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    Nurgle Daemons 2200 pt tournament

    Attended tournament this weekend at Dicehead in Tennessee with my Nurgle Daemons. The points limit was 2200, so some minor shuffling was required. This is the list I ultimately ran with:

    Great Unclean One
    -Lvl 3
    -Noxious Vapors

    3x Heralds of Nurgle
    -Lvl 1
    -Noxious Vapors
    -Slime Trail

    3x Plaguebearer Blocks (18x mans)
    -FC and Icon of Eternal Virulence

    The field had some diversity to it with only 2 Daemons other than myself, 1 Vamp, 1 High Elf, 1 Wood Elf, 1 Dark Elf, 2 Skaven, 1 Warriors of Chaos, 1 Chaos Dwarves and 1 Orcs and Goblins.

    Round 1

    The Matchup is Dark Elves (yarg), this is roughly what he was packing:

    4x Lords/heroes (1 was mounted)

    4x units of Dark Riders

    2x Hydras

    1x Cold One Knights

    1x massed Shade unit

    Assessment going in: Not good, in fact outright poor. He has 4x fast cav units which is something my army has a severe allergy to and his points will likely be focused in a M5 unit of skirmishers with lots of ranged shots. Also, this isn’t my first DE experience so I assume the RoH will be involved somewhere near the shades. I see Dark riders running circles around me and redirecting charges as the GUO gets death by a thousand Repeating Crossbows.

    The mission involves declaring who has your highest point magic item (daemonic gifts for daemons) and if the opponent kills the person who has it in combat they get an extra 250 vps. I don’t see anything in this list prying the Balesword out of the GUO’s hands in combat, so I this objective is pretty safe. His is (predictably) in the shadestar.

    The Game
    My opponent showed me the list before the game (not sure if it was open list, but I’ll take it), so I started scanning for the RoH. To my surprise is was with the Cold Ones, looked like it was on a unit champ. I guess that means they’ll be sticking close to the Shadestar. Deployment continues the pattern of vexing anomalies as the cold ones are on the opposite side of the field from the mounted character and shadestar. At this point though I wouldn’t say anything that had gone down was too detrimental as I simply assumed the Shadestar had enough MR that directly casting against it with a Lvl 3 would be pretty useless, but it did expose a good chunk of the Dark Riders and the mounted character to spells.

    In the first few turns the Dark Riders and Shades chilled in his deployment zone raining long range shots at the GUO, while the GUO took out the mounted character with Shriveling Pox and a Dark Rider unit with Plague Wind. I ended up directing the fat man at the cold ones, and the blocks at the shadestar and the Hydras. My units got a turn away from charging which is where I expected the intervention of the Dark Riders, but instead the Cold Ones charge the GUO and the shadestar charges a PB block. The Cold One champ challenges the GUO (huh?) and the GUO promptly max overkills, but doesn’t yet outnumber the unit so they manage to stick. One round of combat later he kills 2-3 and the rest fail their insane courage, and the GUO spends 2 more turns in pursuit. The Shadestar combat went in a wholly predictable fashion. He had nothing to bypass ward/regen saves and the herald attacked the joe shades racking up lots of poisoned res on top of static res. The shades botch their check and flee getting caught and wiped out. The Hydras breathe fire on another Plaguebearer block and charge reducing it to 1 model and the herald, but ultimately the last PB and herald break the Hydras and run them down with the help of another block charging in. The Combat between the PBs and Shadestar gave me a shade unit, 3 characters, the army general, the BSB, and the bonus 250pts for the most expensive magic item. That alone said this game was over.

    BP: 18

    Final Assessment: Fast Cav is your friend. Even mediocre charge redirecting/march blocking could’ve changed this game to at least a draw if not a victory. My opponent said going in he didn’t want to face my army which was pretty confusing at the time, but after seeing that he really didn’t know how to make optimal use of fast cav I can see why he thought that. Really he should’ve been able to pull of a victory, draw at the least.

    Round 2

    The Matchup is Blaster WoC

    Sorcerer Lord (Lvl 4 Tzeentch wizard)

    3x Sorcerers (Lvl 2, 1 is Tzeentch, 2 are Nurgle)

    1x 20 man Warrior Block with FC and MoS

    3x 5x man Marauder cav units with musicians, MoS and throwing axes

    2x Hellcannons

    Chariot with MoK

    Assessment going in: I’ve played against this list before, the end result usually depends on what happens in the first 2x turns. If he does enough damage he can drop the GUO and usually handle the PB blocks with some casualties, but nothing significant. If he doesn’t he gets run the hell over. I’d say my odds are less than 50/50 but not abysmal.

    The mission involved getting units across the table/off the table edge, but in a game like this that didn’t seem too signifigant.

    The Game
    Long Story short, I had a pretty bad first two turns. The Plaguebearers did some damage, killing both hellcannons, a marauder cav unit and a chariot, but the GUO got dropped on 2 to some improbable rolls.

    BP: 6

    Final Assessment: He has a good bit of fast cav and spells that can do not inconsiderable damage to my units, both things the army generally doesn’t do well against. There are probably small tweaks to be had in regards to maneuvering, but short of running a completely different flavor of daemons every battle my army has against his is going to run in a similar “one of us gets lucky” fashion.

    Round 3

    The matchup is casty Vamps with Manfred (never seen him on the table before)


    3x other vamps, 1 is BSB with regen banner

    Grave Guard Block

    3x Skellie blocks

    5x Man Blood Knight Unit

    Assessment going in: Pretty confident actually. Blood Knights are solid, but PBs absord them pretty well. The Graveguard might be an issue, but if I pop the regen banner it’ll go down pretty quick. I’m a little nervous about Manfred as I’ve never even browsed his rules before, but there doesn’t appear to be enough in the battle line that’ll fight PBs.

    The mission is straitforward, just kill stuff.

    The Game
    Deployment went pretty standard with his blocks clumped up to keep them within range of the Vamps, but the Blood Knights were at the very edge of the deployment zone in front of his line. I was tempted to the Blood Knights walk around a little, but ultimately I just sent the GUO at full speed, getting just barely within their charge range while advancing the plaguebearers. The Blood Knights said goodbye to their loved ones as they sailed in on papa nurgle while the vamps spammed invocation like there was no tomorrow. The Blood Knights had a Castellan so he had to challenge (ow), the GUO racked up max overkill causing the unit to explode without doing any damage. The GUO then proceeded full speed ahead at Manfred. I was hoping I could pin Manfred in his unit, eating the hits on static res for two rounds, while I wait for the PBs to arrive. The plan went off, but cost the GUO 8 wounds before the Plaguebearers finally showed up. All 4 of his blocks were in a battle line, so the 3 PB blocks and the GUO ended up fighting all 4 in a massed combat (weird huh?). Now that the GUO had a unit champ in the mix to eat the challenge he beat Manfred into oblivion with 2 hits causing 9 wounds. The rest of the game follows a downhill spiral between crumble checks and poisoned combat res from the blocks and the GUO mopping up the regen banner until only 1 vampire who hadn’t been involved in the combat remained.

    BP: 18

    Final Assessment: When the GUO threated the unit, Manfred should’ve shuffled behind everyone. The Blood Knights also shouldn’t have been in the front of the battle line and REALLY shouldn’t have a castellan, they might’ve done something orat least not gotten mopped up in 1 turn. I’m not sure how much all this minor shuffling would’ve helped, but it would’ve been more of a fight. Not my first battle with vamps either, so the standard tactic of “invocation till you’re blue in the face, just wake me up when you’re casting Van Hels Dance” was in effect.

    Final BP: 42 (3rd overall)

    Overall good times. The Blaster List I faced in Round 2 ended up taking first.

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    I enjoyed reading the battle summaries. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for posting was a fun read. Was surprised how the DE game turned out, but it seemed like he was inexperienced in harassing with his fast cav and shades, that could have caused problems for you. Its silly seeing people charge their knights into the GUO, that would never happen where i play. Good job though.

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    Great read, i want to collect nurgle as my second army

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