a Khorne Spawn finished the list.

    I took a similar hero setup. A tzeentch chaos lord with the rune sword (+1 A, S, WS), enchanted shield, collar of khorne, disc. Three lvl 2 sorcerers (Tzeentch on disk, nurgle on barded steed, lore of fire on barded steed).

    22 slaanesh marauders, 2 units of 5 slaanesh horsemen, 1 slaanesh spawn, a dragon ogre shaggoth. 18 warriors with full command, shields and halberds. 5 vanilla knights and 2 slaanesh chariots sought the unholy favor of Slaanesh. I accidentally fielded two units of hounds that were intended for the second game and removed one that hadn't come into play and gave him points for the other which he had already killed.

    Turn 1
    He deployed his lord on my weak flank, and I deployed my lord on the other end of the table, gunning for his chariots. I had the chaos rune sword, and once I knew his lord's setup, I wish that I'd had the chaos rune shield instead. I would've gone after that ruinous bastard and had his head.

    I won the roll to go first and moved my infantry, shaggoth, and marauderes forward. Matt likes to delay his combat units, and if I play too hesitantly early on, I'll never get favorable melees. On the other side of the table, his lord on a disc threatened my knights and chariots. I was afraid to move them with its 20" charge range, so I repositioned them. In retrospect, I should have spread them apart more. I rarely take a spawn, but this I marked Slaanesh and intended to drive into one of his mages and take it out in a death frenzy. Unfortunately, I rolled a 3" move for this bugger and he stumbled forward. My chaos lord zoomed forward and threatened both his chariots. The shaggoth skulked up a hill and took high ground, looming over his chariots but out of their charge range.

    Magic was uneventful, though I had something planned for him. One sorcerer had the black tongue to turn an unsuccessful casting of Matt's into a miscast. Another sorcerer had the puppet (in game 2, the puppet was big, turning a miscast of Matt's into a 2, destroying his wizard), so I wanted to bust his sorcerer. We played closed lists so I waited 2 turns to gauge which of his casters was the deadliest, but he stopped failing his casting rolls so I never got to use the combo.

    No shooting, no combat, Matt's turn.

    Matt moved his marauders just a little, his warriors were more adventurous, and his chariots pushed up so that they could charge me on turn 2. I survived his magic with some minor casualties, and his warshrine buffed a unit. The knights moved up near the chariots and his lord moved into charge range of my 2 chariots, knights, and one unit of hounds, but he kept behind difficult terrain.

    Turn 2
    I had just one charge. My dragon ogre shaggoth charge the chariot on the near flank of his warriors. The chariot fled, and an enemy in the way presented itself. The shaggoth hit the warriors in the flank, and after aligning to his warriors, I escaped the line of sight of both his 2nd chariot and knights.

    My warriors and marauder infantry positioned themselves between the hill that the shaggoth had just vacated and a frozen pond on the left. Outnumbered 2 to 1 by opposing infantry, they needed the terrain to hold their flanks.

    One chariot positioned itself so that it could countercharge if his lord charged my knights. Marauders continued to skirt the flanks, and I removed the hounds that I never should have deployed.

    I don't recall what happened in magic but it must not have mattered. He shut me down the first 2 or 3 turns, and my casting dice were sub par. I would get pandaemonium off either this turn or next, though.

    The shaggoth dealt the warriors 3 wounds and claimed a flank. Taking no wounds in return, the warriors tested down 2 but held with the rapturous standard.

    Matt's 1st chariot ralled. His 2nd chariot and knights jumped by warriors with a sorcerer. He won combat but my warriors held their ground, leaving my marauders a flank charge on his chariot next turn. His spawn sped towards my own spawn. The marauders did their usual shuffle and his wizards chose targets.

    He saw off some marauders with flickering fire but I dispelled pandaemonium.

    Turn 3
    My marauders flanked his chariot and the ranks and flank bonus turned that combat in my favor. The shaggoth took a wound but did three more wounds and still claimed a flank on his warriors. Matt rolled for his Rapturous Standard but rolled a 6 and a 2, not low enough. The shaggoth ran them down and a unit of marauders in the flank. That rolled the game in my favor. My lord would join the fray and deal some death, too.

    Matt would recoup some points as his lord went to work carving my knights into ribbons with the Aethersword which disallows armor saves. On turn 4 my 2nd chariot would charge into the lord who was stuck fighting the knights after they'd passed a break test.

    We stopped the game soon after this and started another one. I ran a different list, my first ever Gateway list. I only cast gateway once to any effect. I rolled 12 hits and str 8. All 12 wounded and trashed his warriors back two ranks. Once, Matt miscast, and I used the puppet to let myself cast a spell. I cast Gateway on his same chaos lord with aethersword. This time, the dice produced str 3 hits and nothing happened.

    Matt trashed me this game. I didn't know how to use the units I'd taken. I had two spawn this time, no shaggoth. No chariots, 1 war shrine. 2 units of marauders. I ran khorne horsemen with flails, and they did a good job, even finishing off the unit of warriors that had been gatewayed. I took a unit of khorne chosen in the second game. They'd help the khorne horsemen finish off the marauders but never really got their points back.

    I didn't have enough magic. I had a nurgle wizard to support the tzeentch sorcerer lord but it just didn't work.

    We had a fun night, each taking one win.

    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Great report. I like WoC vs. WoC, the new (ish) book has made a nice switch in that armies can get pretty varied. You did well 1st game, what was your experience dealing with the Aethersword? I've used it before to some scary results but I've never been on the recieving end.

    As for the second game, your mistake was only taking two mages, Gateway lists are about as magic heavy as it gets. I think if you work in at least one more sorceror to help with support magic, you'll do better next time.

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